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Status: Assigned
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OS: Android , Windows , Mac
Pri: 2
Type: Task

Blocked on:
issue 659138

issue 728474

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Shape Detection API (OWP Launch Tracking)

Project Member Reported by, Sep 12 2016 Back to list

Issue description

Change description:
Add API for detecting shapes (Faces and/or barcodes) in images.

Changes to API surface:
Add Shape Detection API

Public standards discussion:

Support in other browsers:
Internet Explorer: No
Firefox: Public support (
Safari: No

*Make sure to fill in any labels with a -?, including all OSes this change
affects. Feel free to leave other labels at the defaults.


Comment 1 by, Sep 12 2016

Blockedon: 646083

Comment 2 by, Oct 25 2016

Blockedon: 659138

Comment 3 by, Oct 25 2016

Blockedon: -646083
Labels: -M-56 M-57

Comment 5 by, Nov 23 2016

Components: Blink>ImageCapture

Comment 6 by, Nov 23 2016

Components: -Blink>Image

Comment 7 by, Nov 23 2016

Labels: ShapeDetection

Comment 8 by, Jan 10 2017

Labels: -Launch-M-Target-56-Stable Launch-M-Target-58-Stable-Exp

Comment 9 by, Jan 10 2017

Labels: -M-57 M-58
Labels: -OS-iOS OS-Windows
Based on is just released on Chrome 57 stable "Behind a flag". Where can I find it in  chrome://flags? It seems not having it.
#11: either "the flag" that enables all interesting stuff:

or the individual 

#12: then status is wrong. None of tests works even on Chrome Canary 59.0.3038.0 chrome://flags/#enable-experimental-web-platform-features enables.
Labels: Launch-M-Target-56-Stable-Exp Launch-M-Target-57-Stable-Exp Launch-M-Target-59-Stable
#13: I just tried some on Mac 59.0.3037.0 and most of
them work; plz make sure that you access via https:// 
Also, the code is wired on Mac and Android only ATM, plus:
- Mac QR detection doesn't detect slanted QR codes, not
- Mac Text detection detects "bubbles" of text, but 
 doesn't decode the text inside.
@mcasas, tested over HTTPS on Win10 64-bit build, all test-cases fails with warnings like "Boo, Text Detection failed: NotSupportedError: Text Detection not implemented.",
#15: only the Mac and Android implementations are wired 
so far. Win10 will be coming soon.
#16: @mcasas, I suggest you update the status in, currently shown "Chrome for desktop release 57" what's understood as supported on Windows desktop.
Labels: -M-58 -Launch-M-Target-56-Stable-Exp -Launch-M-Target-57-Stable-Exp -Launch-M-Target-58-Stable-Exp -Launch-M-Target-59-Stable
Labels: Pri-2
FYI we are aiming to land Shape Detection as an Origin Trial in Chrome 61
Blocking: 728474
This is great. Just tried the API and it works like charm.
Labels: migrated-launch-owp Type-Task
This issue has been automatically relabelled type=task because type=launch-owp issues are now officially deprecated. The deprecation is because they were creating confusion about how to get launch approvals, which should be instead done via type=launch issues.

We recommend this issue be used for implementation tracking (for public visibility), but if you already have an issue for that, you may mark this as duplicate.

For more details see here:

For any questions, please contact owencm, sshruthi, larforge

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