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Status: Archived
Closed: Feb 2017
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OS: Chrome
Pri: 2
Type: Bug

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falco_li-release: Not enough DUTs to run
Project Member Reported by, Feb 14 2017 Back to list
falco_li canary has been failing HWTest and AUTest consistently since 12/30/16. The cause seems to be that there are not enough DUTs:

Bug filing disabled due to missing imports.
Can't file pool: bvt, board: falco_li in critical state
NotEnoughDutsError: Not enough DUTs for board: falco_li, pool: bvt; required: 4, found: 3, suite: bvt-inline, build: falco_li-release/R58-9283.0.0
I will do a balance pool to swap with DUTs in pool:suites

Now falco_li has 4 DUTs in pool:bvt now

$ dut-status -b falco_li -p bvt
DEBUG:root:API client for gmail disabled. No module named anyjson
hostname                       S   last checked         URL
chromeos2-row3-rack1-host9     OK  2017-02-14 14:46:19  http://cautotest/tko/retrieve_logs.cgi?job=/results/hosts/chromeos2-row3-rack1-host9/513031-reset/
chromeos2-row3-rack1-host5     OK  2017-02-14 14:40:07  http://cautotest/tko/retrieve_logs.cgi?job=/results/hosts/chromeos2-row3-rack1-host5/513015-reset/
chromeos2-row3-rack1-host3     OK  2017-02-14 15:34:30  http://cautotest/tko/retrieve_logs.cgi?job=/results/hosts/chromeos2-row3-rack1-host3/513087-cleanup/
chromeos2-row3-rack1-host1     OK  2017-02-14 14:39:14  http://cautotest/tko/retrieve_logs.cgi?job=/results/hosts/chromeos2-row3-rack1-host1/513006-reset/

Status: Fixed
This passed a few times before bug 693101 took everything out. I'll mark this as fixed.
Labels: VerifyIn-59
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Comment 7 by, Oct 14 (3 days ago)
Status: Archived
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