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(Downloads grouping issue) Opening Behavior

Project Member Reported by, Dec 29 2010

Issue description

This is a grouping issue that will be marked as blocked on all bugs in Feature-Downloads that have to do with adding support for open-only downloads (skiping the download dir).  Notes and discussion about that class of problem will go in this issue.

Summary: Download opening (auto-open, open-only downloads, behavior on open) (grouping issue)
Blockedon: 324 333 2148 2444 7605 8465 9690 23403 23663 24284 38050
Blockedon: 19096 26474 29287 30282 32284 49500 55948 58669 61981 62250 64062 64220 65895 67643
(Bug has been changed to be about behavior on open in general, not just auto-open.)

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Summary: (Downloads grouping issue) Opening Behavior
Blockedon: 86257
Please do not modify the "Blocked on" list of bugs for any of these issues unless you are familiar with the downloads-specific triage process.  Feel free to ping me if you have any questions.
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Blockedon: -chromium:324 -chromium:333 -chromium:2148 -chromium:2292 -chromium:2444 -chromium:7605 -chromium:8465 -chromium:9690 -chromium:10877 -chromium:19096 -chromium:22162 -chromium:23403 -chromium:23663 -chromium:24284 -chromium:26474 -chromium:29287 -chromium:30282 -chromium:31163 -chromium:32284 -chromium:32921 -chromium:38050 -chromium:49500 -chromium:55564 -chromium:55566 -chromium:55567 -chromium:55569 -chromium:55570 -chromium:55948 -chromium:58669 -chromium:60109 -chromium:61981 -chromium:62250 -chromium:64062 -chromium:64220 -chromium:65895 -chromium:67064 -chromium:67643 -chromium:70312 -chromium:70742 -chromium:71699 -chromium:72729 -chromium:72822 -chromium:73767 -chromium:75840 -chromium:77839 -chromium:80404 -chromium:81473 -chromium:86257 -chromium:88469 -chromium:92846 -chromium:101203 -chromium:105478 chromium:324 chromium:333 chromium:2148 chromium:2292 chromium:2444 chromium:7605 chromium:8465 chromium:9690 chromium:10877 chromium:19096 chromium:22162 chromium:23403 chromium:23663 chromium:24284 chromium:26474 chromium:29287 chromium:30282 chromium:31163 chromium:32284 chromium:32921 chromium:38050 chromium:49500 chromium:55564 chromium:55566 chromium:55567 chromium:55569 chromium:55570 chromium:55948 chromium:58669 chromium:60109 chromium:61981 chromium:62250 chromium:64062 chromium:64220 chromium:65895 chromium:67064 chromium:67643 chromium:70312 chromium:70742 chromium:71699 chromium:72729 chromium:72822 chromium:73767 chromium:75840 chromium:77839 chromium:80404 chromium:81473 chromium:86257 chromium:88469 chromium:92846 chromium:101203 chromium:105478 chromium:134523 chromium:136274 chromium:141200 chromium:142309 chromium:142947 chromium:145261
Blockedon: chromium:167702
So.. over 4 years have passed.  Has any progress been made?
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Project Member

Comment 37 by, Mar 10 2013

Labels: -Area-UI -Feature-Downloads Cr-UI-Browser-Downloads Cr-UI
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Blockedon: chromium:165454
Why is it that the herd of highly talented chrome developers are able to implement the most complex code paths, but choose to ignore sensible advanced UI feature requests for YEARS which might take a couple of man-hours at the most for someone experienced with the code base? Yes, the code is open and everyone could patch this up, but in reality, getting this fiery beast even to compile vanilla exceeds skill and computing requirements of most if not all people who even care about these kind of "power-user annoyances"..
So to actually "make it happen" would be a nice gesture of esteem for even these admittedly small group of users.
It really does beggar belief how this has been kicked into the long grass and simply ignored for so many years, despite it being one of the most requested features, and I use the word feature quite wrongly.  It's a standard behaviour.  A very simple one at that.
To everyone affected by this, someone volunteered and patches Chromium from time to time. Many other fixes along with a very simple "Open" button.
Does what it says.
Looks very nice in the screenshots. Unfortunately, I don't use Windows. Would you mind attaching your patches to this or the other more specific issues?
In the upper right corner of that page there is a link to the patches in a .zip packed file.
Why is this still being ignored by developers? This bug report is almost 3 years old.
Older. The issue was first reported 2 sept 2008, issue 333 and 324

Comment 50 by, Jun 19 2013

They just don't *want* this.
There must be no other explanation.

