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Status: Fixed
Closed: Apr 28
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OS: Chrome
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Type: Bug

Blocked on:
issue 713968

issue 713004

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network overloaded by offloading big size files to GS
Project Member Reported by, Apr 20 Back to list
The kilobyte transfer rate of gsoffloader has spiked a lot since 6am on April 12. It means the number of large files to offload has increased since then.

We looked into some big folder examples, they all include big crash dump files. we suspect the bad chrome version generates big crash files and causes network overload. And the network connectivity issue have been affecting the CQ/Canary/release builds a lot (see

jobs: http://shortn/_30BwQteEGu
kilobytes: http://shortn/_WwvfnYqEGk
bytes offloaded per job http://shortn/_iApXsTMdYc

I looked into the first test failure reported in

the size of the test log is 1.1G
There are multiple issues surrounding the problem that excessive crashes in the lab due to a product bug can bring the lab network (+ other stuff) down. issue 489845 has collected some past outages due to this, and has some ideas about what needs to be done.
We're going to exclude 'chrome*core' files in collecting_logs for now. 
Blocking: 713004
Blockedon: 713968
The chrome crash is a double free and tracked in issue 713968.
bytes offloaded per job http://shortn/_iApXsTMdYc has dropped to the normal number, downgrade this to p1 and cc the current deputy.
(note: it may just have dropped because we aren't running anything, so let's not declare victory yet :) )
+dshi is gonna be working on a ddoc in this area
Status: Fixed
At this point, the GS Offloader dashboard says we're back to
roughly the level prior to the outage.  As best we can tell,
this outage is over.

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