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Status: WontFix
Closed: Jan 2017
EstimatedDays: ----
NextAction: ----
OS: Windows
Pri: 1
Type: Bug

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Crash in blink::ScriptState::context

Project Member Reported by ClusterFuzz, Aug 11 2016

Issue description

Detailed report:

Fuzzer: inferno_twister
Job Type: windows_syzyasan_content_shell
Platform Id: windows

Crash Type: UNKNOWN
Crash Address: 0x0000000f
Crash State:

Unminimized Testcase:

Additional requirements: Requires Gestures

Additional requirements: Requires HTTP

Issue manually filed by: nyerramilli

See for more information.
Components: Tools>Test>FindIt>WrongResult
Labels: findit-wrong Te-Logged
Status: Assigned (was: Untriaged)
providing Findit results for internal purpose:
Suspected CLs	No CL in the regression range changes the crashed files. The result is the blame information.

Project: chromium-v8
Time: Thu May 02 20:18:42 2013
The CL last changed line 7754 of file v8.h, which is stack frame 0.

Author: rockot
Project: chromium
Time: Tue Nov 24 21:52:46 2015
The CL last changed line 42 of file, which is stack frame 4.

Author: rob
Project: chromium
Time: Sat Mar 19 01:05:01 2016
The CL last changed line 3524 of file, which is stack frame 5.

Suspected Project: chromium

using codesearch, seeing some changes to 'WebLocalFrameImpl.cpp' in

dglazkov@, Could you please check the above issue & help us in finding an owner it its not yours.

Components: -Tools>Test>FindIt>WrongResult Blink>Bindings
Owner: ----
Status: Untriaged (was: Assigned)
yukishiino: Would you mind taking a look at this?

Comment 4 by, Aug 25 2016

Status: Available (was: Untriaged)
Project Member

Comment 5 by, Nov 22 2016

Labels: -Restrict-View-EditIssue
Removing EditIssue view restrictions from ClusterFuzz filed bugs. If you believe that this issue should still be restricted, please reapply the label.

For more details visit - Your friendly Sheriffbot
Labels: -findit-wrong Test-Predator-Wrong-CLs
Status: Assigned (was: Available)
@yukishiino -- Could you please look into the issue as per Comment#3.
Kindly re-assign if this is nothing to do with your changes.
Thank You.
I'm sorry for leaving this issue so long.  By the way, is this issue still reproducible?  There were several changes around context things, so I'm wondering if this is still happening or not.  msrchandra@, can you confirm repro?
Project Member

Comment 8 by ClusterFuzz, Jan 13 2017

Status: WontFix (was: Assigned)
ClusterFuzz testcase 4858093957808128 is flaky and no longer reproduces, so closing issue.

If this is incorrect, please add ClusterFuzz-Wrong label and re-open the issue.

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