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Issue 670502 OWP Launch: WebVR
Starred by 14 users Project Member Reported by, Dec 2 2016 Back to list
Status: Assigned
Last visit > 30 days ago
EstimatedDays: ----
NextAction: ----
OS: All
Pri: 2
Type: Launch-OWP
Launch-Accessibility: NA
Launch-Legal: Yes
Launch-M-Approved: ----
Launch-M-Target: ----
Launch-Privacy: Yes
Launch-Security: Started
Launch-Status: Review-Requested
Launch-Test: Started
Launch-UI: NA

Blocked on: View detail
issue 628417
issue 666767
issue 672630
issue 695942
issue 670138
issue 670531
issue 670540
issue 679827
issue 683322

issue 643784

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Note: This is a re-filing of, which became very difficult to follow due to the large number of commits and comments made against it. Launch status have been copied from that bug.

Change description:
Adds a Javascript API that enables interaction with Virtual Reality hardware

Changes to API surface:
<b><bulleted list here></b>

Public standards discussion:

Support in other browsers:
Internet Explorer: Public support, implementation in progress
Firefox: Public support, experimental implementation available
Safari: No public comment
Oculus: Creating a browser for use in VR that will implement the API
Samsung: Has a browser on their GearVR platform that implements the API

*Make sure to fill in any labels with a -?, including all OSes this change
affects. Feel free to leave other labels at the defaults.

Blockedon: -644784 -623989 670531 670540 666767 670138
Labels: -OS-Android -Launch-Status-Review-Requested -Launch-M-Target-56-Dev -Launch-M-Target-56-Beta -Launch-M-Target-56-Stable-Exp -Launch-M-Target-56-Stable -Launch-M-Target-57-Dev -Launch-M-Target-57-Beta -Launch-M-Target-57-Stable-Exp -Launch-M-Target-57-Stable Proj-VR OS-All
This issue is tracking the full launch for all sites.
Labels: Launch-Status-Review-Requested Launch-Test-Started Launch-UI-NA
Comment 3 by, Dec 17 2016
Blockedon: 672630
Labels: -M-56
Blockedon: 679827
Blockedon: 683322
Blockedon: 695942
Labels: Pri-2
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