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Status: Fixed
Closed: Dec 2016
EstimatedDays: ----
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OS: Linux
Pri: 2
Type: Bug

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Issue 668932: How does `Network.getCookies` in the remote debugger interface actually work?

Reported by, Nov 28 2016

Issue description

UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1; WOW64) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/54.0.2840.100 Safari/537.36 Vivaldi/1.5.658.44

Steps to reproduce the problem:
1. Using remote debug interaface, navigate to site A which sets a cookie. 
2. Then, in the same tab, navigate to site B
3. Execute `Network.getCookies` remote debugger command.

What is the expected behavior?
All cookies, including cookies for site A and site B should be returned (the documentation for `Network.getCookies` states: "Returns all browser cookies. Depending on the backend support, will return detailed cookie information in the <code>cookies</code> field."

Instead, only cookies for the currently active site are returned, in this case, site B.

What went wrong?
Either the documentation for what `Network.getCookies` does is wrong, and it only returns cookies scoped to the currently active webpage, or the function call is not returning the correct value.


Attached is a lot of the web-socket messages send while executing my test-script here:


>	Spawned process: <subprocess.Popen object at 0x7f53e4581d68>
>	<ChromeController.transport.ChromeSocketManager object at 0x7f53e3ff44a8>
>	Synchronous_command:
>		command: 'Page.enable'
>		params:  '{}'
>			Sending: '{"id": 0, "method": "Page.enable"}'
>			Received: '{"id":0,"result":{}}'
>		Response: '{'id': 0, 'result': {}}'
>	Synchronous_command:
>		command: 'DOM.enable'
>		params:  '{}'
>			Sending: '{"id": 1, "method": "DOM.enable"}'
>			Received: '{"id":1,"result":{}}'
>		Response: '{'id': 1, 'result': {}}'
>	Synchronous_command:
>		command: 'Network.enable'
>		params:  '{}'
>			Sending: '{"id": 2, "method": "Network.enable"}'
>			Received: '{"id":2,"result":{}}'
>		Response: '{'id': 2, 'result': {}}'
>	Synchronous_command:
>		command: 'Emulation.setVisibleSize'
>		params:  '{'height': 1000, 'width': 1500}'
>			Sending: '{"id": 3, "method": "Emulation.setVisibleSize", "params": {"height": 1000, "width": 1500}}'
>			Received: '{"id":3,"result":{}}'
>		Response: '{'id': 3, 'result': {}}'
>	Synchronous_command:
>		command: 'Page.navigate'
>		params:  '{'url': ''}'
>			Sending: '{"id": 4, "method": "Page.navigate", "params": {"url": ""}}'
>			Received: '{"method":"Page.frameResized","params":{}}'
>			<snip a bunch of network messages>
>			Received: '{"id":4,"result":{"frameId":"13569.1"}}'
>		Response: '{'id': 4, 'result': {'frameId': '13569.1'}}'
>			<snip a bunch of network messages>
>			Received: '{"method":"Page.frameStoppedLoading","params":{"frameId":"13569.1"}}'
>	Synchronous_command:
>		command: 'Network.getCookies'
>		params:  '{}'
>			Sending: '{"id": 5, "method": "Network.getCookies"}'
