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dhcp config failure caused lab downtime
Project Member Reported by, Feb 1 2017 Back to list
+haowei to fill in details
Comment 1 by, Feb 1 2017
DHCP configuration file was modified with in-proper entry from this CL:

This issue could cause DUTs failed on reboot with no IP assigned to them.

Issue had been resolved by reverting CL. 

A sanity check process of dhcp configuration file need to be followed in order to prevent this in the future.

~/chromeos-admin$ python utils/presubmit_hooks/
dhcpd.conf is verified successfully for
dhcpd.conf is verified successfully for

do we already have that validation script? if so, it's easy enough to add it to presubmit
pre-upload i mean
Comment 4 by, Feb 1 2017
yes, the script already there. 

Comment 5 Deleted
It seems to require sudo priviledges, which would be painful if we included in the automated preupload script. Can it be modified to not require sudo?
change is reverted but do those hosts which had no IP assigned come back? 
I am yet to see newer build results but older builds from around 2 hours ago seem to have lots of ssh connection failures.

Comment 8 by, Feb 1 2017
Ummm....dhcpd need to run under root privilege and inside of /etc/dhcp/

Comment 9 by, Feb 9 2017
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+ allen - can this be part of your puppet changes?
Sounds like this could be solved by the next evolution of Puppet tests: after running Puppet in a test VM, which could confirm, e.g., dhcpd started correctly.

Otherwise, there's no trivial way to verify config file syntax beside the current solution of starting dhcpd to check or rolling our own config parser for dhcpd (latter is a bad idea, I oppose it).

Next stage Puppet tests would definitely be nice, but not a short-term task.
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