Sent from mobile
Blockedon: chromium:255646
Will you guys give us an estimated date or version it will be implemented?
Blockedon: chromium:258679
Blockedon: chromium:260586

Comment 55 by Deleted ...@, Oct 1 2013

no one from google is talking about this.  i've not seen any responses.  are you guys even listening?  sorry but IE has you beat on this.  i'd think that alone would make google want to implement this change, regardless of size.
Blockedon: chromium:314509

Comment 57 by, Sep 22 2014

 Issue 416232  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 58 by, Jan 11 2015!msg/chrome/JNJV3GuAyHI/bJwTm3ZjONEJ!topic/chrome/jKfU11bLtNM!category-topic/chrome/give-feature-feedback-and-suggestions/MwNMJLESATA%5B301-325-false%5D!topic/chrome/MwNMJLESATA%5B276-300-false%5D!topic/chrome/4vEtFf2p8K8

All productforums threads are closed for commenting. Issue #333 is closed for commenting. Counting until commenting on this issue will be forbidden.
From this I can only make two conclusions:

 and at the same time

My opinion on why are they doing this is that they DON'T WANT TO TAKE RESPONSABILITY when average user opens files then these files vanish after the browser closes and then it floods the product forums with questions like 'where is my file gone', however ignoring the effect they produce on the minority of users that need this functionality.

That is fine for the 80% of users who can't make a difference between ie, firefox and chrome (let alone find the settings button), but it creates FRUSTRATION to the rest of 20% users who have more than one neuron.

No, I DON'T WANT TO MANUALLY CLEANUP the downloads folder. I want to be given feature I need which other browsers provide natively or via addons (opera with presto engine; ie and firefox).

Opera devs (the second most popular webkit-based browser) seem to have the same attitude towards taking the "run/open" option away:

Please just give us an option or a flag or a command line parameter to be able to run or open without saving.
I know that this request is coming from a minority population of IT people so you might be tempted to ignore it, but please remember that ironically it is THESE IT guys who are the base that helped you, Google, to gain popularity for this browser and not the 80% of regular users to whom we make support and can't even make the difference between ie, firefox and chrome and don't care what the name of the download-in-progress file is.

When a webkit browser manages to enable this feature, I'll be switching and never look back at Google's chrome. This is no longer 2008. You are no longer the bells and whistles third alternate browser.

Comodo and Yandex, are you listening? SRWareIron and Opera seem to be deaf.
All it needs is clear will and ability to take over this work (someone tried to keep up with continuous development but eventually gave up) and make it work in dev channel:
His contact email is in the first thread mentioned.

Comment 59 by, Jan 11 2015

However, even if you shut our mouths up, evidence that people really search for this feature is in the google suggestion words (chromeopen.jpg). Waiting for you Google to also manipulate these searches so search suggestions will not be given when typing "chrome open download". And seeing no results. Or maybe the text:
 "open download" is bad for you, now get back to work!
115 KB View Download
108 KB View Download

Comment 60 by Deleted ...@, Oct 8 2015

Help us with this issue. I have a company website and cant open files directly have to force everyone to use stupid Internet explorer after making everyone switch to chrome.
I second comment #58.  Make it an advanced option to enable if you're afraid of the idiots not being able to handle it.
Status: WontFix
Downloads grouping issues are not being maintained. Closing.
Wait, what?  This is Chrome's future?  I've not seen a better supported case for a feature improvement.  Comment #55/#58/#59 in particular.  This is not a complex feature, and it's repeatedly mentioned as about the only way Chrome falls behind IE of all things.  And the response is to "Won't Fix"???
Already had a bad taste in my mouth from how long it took to resolve the context menu bug on multiple monitors... now this.  Eyes open for alternatives again.

Just use Firefox mate, it's better than chrome these days

Comment 65 by, Nov 21 2015

update to anyone interested:

The voluntary person who initially managed to patch chrome with ability to directly open is again working on it!

From it's website and changelog:

"14 - Jan - 2015 .- Finally managed to download the entire chromium source code and released a new fork version based on 42.0.2278.0, it includes all the improvements from previous versions and fixes. 
To successfully compile chromium had to use a SSD hard disk and windows 7 with more than 8GB of RAM. 
Visual Studio 2013 is very slow in many ways and this time used ninja instead, VS2013 is only good for debug. 
Right now with my current setup it takes 4 hours to download the entire source code and 1 hour to build from scratch. 
Re-building the code takes only 2 minutes so it is going to be easier to keep Advanced Chrome properly updated."

17 - Aug - 2015 .- Updated code to version 46.0.2485.0


The website with binary and source code is:

This is is closed because it's a grouping issue and doesn't describe any specific issue. It was used to keep track of the actual issues (which you see on the left side of the page under "blocked on"). While the issues themselves are still valid, this grouping issue is no longer used to track them.

Comment 67 by, Nov 24 2015

@asanka, most users watching/commenting here are doing it because despite immense user interest in this missing feature you restricted commenting to issue 333

"oh". I'll open comments there.

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