>			Received: '{"id":5,"result":{"cookies":[{"domain":"","expires":1480309018414.03,"httpOnly":false,"name":"test_cookie","path":"/","secure":false,"session":false,"size":29,"value":"CheckForPermission"},{"domain":"","expires":1480308717000.0,"httpOnly":false,"name":"_gat","path":"/","secure":false,"session":false,"size":5,"value":"1"},{"domain":"","expires":1543380117000.0,"httpOnly":false,"name":"_ga","path":"/","secure":false,"session":false,"size":29,"value":"GA1.2.497879937.1480308118"},{"domain":"","expires":0.0,"httpOnly":false,"name":"ASPSESSIONIDASBDRQQD","path":"/","secure":false,"session":true,"size":44,"value":"LBNKGPDBHCOMEHDMCDAOBBHD"},{"domain":"","expires":1480309317000.0,"httpOnly":false,"name":"dta","path":"/","secure":false,"session":false,"size":36,"value":"vcount%3D0%2Cprev%3D1480308117549"}]}}'
>		Response: '{'id': 5, 'result': {'cookies': [{'path': '/', 'value': 'CheckForPermission', 'name': 'test_cookie', 'domain': '', 'httpOnly': False, 'expires': 1480309018414.03, 'session': False, 'secure': False, 'size': 29}, {'path': '/', 'value': '1', 'name': '_gat', 'domain': '', 'httpOnly': False, 'expires': 1480308717000.0, 'session': False, 'secure': False, 'size': 5}, {'path': '/', 'value': 'GA1.2.497879937.1480308118', 'name': '_ga', 'domain': '', 'httpOnly': False, 'expires': 1543380117000.0, 'session': False, 'secure': False, 'size': 29}, {'path': '/', 'value': 'LBNKGPDBHCOMEHDMCDAOBBHD', 'name': 'ASPSESSIONIDASBDRQQD', 'domain': '', 'httpOnly': False, 'expires': 0.0, 'session': True, 'secure': False, 'size': 44}, {'path': '/', 'value': 'vcount%3D0%2Cprev%3D1480308117549', 'name': 'dta', 'domain': '', 'httpOnly': False, 'expires': 1480309317000.0, 'session': False, 'secure': False, 'size': 36}]}}'
>	Synchronous_command:
>		command: 'Page.navigate'
>		params:  '{'url': ''}'
>			Sending: '{"id": 6, "method": "Page.navigate", "params": {"url": ""}}'
>			Received: '{"id":6,"result":{"frameId":"13586.1"}}'
>		Response: '{'id': 6, 'result': {'frameId': '13586.1'}}'
>			<snip a bunch of network messages>
>			Received: '{"method":"Page.frameStoppedLoading","params":{"frameId":"13586.1"}}'
>	Synchronous_command:
>		command: 'Network.getCookies'
>		params:  '{}'
>			Sending: '{"id": 7, "method": "Network.getCookies"}'
>			Received: '{"id":7,"result":{"cookies":[{"domain":"","expires":1496119318679.717,"httpOnly":true,"name":"NID","path":"/","secure":false,"session":false,"size":149,"value":"91=08XuV0_PuzpDlm0ZkMDpig8p0M342GEmu1K9yHVC7xpD-n7e3_6XS4ruT70T717rjB22ByloeRrZb4ROvISN_Ig2opVs3tOOj3uAgkdwb9QesVK0IIiIhW2trR9NCQgxTH6QXq9a8GGzZgg"}]}}'
>		Response: '{'id': 7, 'result': {'cookies': [{'path': '/', 'value': '91=08XuV0_PuzpDlm0ZkMDpig8p0M342GEmu1K9yHVC7xpD-n7e3_6XS4ruT70T717rjB22ByloeRrZb4ROvISN_Ig2opVs3tOOj3uAgkdwb9QesVK0IIiIhW2trR9NCQgxTH6QXq9a8GGzZgg', 'name': 'NID', 'domain': '', 'httpOnly': True, 'expires': 1496119318679.717, 'session': False, 'secure': False, 'size': 149}]}}'
>	Cookies after first 'Page.navigate' command:
>		 <Cookie test_cookie=CheckForPermission for>
>		 <Cookie _gat=1 for>
>		 <Cookie _ga=GA1.2.497879937.1480308118 for>
>		 <Cookie dta=vcount%3D0%2Cprev%3D1480308117549 for>
>	Cookies after second 'Page.navigate' command:
>		 <Cookie NID=91=08XuV0_PuzpDlm0ZkMDpig8p0M342GEmu1K9yHVC7xpD-n7e3_6XS4ruT70T717rjB22ByloeRrZb4ROvISN_Ig2opVs3tOOj3uAgkdwb9QesVK0IIiIhW2trR9NCQgxTH6QXq9a8GGzZgg for>
>	<snip a bunch of network messages>
>	Sending sigint to chromium

