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Change MSI from a wrapper to "full" MSI

Reported by, Jan 4 2011

Issue description

Version of Google Chrome (Wrench-> About Google Chrome):
Version of MSI (if applicable):
Using group policy settings? Yes/No

Att: Glenn Wilson

Glenn, in the blog you wrote:
"We’ve created an MSI installer that enables businesses who use standard deployment tools"

Not quite. What you created is not an MSI installer, it's MSI wrapper around the setup executable, and as such, it's missing most advantages of the true Windows Installer-based installation. Good installation is much more than just group policy as deployment engine. Competent administrator will have to repackage it into true MSI installation in order to deploy. I certainly will.
Feature Request
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Summary: Change MSI from a wrapper to "full" MSI
Correct, the current MSI is a wrapper.  That said, we'd love to have a full-fledged 'true' MSI

This will require a sizable re-write of the installers / setup.

Robert, do we already have a bug tracking the "full" MSI feature request?
I actually went ahead and indeed repackaged it into true MSI, you can take a look at

It's quite a draft, and would require more work, but Chrome works. 90% of the difficulties were with GoogleUpdate; speaking of which, I think, Google Update should rather not be in the package for the environment where all deployment is controlled. In this installation, I separated it into a separate feature, not installed by default. I did not find anything GU-related in the ADM template, either - I think, it definitely should be there.
Any updates on this?
 Issue 84318  has been merged into this issue.
 Issue 89405  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 7 by, Jul 15 2011


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A true MSI installer without Google update bundled in would greatly improve my estate rollout, and increase Chrome's enterprise'ness. Currently I'm  having repackage to strip GU out each time. Google update does not work in my locked down enviroment as normal users cannot modify or create binary files (I wouldn't want it to if it did) but rolling out a new MSI via SCCM is easy :) Enterprise administrators in the most part do not want Chrome to auto update, we have to test things like this before they go live.
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Comment 10 by, Mar 10 2013

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Comment 12 by, Oct 21 2015

Could you guys move this issue forward, please?
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Comment 13 by, Oct 20 2016

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Comment 14 by, Dec 22 2017

This issue requires no re-triage. You just need to fix it and not wait years. Nothing has changed until today.

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