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Status: Fixed
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Closed: Oct 2008
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Type: Bug

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Silverlight Bug, Don't Run Exacly in Google Chrome

Reported by, Sep 3 2008

Issue description

The Silverlight of Microsoft don't Run exacly

Acessing our site the aplication of silverlight make 
dowload (percent) but not process the counting in the screen.

When the aplication is opened the animations don't run
just when i restaur the window of Chrome, one animation process and stop 
again if i will resising by the limite of the window the frames of 
animation is processed but stop if i stop

And this make the links not stay in real place

That's what you get for using Silverlight!

Comment 2 by, Sep 3 2008

nicolas.alvarez: WTF?
Sorry nicolas but this is not a case of which technology to use, but Google chrome
accept all kinds of technology of the next generation Web applications, likje
Flex/Flash is great too.

If the silverlight was not good, not have been used in the Olympics and not in the
convention of Democrats too

This is a channel for repair of errors Google Chrome, not about which technology used

Thanks to all
Status: Started
Status: Fixed
Date: Thu Sep  4 14:02:47 2008 
New Revision: 1735 
Fixes the following bugs reported with the Silverlight plugin:- 
The basic issue here was that the plugin would not paint correctly. 
The URLs mentioned in this bug load windowed silverlight plugin instances, 
which invoke the NPN_InvalidateRect API to paint. We send over the rects 
to the renderer, however these don't generate paints as the plugin is 
windowed. A peek at Safari's webkit implementation revealed that they 
merely invoke the InvalidateRect windows API in this context. 
The fix is to emulate this behavior. 
Review URL: 
Status: Assigned
We still have that problem with
Status: Fixed
fixed in 3481
Status: Assigned
Silverlight problem @ There is only a black square
displaying in the plugin rect.


114 KB View Download
The issue with is different I guess. There the silverlight 
plug-in doesn't load. See  Issue 1105  for more details.
Status: Fixed
Yes, different issue. 

Closing this one.
Project Member

Comment 11 by, Oct 12 2012

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