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Status: Duplicate
Merged: issue 722233
Closed: May 15
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Type: Bug

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browse:social:twitter broken on mac bots
Project Member Reported by, May 14 Back to list
"benchmarks.system_health_smoke_test.SystemHealthBenchmarkSmokeTest.system_health.memory_desktop.browse:social:twitter" is flaky.

This issue was created automatically by the chromium-try-flakes app. Please find the right owner to fix the respective test/step and assign this issue to them. If the step/test is infrastructure-related, please add Infra-Troopers label and change issue status to Untriaged. When done, please remove the issue from Sheriff Bug Queue by removing the Sheriff-Chromium label.

We have detected 3 recent flakes. List of all flakes can be found at

Flaky tests should be disabled within 30 minutes unless culprit CL is found and reverted. Please see more details here:

This flaky test/step was previously tracked in  issue 678363 .
This is popping up in the waterfall

I'm not seeing much useful in the logs.

  TimeoutException: Timed out while waiting 60s for IsJavaScriptExpressionTrue.
  Console output:
  [  FAILED  ] browse:social:twitter@{'case': 'browse', 'group': 'social'} (100121 ms)
  [  PASSED  ] 0 tests.
  [  FAILED  ] 1 test, listed below:
  [  FAILED  ]  browse:social:twitter@{'case': 'browse', 'group': 'social'}

  ********************* BROWSER LOG *********************
  [15226:1295:0514/190857.436143:INFO:CONSOLE(437)] "JQMIGRATE: Migrate is installed with logging active, version 1.4.1", source: (437)
  [15226:1295:0514/190857.618036:INFO:CONSOLE(435)] "JQMIGRATE: jQuery.browser is deprecated", source: (435)
  [15226:1295:0514/190857.618135:INFO:CONSOLE(436)] "console.trace", source: (436)
  [15226:1295:0514/190858.797424:INFO:CONSOLE(436)] "console.trace", source: (436)
  [15232:775:0514/] HW video decode not available for profile h264 main
  [15232:775:0514/] HW video decode not available for profile h264 main
  [15226:1295:0514/190909.623702:INFO:CONSOLE(352)] "Synchronous XMLHttpRequest on the main thread is deprecated because of its detrimental effects to the end user's experience. For more help, check", source: (352)
  ***************** END OF BROWSER LOG ******************
  Chrome version: 3100
  Trace sizes in bytes: {'traceEvents': 15407, 'telemetry': 115132, 'tabIds': 40}
  Uploading /b/s/w/itfK6WFx/tmpbOrWzG/chrome.log to gs://chrome-telemetry-output/log_7c7cc341-4c73-4ad2-bb9a-176e6fa6c28a
  Uploading browser log to
  Failed to gracefully shutdown.
  Proceed to kill the browser.
  Traceback (most recent call last):
    File "/b/s/w/ir/tools/perf/benchmarks/", line 103, in RunTest
      msg='Failed: %s' % benchmark_class)
  AssertionError: Failed: <class 'benchmarks.system_health.DesktopMemorySystemHealth'
Sorry. I do not see relevance between this issue and my previous issue. 
chaopeng@, given your previous work, are you able to suggest a suitable owner here? The issue still shows up in the SoM and I am not sure who should own this.
Status: Assigned
Timeouts are an issue with the test itself. According to the chromeperf dashboard (, the test owner of system_health.memory_desktop is perezju@ so over to him to triage.
Looks like something broke browse:social:twitter, investigating ...
Summary: browse:social:twitter broken on mac bots (was: "benchmarks.system_health_smoke_test.SystemHealthBenchmarkSmokeTest.system_health.memory_desktop.browse:social:twitter" is flaky)
What I've found so far:

- Issue appears to affect mac bots only.
- These are the logs we get from Chrome (not sure if relevant)

