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Issue 727653 Cancel push streams with the POST method
Starred by 1 user Project Member Reported by, May 30 Back to list
Status: Fixed
Closed: Jun 26
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Type: Bug

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We don't currently match POST items in the push cache, so allowing them to be pushed is a waste of bandwidth.

Firefox and Edge currently reject pushed POST requests.

I built a little test suite thing for this:

The test is served at /push-post/.
POST push promises must be rejected according to RFC 7540 Section 8.2, so this is definitely a bug.
"Promised requests MUST be cacheable (see [RFC7231], Section 4.2.3), MUST be safe (see [RFC7231], Section 4.2.1), and MUST NOT include a request body."

Cacheable => GET, HEAD, or POST

Therefore, a push promise must be a GET or HEAD.
Ohh, I missed that bit in the spec. Cheers!
Components: Internals>Network>QUIC
Status: Assigned
Buck: Could you please verify that QUIC does the right thing?  Thank you.  See  I thought I would have time this past week to write a QUIC unittest, but I didn't, sorry.

I landed (not sure why it wasn't auto-posted to this issue), which solves the issue for HTTP2 over TCP.
Status: Fixed
Thank you for the quick response!  I'm then marking this issue as Fixed.
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