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issue 583429

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Consider firing visibilitychange@unload event after detaching the frame

Project Member Reported by, Nov 8 2016

Issue description

We implemented visibilitychange event for document unloading to fire at the same timing as the unload event ( issue 554834 ), but there's been a discussion on changing the timing to fire it after detaching the frame (rather than on the middle of detaching procedure where all objects are in an unclear state / where script can still traverse frame tree).  Doing so would hopefully give a clearer state for the event handler while we first need to make script execution in detached frames clearer / verify what should work or not.  This bug is for tracking the status and discussion.
Shiino-san, I remember you've been working on making script execution in detached frames saner by incrementally improving binding layer / CallWith=ScriptState behavior when ScriptState is invalid.  Do we have a bug for tracking the detached frame work in general? If so I'd like to link this bug to that to track the progress.

(Meanwhile we're thinking about shipping visibilitychange @unload as is in the current implementation without being blocked on this)
Issue 583429 is the one, I think.
Note: At the time that the bug was filed, people was thinking all script executions should be disallowed, so the title is "Disallow script running in a detached frame".

#2 - thanks! Should we probably change the issue subject to reflect the latest direction?
re: #3, Done.
Blockedon: 583429
Thanks Shiino-san!
Status: Assigned (was: Available)
Assigning to panicker@ for now.
This would be a spec change, right?
Components: -Blink>PerformanceAPIs Blink>PageLifecycle
Owner: ----
Status: Available (was: Assigned)

Comment 10 by, May 8 2018


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