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FR: Multiple Workspaces

Project Member Reported by, Jul 20 2016

Issue description

There have been multiple requests over the years to support multiple workspaces in Chrome OS.

It would be a significant effort from a UX and eng perspective. It's not clear if/how that should rank against our other priorities. 

Power users often like the additional ability to organize their tasks.

I worry about users who don't understand the concept of multiple workspaces/desktops accidentally triggering the feature and getting themselves into a confusing state. I've seen this occur on other platforms and it's always a catastrophic failure.

This bug will serve as a tracker as we investigate feasibility and desirability.
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Crostini makes this a more desirable feature, especially since Chromebooks tend to have relatively small screens.  I'd love to be able to have these spaces:

1. localhost in Chrome + a text editor
2. Terminal
3. Chat + work Chrome windows.
Would it make sense to consider a smaller initial step along the lines of #7

If we can string a batch of tabs and windows (or maybe just windows) into a group so that they "Raise" together, it maybe a sufficient and simple substitute. So in the example above, each line would be a Raise Group and ALT-TAB would raise group 1, 2, 3 and maybe a catchall for unassigned windows. It will create the illusion of multiple workspaces .. and not really create a new UI concept (maybe)
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