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Status: Verified
Closed: May 2017
EstimatedDays: ----
NextAction: ----
OS: Chrome
Pri: 1
Type: Bug

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ec-utils broken for bob

Project Member Reported by, May 22 2017 Back to list

Issue description

The bob-release build is broken due to usb_updater2.c. Culprit CL:

Build failure:
ec-utils-0.0.1-r3823: make: Leaving directory '/build/bob/tmp/portage/chromeos-base/ec-utils-0.0.1-r3823/work/ec-utils-0.0.1/extra/usb_updater'
ec-utils-0.0.1-r3823: make -j32 -C extra/usb_updater 
ec-utils-0.0.1-r3823: make: Entering directory '/build/bob/tmp/portage/chromeos-base/ec-utils-0.0.1-r3823/work/ec-utils-0.0.1/extra/usb_updater'
ec-utils-0.0.1-r3823: armv7a-cros-linux-gnueabi-gcc -std=gnu99 -g -Wall -Werror -Wpointer-arith -Wcast-align -Wcast-qual -Wundef -Wsign-compare -Wredundant-decls -Wmissing-declarations -O0 -I/build/bob/usr/include/libusb-1.0  -I../../include -I../../util  -I../../board/cr50 -I ../../chip/g usb_updater.c   -L/build/bob/usr/lib -lusb-1.0  -L/build/bob/usr/lib -lcrypto  -o usb_updater
ec-utils-0.0.1-r3823: armv7a-cros-linux-gnueabi-gcc -std=gnu99 -g -Wall -Werror -Wpointer-arith -Wcast-align -Wcast-qual -Wundef -Wsign-compare -Wredundant-decls -Wmissing-declarations -O0 -I/build/bob/usr/include/libusb-1.0  -I../../include -I../../util usb_updater2.c   -L/build/bob/usr/lib -lusb-1.0  -lfmap -o usb_updater2
ec-utils-0.0.1-r3823: usb_updater2.c:19:18: fatal error: fmap.h: No such file or directory
ec-utils-0.0.1-r3823:  #include <fmap.h>
ec-utils-0.0.1-r3823:                   ^
ec-utils-0.0.1-r3823: compilation terminated.
ec-utils-0.0.1-r3823: make: *** [Makefile:50: usb_updater2] Error 1
ec-utils-0.0.1-r3823: make: *** Waiting for unfinished jobs....
ec-utils-0.0.1-r3823: make: Leaving directory '/build/bob/tmp/portage/chromeos-base/ec-utils-0.0.1-r3823/work/ec-utils-0.0.1/extra/usb_updater'
ec-utils-0.0.1-r3823:  * ERROR: chromeos-base/ec-utils-0.0.1-r3823::chromiumos failed (compile phase):
ec-utils-0.0.1-r3823:  *   emake failed

Project Member

Comment 2 by, May 23 2017

The following revision refers to this bug:

commit b492dfbb0485cab5ff33df64e66011bf96fb43fe
Author: Nicolas Boichat <>
Date: Tue May 23 10:03:14 2017

chromeos-base/ec-utils: Only build usb_updater

There is now a second usb_updater2 in the same folder, which we do
not want to build (at least for now).

BUG= chromium:725152 
TEST=emerge-soraka -aC flashmap
     cros_workon-soraka start ec-utils
     emerge-soraka -av --nodeps ec-utils

Change-Id: I64aae765891ae8502dd48280a21ec8d0d1ba0173
Commit-Ready: Vincent Palatin <>
Tested-by: Nicolas Boichat <>
Reviewed-by: Aseda Aboagye <>


Status: Fixed
Thanks for noticing and sorry about that!
Status: Verified
No problem!

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