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issue 703777

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nassh: allow for username prompting
Reported by, May 4 2016 Back to list
I have a requirement when the user click on a button  a new tab should open with secure shell extension opened.  User will enter their credentials including username and pwd.

I am trying with below url but need to pass the username along with the url.  I don't have username so I can not pass.  All I have use hostname the user will use their credentials to login.


Hope this will be part of future release
Components: Platform>Apps>Default>Hterm
Labels: -Type-Bug -OS-Mac OS-All Type-Feature
Status: Available
Summary: allow for username prompting in SecureShell (was: Can I have a url to redirect to secure shell)
Comment 2 by, Mar 29 2017
Blockedon: 703777
if/when we support this, should make sure to update the ssh:// syntax too
Comment 3 by, Mar 29 2017
Summary: nassh: allow for username prompting (was: allow for username prompting in SecureShell)
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