(INFO) 2017-05-12 09:24:34,589 browser.DumpStateUponFailure:370  2017-05-12 09:23:01.907 Google Chrome[7438:88309] NSWindow warning: adding an unknown subview: <FullSizeContentView: 0x7ffbf18102b0>. Break on NSLog to debug.
2017-05-12 09:23:01.908 Google Chrome[7438:88309] Call stack:
    "+callStackSymbols disabled for performance reasons"
2017-05-12 09:23:02.409 Google Chrome[7438:88309] Errors logged by ksadmin: KSKeyedPersistentStore store directory does not exist. [ - '/Library/Google/GoogleSoftwareUpdate/TicketStore' - 'KSKeyedPersistentStore.m:372']
KSPersistentTicketStore failed to load tickets. (productID: [ - '/Library/Google/GoogleSoftwareUpdate/TicketStore/Keystone.ticketstore'] (KSKeyedPersistentStore store directory does not exist. - '/Library/Google/GoogleSoftwareUpdate/TicketStore' [])
ksadmin cannot access the ticket store:<KSUpdateError:0x100605150
		function = "-[KSProductKeyedStore(ProtectedMethods) errorForStoreError:productID:message:timeoutMessage:]";
		date = 2017-05-12 16:23:02 +0000;
		productids = {(
		filename = "KSProductKeyedStore.m";
		line = 91;
		NSFilePath = "/Library/Google/GoogleSoftwareUpdate/TicketStore/Keystone.ticketstore";
		NSUnderlyingError = <KSError:0x100604790
				date = 2017-05-12 16:23:02 +0000;
				line = 372;
				filename = "KSKeyedPersistentStore.m";
				function = "-[KSKeyedPersistentStore(PrivateMethods) validateStorePath]";
				NSFilePath = "/Library/Google/GoogleSoftwareUpdate/TicketStore";
				NSLocalizedDescription = "KSKeyedPersistentStore store directory does not exist.";
		NSLocalizedDescription = "KSPersistentTicketStore failed to load tickets.";

- Failure happens while trying to _NavigateToItem
- Screenshot shows the page is gone (?)

- Culprit CL should be somewhere in the range:

I'm going to disable the story while we investigate further.
Project Member Comment 8 by, May 15
The following revision refers to this bug:

commit 5d406d88f635955f2ab90a1832cb0cd3dc86591c
Author: perezju <>
Date: Mon May 15 14:43:19 2017

[tools/perf] Disable browse:social:twitter on mac

Benchmark is failing on Mac bots.
BUG= 722094 

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#471757}


Mergedinto: 722233
Status: Duplicate

Test failure found with culprit

Suspected Commit
  Author : Yutaka Hirano
  Commit : 823d5c738187627cbe218f01ddac6f383bcaaba8
  Date   : Fri May 12 09:29:18 2017
  Subject: Set URLResponseBodyConsumer::kMaxNumConsumedBytesInTask to 32K

Bisect Details
  Configuration: mac_pro_perf_bisect
  Benchmark    : system_health.memory_desktop
  Metric       : memory:chrome:all_processes:dump_count_avg/browse_social/browse_social_twitter

Revision             Exit Code      N
chromium@471253      0 +- N/A       6      good
chromium@471255      0 +- N/A       6      good
chromium@471256      0 +- N/A       6      good
chromium@471257      1 +- N/A       6      bad       <--
chromium@471260      1 +- N/A       6      bad
chromium@471267      1 +- N/A       6      bad
chromium@471280      1 +- N/A       6      bad

Please refer to the following doc on diagnosing memory regressions:

To Run This Test
  src/tools/perf/run_benchmark -v --browser=release --output-format=chartjson --upload-results --pageset-repeat=1 --also-run-disabled-tests system_health.memory_desktop

Debug Info

Is this bisect wrong?

| O O | Visit
|  X  | for more information addressing perf regression bugs. For feedback,
| / \ | file a bug with component Speed>Bisection.  Thank you!
Project Member Comment 10 by, May 15
The following revision refers to this bug:

commit 69c298a0367624b2412314b0c49bc6f0024f5f8d
Author: perezju <>
Date: Mon May 15 16:17:30 2017

Revert of [tools/perf] Disable browse:social:twitter on mac (patchset #1 id:1 of )

Reason for revert:
Breaking change got reverted at:

Original issue's description:
> [tools/perf] Disable browse:social:twitter on mac
> Benchmark is failing on Mac bots.
> BUG= 722094 
> Review-Url:
> Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#471757}
> Committed:
# Skipping CQ checks because original CL landed less than 1 days ago.
BUG= 722094 

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#471782}


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