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OS: Chrome
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Type: Bug

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some canaries are running out of time
Project Member Reported by, Mar 3 2017 Back to list

Oak-release build 923 timed out.  Earlier and later builds are also close to the 8-hour limit.

So I started playing around with viceroy:

More precisely, the master-release:

Failed builds that probably timed out at the most recent build cycles:





Other builders seem to have a solid 1-hour of wiggle room.  I wonder if these platforms share the same builder, and if there is something wrong with it.

Can we ssh into these builders? It shouldn't be too hard to troubleshoot why they're slow and tune the machines to make them faster...
ok I did a few things to oak-release, we'll see if the builder is faster starting with 925...
Comment 3 by, Mar 3 2017
marcheu@ can you list the steps you did. Will help folks in the future.
Comment 4 by, Mar 3 2017
@3: yeah if/once I have something that works I'll make a list, then I'll try to get it deployed more broadly. For now my changes didn't take because they weren't persistent and builders reboot at each build, so we'll have to wait a little longer for results.
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Comment 7 by, Mar 21 2017
Is this still happening now?
Comment 9 by, Jun 20 2017
Status: WontFix
Status: Assigned
Shall we give Stefan a chance to add any findings he may have collected based on comment #5?
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ChromeOS Infra P1 Bugscrub.

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Labels: -akeshet-pending-downgrade Pri-2
ChromeOS Infra P1 Bugscrub.

Issue untouched in a week after previous message. Downgrading to P2.
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