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Issue 713156 "components_unittests" is flaky
Starred by 1 user Project Member Reported by, Apr 19 Back to list
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Type: Bug

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"components_unittests" is flaky.

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This flaky test/step was previously tracked in issue 658619.
It looks like this roll exhibited this flakiness in the trybots.
Status: Assigned
alph@ can you take a look and see if your core/probe changes are the root here.

(your CL has the flake in it's trybot runs and the flake starts on the builders in the CL's which follow yours)

I'm proactively reverting in the meantime.
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Status: Available
Bah, just saw that the initial failure was on a dry-run, not a commit.


Sorry, false alarm.
Labels: -Sheriff-Chromium Infra-Troopers
This started showing up on dry-run's today: a problem with the machine/env?
Labels: -Infra-Troopers Sheriff-Chromium
It looks like this is timing out on iOS devices. I don't see evidence of anything machine related. I suspect that the test is flaky/racy.
Labels: OS-iOS
It looks like running components_unittest under the iOS simulator sometimes goes off into a black hole.

Looking back through both successful and flaky builds and their corresonding CLs, I'm seeing that the flake has been there for a while (as in CLs landing with retried ios_simulator try bot runs).

It's not clear who best to route this to: infra or platform team.

pinkerton@ and iannucci@: your thoughts?
Assigning to pinkerton for now so we have a clear owner. 
Labels: -Sheriff-Chromium
Status: Assigned
-> yuke for flaky tests
Project Member Comment 10 by, Yesterday (45 hours ago)
Detected 7 new flakes for test/step "components_unittests". To see the actual flakes, please visit This message was posted automatically by the chromium-try-flakes app.
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