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Status: Verified
Closed: Jan 2017
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Type: Bug

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[VMTest] fails on cyan-tot-chrome-pfq-informational
Project Member Reported by, Jan 25 2017 Back to list
Luis says he need to cherry-pick some CLs from nyc to mnc to fix this.
Status: Started
This change needs an Android-side change that was merged to one of the branches, but not mnc.

Cherry-picking both of those changes makes adb connect again.
Dumb sheriff question: Is it faster to fix the chrome tot informational bots by fixing Android side, or by reverting chrome-side change?

(I'm not sure how the cyan-tot-chrome-pfq-informational bot gets its revision of android.)

Probably faster by fixing it in Android. There have been other changes that took dependency on this on Chrome side :(
Status: Fixed
This should be fixed with ARC 3674904 (or above).
How long does it take for Android changes to roll into chrome-pfq builders?
If everything goes well, the 3p build of should include the new changes. Those runs take between 30 minutes and 3h to finish, so w.c.s. by 6p today we should have the fixed bits.
ARGH the Android PFQ finished ~20 minutes later than expected

The current informational build did not get a chance to pick up the changes, but the very next one should.
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