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Status: Archived
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Closed: May 2017
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OS: Chrome
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Type: Bug

issue 570091

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all CrOS bots failing in SyncChrome stage

Project Member Reported by, May 30 2017 Back to list

Issue description

pretty much all CrOS bots are now red with:

Traceback (most recent call last):
  File "/b/build/slave/chromiumos-sdk/build/depot_tools/", line 2295, in <module>
  File "/b/build/slave/chromiumos-sdk/build/depot_tools/", line 2281, in main
    return dispatcher.execute(OptionParser(), argv)
  File "/b/build/slave/chromiumos-sdk/build/depot_tools/", line 252, in execute
    return command(parser, args[1:])
  File "/b/build/slave/chromiumos-sdk/build/depot_tools/", line 2030, in CMDsync
    ret = client.RunOnDeps('update', args)
  File "/b/build/slave/chromiumos-sdk/build/depot_tools/", line 1340, in RunOnDeps
    work_queue.flush(revision_overrides, command, args, options=self._options)
  File "/b/build/slave/chromiumos-sdk/build/depot_tools/", line 1047, in run*self.args, **self.kwargs)
  File "/b/build/slave/chromiumos-sdk/build/depot_tools/", line 766, in run
  File "/b/build/slave/chromiumos-sdk/build/depot_tools/", line 562, in ParseDepsFile
    gclient_eval.Check(deps_content, filepath, global_scope, local_scope)
  File "/b/build/slave/chromiumos-sdk/build/depot_tools/", line 240, in Check
  File "/b/build/slave/chromiumos-sdk/build/depot_tools/third_party/schema/", line 254, in validate
    raise SchemaError([k] +, [e] + x.errors)
third_party.schema.schema.SchemaError: Key 'recursedeps' error:
Or(Optional(Or(<type 'basestring'>, (<type 'basestring'>, <type 'basestring'>)))) did not validate ['src/third_party/angle', 'DEPS.chromium']
Or(<type 'basestring'>, (<type 'basestring'>, <type 'basestring'>)) did not validate ['src/third_party/angle', 'DEPS.chromium']
['src/third_party/angle', 'DEPS.chromium'] should be instance of 'tuple'
Blocking: 570091
Status: Started

Looks like a fallout of:!msg/infra-announce/GcuGYoPyASY/qrLCbUPCBQAJ

The stated workaround is to pass --disable-syntax-validation
Project Member

Comment 3 by, May 30 2017

The following revision refers to this bug:

commit 05fec0394f8eec6e2a3c53f9c34a079640e8cffe
Author: Paweł Hajdan, Jr <>
Date: Tue May 30 21:20:36 2017

gclient: fix recursedeps tuple/list validation for chromeos

Bug:  727685 ,  570091 
Change-Id: I97a99d15930c1662c0ecfacd3755af27b282f686
Reviewed-by: Andrii Shyshkalov <>
Reviewed-by: Paul Hobbs <>
Commit-Queue: Paweł Hajdan Jr. <>


Where are we seeing this failure in ChromeOS?

Am I correct in the belief that #3 will not help us until it has been uprevved by the chrome pfq? If so, and if this breakage was introduced to ChromeOS by a pfq uprev, then we should pin chrome back to prior to the breakage.
Project Member

Comment 7 by, May 30 2017

The following revision refers to this bug:

commit 67492fd496629e167c01efc2aa472ad7b3cfb533
Author: Paweł Hajdan, Jr <>
Date: Tue May 30 21:32:18 2017

Roll depot_tools 1101645..05fec03

05fec039 gclient: fix recursedeps tuple/list validation for chromeos


Bug:  727685 ,  570091 
Change-Id: I3e479ac9a16384a9aeaf9e8383c685fca33063e2
Reviewed-by: Paweł Hajdan Jr. <>
Commit-Queue: Paweł Hajdan Jr. <>


Status: Fixed
iirc, SyncChrome stage uses depot_tools outside of the chroot that is available on the build bots, so it's not affected by the pinned versions in our manifest
Labels: VerifyIn-61
Status: Archived

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