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Status: Duplicate
Merged: issue 541145
Owner: ----
Closed: Feb 2016
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OS: Android
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Web page causes native crash in Android Web View (Chromium)

Reported by, Feb 22 2016

Issue description

Device name: Nexus 5 and
             Nexus 5X on Android 6.0.1

From "Settings > About Chrome"
Application version: WebView:47.0.2526.77 (see attached log file)
OS: 6.0.1

URLs (if applicable):
Example URL for page that causes issues:!966!1282!817!995!1005!1541!1559!998!1775!1055!975!456!299!169!204!877!1735!426!2884!2155!1345!1528!40!105!1891!1716!1632!150!165!189!2360!18!119!36!28!47!23!2191!2043!1918!295!2066!1656!1194!1802!1125!1119!2270!59!77!3789!1552!1364!1212!1611!1272!2565!16!14!&fromhr=6&tohr=7&frommin=30&tomin=15&smart=N&vers=40&goneoff=N&emailto=&noset=N&age=49

Behavior in Android Browser (if applicable):
Seems to work.

Steps to reproduce:
1. Run Pebble Time app (Pebble Time app 3.9.0-964)
2. Load Morpheuz Sleep Monitor from Pebble App Store
3. Go into Morpheuz settings (which is a Web View hosted by the Pebble Time app)

Expected result:
Nice working web page

Actual result:
Pebble Time App crashes

38.1 KB View Download
Components: Mobile>WebView

Comment 2 by, Feb 26 2016

Mergedinto: 541145
Status: Duplicate (was: Unconfirmed)
The attached crash is on 5X. You sure this happens on te nexus 5?
My understanding from a number of users of my Pebble app is that this does happen on a nexus 5 too.

Comment 4 by, Feb 27 2016

Then you need to attach a breakpad microdump, or crash logs from a nexus 5 device.
This appears to happen in my Nexus 6P running android 6.0.1. with Pebble Time with app 3.9.1-966 and watch v3.9.2.
nexus 6 3.9.1-966-bc5f043 shamu MMB29Q 6.0.1 23 on pebble classic

Comment 7 Deleted

I have this issue too.

Nexus 6P + Pebble Time

App Version 3.10.1-978-cfc43ce

Android 6.0.1

Incidentally, the crash also causes my pebble to stop recieving notifications until i Force Stop the Pebble App

I have this issue to. My phone and software information is as blew, hope it will have a fix soon.
Nexus 5X, Android 6.0.1 Build number:MHC19J
Android System WebView Version:48.0.2564.106
Pebble Time App Version: 3.10.1-978-cfc43ce
Pebble Modle: Pebble Time with Frimware v3.10.1

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