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Status: Fixed
Closed: Jun 28
EstimatedDays: ----
NextAction: ----
OS: All
Pri: 3
Type: Launch-OWP
Launch-Accessibility: NotReviewed
Launch-Legal: NotReviewed
Launch-M-Approved: ----
Launch-M-Target: ----
Launch-Privacy: NotReviewed
Launch-Security: NotReviewed
Launch-Status: Pending
Launch-Test: Started
Launch-UI: NotReviewed
Product-Review: ----

Blocked on:
issue 595608
issue 635099

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Web Share API
Project Member Reported by, Jun 17 2016 Back to list
Change description:
Web Share is a proposed API for sharing data (text, URLs, images) from the web to an app of the user's choosing. In this first phase, we plan to implement website-to-native-app sharing in Chrome for Android.

Changes to API surface:
- navigator.share (new API)
- navigator.canShare (new API)

Public standards discussion:

Support in other browsers:
Internet Explorer: No.
Firefox: No.
Safari: No.
Comment 1 by, Jun 17 2016
Comment 2 by, Jun 21 2016
Labels: -M-53 M-54
**Bulk edit**

We are now past M-53 FF. Since you still haven't transitioned to a review state, we are assuming that you are not planning to launch in M-53. As such, we're updating the MStone to M-54.

If you still intend to launch in M-53, feel free to change this back, but *please begin your xfnl reviews now*!

Thanks for your help with ensuring a smooth process.
Comment 3 by, Jun 22 2016
Labels: -M-54 M-53
Since we're planning to launch this behind a flag, the feature freeze doesn't apply and I think it's still viable to land this for M53.
Comment 4 by, Jun 23 2016
FYI type=launch-owp issues aren't for "internal launch tracking" because reasons. (i.e. security, privacy approval etc.). Those reviews happen on type=launch bugs, while type=launch-owp bugs are for external visibility on API progress. 

I would remove those internal launch tracking labels now but unfortunately don't see how...

I think this needs a security review but I don't believe it needs the others so I suggest we don't create a type=launch issue for it, but rather just make sure we've worked with security before launching.

Comment 5 by, Jun 24 2016
@mgiuca, do you have a component label for this in crbug? It's filed under Blink which is the catchall for incoming triage.
Comment 6 by, Jun 24 2016
#4: I just followed the process at which told me to use this template:

It put all of those launch flags on there and I can't get rid of them either (I think it's linked to the Type flag which is Launch-OWP). Seems like this is either intentional or misconfigured.

#5: I can't find any component that's relevant to my project. Even if we had a slightly less-general catch-all like "Blink>NewAPIs" or something that would be good.
The lack of a component might be the symptom of a problem. What component do you use on the master bug that tracks all the work around Web Share API?
It looks like it's issue 595608. And it doesn't even have a component. Can we just add Blink>Web Share component?
Comment 9 by, Jul 14 2016
I was told to add an unofficial component and make it official later. But Monorail won't let me add an unknown component. I CC'd you to an email thread.
Comment 10 by, Jul 20 2016
Components: -Blink Blink>WebShare
Blockedon: 635099
Labels: -Launch-Test-NotReviewed Launch-Test-Started
> we plan to implement website-to-native-app sharing in Chrome for Android.

But what about native-app-to-website sharing in Chrome for Android? In context of Web Progressive Apps it would be very useful. PWAs now can be packed to WebAPKs.
#13 definitely! We're proposing that as a separate API to keep the discussions separate but we will be starting work on this soon.
Labels: -M-53
Project Member Comment 16 by, Jun 28
The following revision refers to this bug:

commit 00e993603f26108c62cc01d98e3d79996c5b9384
Author: Matt Giuca <>
Date: Wed Jun 28 00:38:41 2017

Enable Web Share API by default on Android.

This makes navigator.share available. On other platforms, it remains hidden
behind the --enable-experimental-web-platform-features flag.

Removes logic to control this feature using an origin trial.

Blink Intent to Ship thread:

Bug:  620973 , 635099
Change-Id: I4a0276364c8528630fa9e71143da0c1fe7735e6d
Reviewed-by: Sam McNally <>
Reviewed-by: Rick Byers <>
Reviewed-by: Jochen Eisinger <>
Commit-Queue: Matt Giuca <>
Cr-Commit-Position: refs/heads/master@{#482821}

Status: Fixed
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