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OS: Linux , Android , Windows , Chrome , Mac , Fuchsia
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issue 676024

issue 726634

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Reporting API launch (OWP)

Project Member Reported by, Dec 20 2016

Issue description

Change description:
I'm implementing the draft Reporting API ( in Chromium's network stack, and using it in Chromium.

Changes to API surface:
No changes to web platform APIs; Reporting is used as a report delivery backend by other web platform features.

Public standards discussion: Most discussions of the standard are going on in Github issues:

Support in other browsers:
Internet Explorer: Not implemented.
Firefox: Not implemented.
Safari: Not implemented.

Comment 1 by, Dec 20 2016

Is there a PM assisting on this feature? If not then I can help find one to assist with this.

Since this launch likely has privacy, security, testing implications it needs a type=Launch issue too to track approval, which is ideally done with the support of a PM to chase down approvals.

See this doc for more details:
I don't have a PM yet. My team may have one; let me check with Chris. (Chris?)

I have also filed a type=Launch issue here:
Blockedon: 676024
Thanks for filing a launch issue to track approvals. I've marked it as blocking this, please be sure to get approval before enabling this.

Comment 5 by, Jan 18 2017

Blocking: 564071

Comment 6 by, May 26 2017

Blocking: 726634

Comment 8 by, Sep 12 2017

Labels: migrated-launch-owp Type-Task
This issue has been automatically relabelled type=task because type=launch-owp issues are now officially deprecated. The deprecation is because they were creating confusion about how to get launch approvals, which should be instead done via type=launch issues.

We recommend this issue be used for implementation tracking (for public visibility), but if you already have an issue for that, you may mark this as duplicate.

For more details see here:

For any questions, please contact owencm, sshruthi, larforge
Components: Privacy
Labels: -Type-Task -migrated-launch-owp OS-Android OS-Chrome OS-Fuchsia OS-Linux OS-Mac OS-Windows Type-Launch
Labels: -Type-Launch Type-Task
Blocking: -564071

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