You can see after the first page.navigate to "" (e.g. "Site A"), Network.getCookies returns 5 different cookies. However, after navigating to "" (e.g. "Site B"), Network.getCookies only returns a single cookie for

Did this work before? No 

Does this work in other browsers? Yes

Chrome version: headless_shell 537.36  Channel: dev
OS Version: 4.4.0-38-generic #57-Ubuntu, Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS
Flash Version: None

I am in the process of implementing a python wrapper for the chrome remote debugger API, it's available here: (BSD licensed!)

I'm currently working on allowing interaction between the python native cookie store (`http.cookielib.Cookie()`) and chromium's cookie store, but the documentation is rather sparse, and following the chromium source is challenging.

In this case, I'm interested in being able to put the browser into a completely known state, including overriding all headers and saved cookies, and later read that state out. That means I really do need to be able to read out *all* saved cookies, not just the cookies for the currently active site.
127 KB View Download

Comment 1 Deleted

Comment 2 Deleted

Comment 3 by, Nov 28 2016

Arrgh, how did "Does this work in other browsers? Yes" end up in there?


Since it's not too obvious, I'm working with the headless version of chromium. I'm not sure the actual version, since I can't figure out how to extract the version information, aside from the user-agent string (which is headless_shell 537.36). I've tried all the command line switches I can think of that would return a version (-v --version --help -h etc...), and they all seem to do nothing.

I'm also not sure what "channel" this would be, since I compiled it from source myself (about 2 weeks ago).


Also, why can I not copy-edit my comments?

Comment 4 by, Nov 28 2016

Components: Platform>DevTools
Labels: -Hotlist-Interop
/cc skyostil for headless (I guess there's no bug label for that yet?)

Comment 5 by, Nov 28 2016

Labels: Proj-Headless
(We've only got a Proj-Headless label at the moment but no component)

The Network.getCookies command returns the same cookies you can see in DevTools. Does that match what you're getting?

I think the problem is that the way the command is implemented means that it's only returning the cookies for the current URL:

Perhaps we should add a "global" argument that would retrieve all cookies instead?

Comment 6 by, Nov 28 2016

Status: Available (was: Unconfirmed)

Comment 7 by, Dec 6 2016

Status: Started (was: Available)

Comment 8 by, Dec 7 2016

Just out of curiosity, what does "started" mean?

I've been flailing about trying to get a build env setup so I could poke around, but if someone else is implementing this, I'll focus on other minor changes that I could use.

Comment 9 by, Dec 7 2016

I'm working on a patch that adds a way to get retrieve all cookies instead of just the cookies for the current URL.

Comment 11 by, Dec 8 2016

Status: Fixed (was: Started)
Marking this one fixed. If you find other problems with the cookie commands, please open a new bug.

Comment 12 by, Dec 9 2016


I see that the protocol.json file is still marked version 1.2. When does this version actually get incremented?

Additionally, it appears there are actually *two* "getCookies" calls: "Network.getCookies" and "Page.getCookies". "Page.getCookies" is marked `"redirect": "Network"`, which I assume means "use the network version of this call", but it still has the old documentation string.

Comment 13 by, Dec 9 2016

Ok, I can confirm the fix is fully functional. Thanks so much!

Comment 14 by, Dec 13 2016

Project Member
The following revision refers to this bug:

commit 9349e8fc1900cab593c7b3c17bc8d840fcae6f8d
Author: skyostil <>
Date: Tue Dec 13 17:12:37 2016

devtools: Split Network.getCookies into Network.get{All,}Cookies

This patch splits the Network.getCookies command into
Network.getCookies, which returns the cookies for the current URL and
Network.getAllCookies, which returns all the cookies in the cookie jar.

BUG= 668932 , 166637 

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#438198}


Comment 15 by, Dec 13 2016

Note: we decided to change the syntax a bit with the above patch. Instead of the 'global' flag there's now a separate Network.getAllCookies() command.

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