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Status: Fixed
Closed: Nov 2016
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OS: All
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Type: Bug

issue 563816

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OffscreenCanvas.getContext should take an enum as its first argument

Project Member Reported by, Nov 16 2016 Back to list

Issue description

See the spec here:

We should have this fixed before shipping.
Project Member

Comment 1 by, Nov 22 2016

The following revision refers to this bug:

commit 336743c75471ed1036037c0c423a78b4ad41fe3f
Author: xidachen <>
Date: Tue Nov 22 01:06:13 2016

Correct the OffscreenCanvas.getContext API

Currently this API takes a DOMString as its first argument. The spec
recently changed to let it take an enum as the first argument. This CL
makes the change and adds a test case.

This CL also makes OffscreenCanvas support webgl2 context creation. To test that, there is a github pull request here:
Locally it works fine.

BUG= 666024 ,  666339

Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#433721}


Status: Fixed (was: Assigned)

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