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Issue 659074 Extend MessageEvent to supplant ServiceWorkerMessageEvent
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Type: Launch-OWP
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HTML extends MessageEvent to allow ServiceWorker as the type of source attribute:

Service worker will replace ServiceWorkerMessageEvent with this extended MessageEvent.

Related discussion:
Looking at the code, MessageEvent needs some work apart from the changes proposed in the OP.

Currently, the type of |source| attribute is EventTarget instead of the union. I'm not sure whether it'd be OK to use EventTarget for ServiceWorker too like by adding source->toServiceWorker() in isValidSource(EventTarget* source) function. That'd be the easiest way to tackle this change, but I guess service worker folks might not be happy to do so as ServiceWorkerMessageEvent was implementing the union.

So, I'd like to hear comments on how to tackle the issues:
 - Just use EventTarget as-is and improve MessageEvent in a separate issue/patch
 - Improve MessageEvent first and then tackle the issue in the OP.

/cc nhiroki@, jinho.bang@, foolip@, rbyers@
Components: Blink>Messaging
From SW's point of view, I'd prefer to improve MessageEvent first if it's not a tough job so that we can simply transplant code from ServiceWorkerMessageEvent to MessageEvent.
I'll try to do it using WindowOrMessagePortOrServiceWorker idl-gen-union'd type. If you have any better idea, please let me know.
It'd be the optimal way for now. There is an issue to refine the idl-generator to avoid such a verbose union type, but it's not fixed yet:
I encountered some errors while trying this with WindowOrMessagePortOrServiceWorker class generated from MessageEvent.idl. Please see (WIP) CL: Comments would be appreciated.
Labels: -Type-Bug Type-Launch-OWP
Project Member Comment 8 by, Dec 14
The following revision refers to this bug:

commit faa6203e513b171743c9d9fd7121501e681186af
Author: <>
Date: Wed Dec 14 18:38:17 2016

Deprecate ServiceWorkerMessageEvent in favor of MessageEvent

This extends MessageEvent to allow ServiceWorker as a type of source
attribute according to the changes in HTML and replaces the existing
ServiceWorkerMessageEvent code usage with this extended MessageEvent.

Related spec issue:
Related spec change:
 - HTML:
 - SW:
Related WPT:

Intent to Deprecate and Remove:!topic/blink-dev/Xp9hmKyuOrI


Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#438545}


Labels: M-57
Status: Started
This landed and will ship in M57. Who tracks Launch-OWP? Should I leave this in Status: Starting?
jmedley@ should be able to advise on how to handle Launch-OWP.
Comment 12 by, Feb 24 (4 days ago)
Any updates on this? Can I mark this as Fixed?
Comment 13 by, Feb 24 (4 days ago)
Status: Fixed
I guess so.
Comment 14 by, Feb 24 (4 days ago)
Status: Assigned
ServiceWorkerMessageEvent.idl and related files still exist, and it looks like a script could still call new ServiceWorkerMessageEvent(). The interface itself should also be removed, per
Comment 15 by, Feb 24 (4 days ago)
Oh I think I missed the IDL files. I'll fix them. Thanks for the notice.
Comment 16 by, Feb 24 (4 days ago)
Labels: M-58
Status: Started
Good catch foolip@.

So for milestone-based platform change tracking purposes:
- In 57, onmessage takes a MessageEvent instead of ServiceWorkerMessageEvent
- In 58, ServiceWorkerMessageEvent interface will be removed
Comment 17 by, Feb 24 (4 days ago)
foolip@, falken@,

> it looks like a script could still call new ServiceWorkerMessageEvent()

I checked and tested again. ServiceWorkerMessageEvent.idl and ServiceWorkerMessageEventInit.idl were excluded from the build. Accessing the constructor raises uncaught ReferenceError. (self.ServiceWorkerMessageEvent returns undefined.) If you encountered any particular case where you could access the constructor, please share it with me. Otherwise, I think I can just remove those idl files.

Additionally, I found this reference:
third_party/WebKit/Source/devtools/devtools-node-modules/third_party/node_modules/eslint/node_modules/globals/globals.json:1221:	"ServiceWorkerMessageEvent": false,

I guess this should also be removed?
Comment 18 by, Feb 24 (4 days ago)
That looks like third-party imported code. Probably it could be removed but likely can't be part of a Chromium commit.

I notice references in bindings/. These could probably be removed as well:
$ git gs ServiceWorkerMessageEvent
third_party/WebKit/Source/bindings/core/v8/V8PrivateProperty.h:120:    friend class V8ServiceWorkerMessageEventInternal;
third_party/WebKit/Source/bindings/modules/v8/V8ServiceWorkerMessageEventInternal.h:5:#ifndef V8ServiceWorkerMessageEventInternal_h
third_party/WebKit/Source/bindings/modules/v8/V8ServiceWorkerMessageEventInternal.h:6:#define V8ServiceWorkerMessageEventInternal_h
third_party/WebKit/Source/bindings/modules/v8/V8ServiceWorkerMessageEventInternal.h:14:class V8ServiceWorkerMessageEventInternal {
third_party/WebKit/Source/bindings/modules/v8/V8ServiceWorkerMessageEventInternal.h:25:void V8ServiceWorkerMessageEventInternal::constructorCustom(
third_party/WebKit/Source/bindings/modules/v8/V8ServiceWorkerMessageEventInternal.h:73:void V8ServiceWorkerMessageEventInternal::dataAttributeGetterCustom(
third_party/WebKit/Source/bindings/modules/v8/V8ServiceWorkerMessageEventInternal.h:111:#endif  // V8ServiceWorkerMessageEventInternal_h
third_party/WebKit/Source/bindings/modules/v8/custom/V8ExtendableMessageEventCustom.cpp:8:#include "bindings/modules/v8/V8ServiceWorkerMessageEventInternal.h"
third_party/WebKit/Source/bindings/modules/v8/custom/V8ExtendableMessageEventCustom.cpp:14:  V8ServiceWorkerMessageEventInternal::constructorCustom<
third_party/WebKit/Source/bindings/modules/v8/custom/V8ExtendableMessageEventCustom.cpp:20:  V8ServiceWorkerMessageEventInternal::dataAttributeGetterCustom<
third_party/WebKit/Source/bindings/modules/v8/v8.gni:24:                    "V8ServiceWorkerMessageEventInternal.h",
third_party/WebKit/Source/modules/serviceworkers/ServiceWorkerMessageEvent.idl:11:    // Constructor(DOMString type, optional ServiceWorkerMessageEventInit eventInitDict),
third_party/WebKit/Source/modules/serviceworkers/ServiceWorkerMessageEvent.idl:14:] interface ServiceWorkerMessageEvent : Event {
third_party/WebKit/Source/modules/serviceworkers/ServiceWorkerMessageEventInit.idl:7:dictionary ServiceWorkerMessageEventInit : EventInit {

Comment 19 by, Feb 24 (4 days ago)
OK, I was just guessing based on the existence of the IDL file, turns out it was already removed from third_party/WebKit/Source/bindings/modules/ and is now just a stray file in the repo.

I'm not sure what the devtools file is, I'd git blame to find someone who knows.
Comment 20 by, Feb 24 (4 days ago)
V8ExtendableMessageEventCustom.cpp is referencing definitions in V8ServiceWorkerMessageEventInternal.h. Removing the dependency there and remove V8ServiceWorkerMessageEventInternal.h would be great. Let me look at it.
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