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Status: Fixed
Closed: Sep 2017
EstimatedDays: ----
NextAction: ----
OS: Mac
Pri: 2
Type: Compat

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WebP can't play animation only once

Reported by, Sep 22 2016

Issue description

UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Macintosh; Intel Mac OS X 10_11_6) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/53.0.2785.116 Safari/537.36

Example URL:

Steps to reproduce the problem:
1.  use webpmux make a webp animation image and set loop to 1
2. webp loop twice
3. use webpmux make a webp animation image and set loop to 0
4. webp loop infinite

What is the expected behavior?

What went wrong?
It's no way to play webp once on current version

Does it occur on multiple sites: N/A

Is it a problem with a plugin? N/A 

Did this work before? N/A 

Does this work in other browsers? N/A 

Chrome version: 53.0.2785.116  Channel: stable
OS Version: OS X 10.11.6
Flash Version: Shockwave Flash 23.0 r0
Components: Blink>Image
Components: -Blink>Image Internals>Media>Codecs
Labels: Needs-Feedback
I'm inferring that the looping setting is part of the content, in which case this is a codec issue, I think.

Send back to Blink>Image if it turns out we've decoding the right info but then ignoring it.

gn00742754@, can you provide example videos? Does it matter how the video is loaded or embedded in the page?

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Hi, schenny,

you can see this link for more detail:

webp was play once when loop set 1 before this commit.

That would cause the behavior diff with GIF, so this commit is to match existing behavior for GIF.

But according this document:

webp animation default will set to 0 which will cause loop infinite

and set 1 will loop twice.

There is no way to make a webp animation loop only once.
Cc:, can you please provide a repro image?
Dale, as questioned in #2, do you think this could be a codec issue? if not, we need give back to blink>image.
Attachment is a example image,

This image loop twice in current chrome version(my version is 53.0.2785.143),

But the same image open in old version chrome(I use 48.0.2564.109) loop only once!

You can use any older version before this commit

5.6 MB View Download
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Comment 7 by, Oct 13 2016

Labels: -Needs-Feedback Needs-Review
Thank you for providing more feedback. Adding requester "" for another review and adding "Needs-Review" label for tracking.

For more details visit - Your friendly Sheriffbot
Labels: -Needs-Review
Owner: ----
Status: Available (was: Unconfirmed)
We'll leave this bug open, but most of the discussion has happened on

Progress is currently blocked on Webp bug

Comment 10 by, Sep 6 2017

Project Member

Comment 11 by, Sep 20 2017

The following revision refers to this bug:

commit ed8464fa995759af68440c044c9605aabb1e1b2c
Author: James Zern <>
Date: Wed Sep 20 06:45:23 2017

WebP animation: allow images to loop once

In  WebP was made to match GIF behavior, but as the loop
count is mandatory left it without a way to signal 1 repetition. This
restores the previous behavior.

BUG= 649264 

Change-Id: I4bc00c439af986c37fa44c65d67c9802d332e610
Reviewed-by: Peter Kasting <>
Commit-Queue: James Zern <>
Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#503072}

Comment 12 by, Sep 21 2017

Status: Fixed (was: Available)

Comment 13 Deleted

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