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Closed: Mar 2017
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Accessibility issues (after latest fix) - after page is zoomed coordinates/locations are 'off', get out of sync...
Reported by, Nov 12 2010 Back to list
Chrome Version       : 9.0.576.0 dev
URLs (if applicable) :
Other browsers tested:
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Safari 5:
  Firefox 3.x: OK
       IE 7/8: OK

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. open a page in chrome
2. using some screen reader or accessibility objects explorer (using some tool that can actually draw rectangles when walking down the object tree)...
3. or try to use 'AccessibleObjectFromPoint' (or just walk the tree for chrome tab/web-content - matching the accLocation or hittest-ing) to click/pick objects on the page
4. then, do the page zoom (CTRL +/-), try 'picking' the elements, objects again.

What is the expected result?
when zoomed, web page elements should 'adjust' their coordinates - to report the right - new locations - or whatever the mechanism is used (either changing each elements' locations - as it might be needed for when Ajax content moves things around - or changing some global zoom factor to be factored in, returned to IAccessible etc.)

What happens instead?
locations are 'broken' sort of - out of place.
works every time - and is fully repeatable, no mistake about it.

Other situations are not as easy to reproduce - but happen very often. E.g.  from time to time a 'page reload' is required to refresh the coordinates, which become 'out of sync' for unknown reason (I'm guessing some Ajax/dynamic-content related 'shift', adjustment in the layout somewhere etc.)
Then, quite often, when you just follow the link on some page (which is 'zoomed') - new page coordinates are 'off' by some x,y offset - while previous page worked fine. A simple page refresh fixes things though.
Also, Ajax heavy web sites easily get confused.
And finally, at certain points after some time things stop working, restarting a browser solves that.

Comment 1 by, Nov 12 2010
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