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Implement "module" workers
Project Member Reported by, Jan 11 2017 Back to list
Specs of Dedicated/Shared/ServiceWorkers define "module" type.

  let worker = new Worker("worker.js", { type: "module" });

In this type, worker scripts are loaded as ES6 modules and import statement is available on the worker contexts. If the second parameter is omitted, worker scripts are loaded as plain scripts as usual ("classic" type).

Spec of Dedicated/SharedWorkers:

Spec of ServiceWorkers (see "type" in the section):
 issue 627945  is for worklets.
 Issue 739764  has been merged into this issue.
Comment 4 by, Aug 14 (4 days ago)
Relevant spec discussion:
"How can we use SW module link in backward-compatible manner?"
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