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Issue 588462 Google Cloud Print Keeps Going Offline
Starred by 132 users Reported by, Feb 21 2016 Back to list
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OS: Chrome
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Type: Bug

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UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; CrOS x86_64 7647.73.0) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/48.0.2564.92 Safari/537.36
Platform: 7647.73.0 (Official Build) stable-channel

Steps to reproduce the problem:
1. Add cloud printer
2. Printer is online
3. Next day, printer is off line
4. Can't get cloud printer back online

What is the expected behavior?
Google cloud printer should be online

What went wrong?
Google cloud printer is offline

Did this work before? N/A 

Chrome version: 48.0.2564.92  Channel: stable
OS Version: 7647.73.0
Flash Version: Shockwave Flash 20.0 r0

Tired of supporting my mother's Windows PC, I switched her to a Dell Chromebox. I had her purchase a Google Cloud-Print ready printer (Canon MG7720) I installed it and got it working. By the next day, the printer went into offline mode and I can't get it back online. Looks like a lot of people are having this problem and many opinions on solutions, as follows:!topic/gcp-developers/h8T-tj7lWt4%5B1-25%5D!topic/chrome/Wuci_0_mERY!topic/chromebook-central/uMLMlQQz_0c!topic/chromebook-central/uMLMlQQz_0c

I was really hoping to have less support issues with the Chromebox. I've called Dell Pro Support and they are stumped. I've researched the websites above, but I should not have to do this for something so fundamental to using a computer. My Chromebox is less than a month old. What the heck! 

I'm not sure if this is a bug in the printer's implementation of Google Cloud Print or in Chromium's implementation of it. 

Here's some more information that may be relevant:

The cloud printer is owned by this Chromebox, but is shared with a local Windows PC. The Windows PC is also connected via a standard Windows network connection.
Cloud Printer Settings.png
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Chromebox Info.png
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Comment 5 by, Feb 21 2016
I've tried  the following: 
1) Removing the network printer from the Windows computer. 
2) Shrinking the DHCP IP address range on my router and assigning a static IP to the printer. 
3) Assigning and as the printer's DNS addresses. 
4) Deregistering and reregistering the printer as a Google Cloud Printer in the printer settings. 
5) Deleting and adding the printer at
7) Other tips in the links above. 
8) Reported this as a bug here:
The title should be changed to "Google Cloud Print went offline and I can't get it back online".

Next, I may try to contact Google support over the phone, but I'm not sure how. WHAT A HASSLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Comment 6 by, Feb 21 2016
Yet another thread related to this issue:!topic/chromebook-central/5uwIXFQfLKw
Comment 7 by, Feb 21 2016
Yet another thread related to this issue:!topic/chromebook-central/z0sZmwx2TLs
Comment 8 by, Feb 21 2016
Got exactly the same issue here with a Canon Pixma printer, online temporarily and then goes offline. I have on numerous occasions deleted the printer from cloud and re-registered it, again for it to work temporarily before going offline again.
Comment 9 by, Feb 22 2016
Regarding comment 5, I updated the printer's firmware prior to performing those steps. I was not able to even register with Google Cloud Print prior to updating the firmware. 

Also, just now, I change the printer's ECO settings to never turn off. Previously, the printer was set to turn off after 240 minutes. I believe that may have put the printer into offline mode. Again, after doing this, I had to deregister and re-register Google Cloud print in the printer settings and delete and reinstall the printer at 
Comment 10 by, Feb 22 2016
Also, I've updated my Chromebox to the latest version: 
Version 48.0.2564.116 (64-bit)
Platform 7647.84.0 (Official Build) stable-channel tricky
Firmware Google_Tricky.5829.18.0
Comment 15 by, Feb 23 2016
And another:!topic/chromebook-central/dOh_0HVtp64

This wouldn't be so infuriating if Canon didn't falsely advertise being Google Cloud Print compatible. 
Components: Internals>Printing Services>CloudPrint
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Status: Untriaged
Comment 19 by, Mar 28 2016
I've found what really works is in the settings menu of the printer go to Lan settings and selecting Auto DNS server refreshes the printer on the network and it shows as online again on Google Cloud. Not the most ideal solution but it does work.
Comment 20 by, May 4 2016
Going to chrome://devices always forces the printer online for me.  That seems to be quickest way :)
Labels: -Via-Wizard
Status: Available
Using a Samsung ML-2165W printer. Same problem. Makes Chromebook useless.
I assume that after years of struggling with this it will never work as we
should soon be able to use the manufacturers android apps to print from our

If this is the case, it will be a disappointing conclusion to a facility
which could have been great.
I have an issue with CloudPrint where the printers go off line unless somebody is signed into the print server. We are testing CloudPrint and have set this up on one of our Servers, which are always on of course. If I am logged into the server with my domain admin account, or any other account, cloudprint works fine. The moment I log off the server the cloudprint printers go offline. If I print to the cloudprint printer when it is offline nothings prints until I log back on the server.
I have the same problem with a Brother MFC-J470DW. This appears to be a problem dating back to at least 2014 from my searching, probably earlier. Does anyone have an update from Google as to whether or not this bug will be addressed? Thanks in advance.
For the report in update #25, does the problem go away if the router is configured to allocate a single ip address for the Brother printer?
we are actually having the problem on our print server where the stupid
service goes off-line

*Stephen York*
Director of Technology
Ravenna School District

PH: 330.296.9679.3110
FAX: 330.297.4158

*"A crash reduces your expensive computer to a simple stone..."*
Will you file a new bug for the print service going offline?  It would be useful to include logs from the computer that is running the service, and information about which version of the service you are running.
Comment 29 by, Jul 12 2016
Added two Dell Cloud-ready printers to our office and deployed a handful of Chromebooks. This issue has huge negative impacts to our business and the reality that it has yet to be addressed with any solution is extremely disappointing.
I want to confirm the behavior your are seeing in comment 29.  If you change the router to have a ip address reservation, do you still see the problem?
Please fix this. This is such a hassle. I always have to get one of my sons to do this technical stuff and they give me a hard time as it is. IĀ“ve had to reload the printer twice already. Please fix this. 
Comment 32 by, Aug 10 2016
Seriously this bug is really dumb? Why can't you fix the issue on your end rather than asking all users to mess with router & IP setting 
Same problem with our Brother MFC-9140CDN (Google-Cloud-Print-ready). It keeps going offline. The issue has been persisting for more than 1 year and it's a real hassle!
I am also having the same issue. Using a Brother HL-5450DN with the latest firmware upgrade I can not use cloud print for more than a couple days after setup. I need to constantly remove from the cloud print devices, then reset firmware on the printer, once I do that I can register the printer again via it's firmware, but the printer will go offline in cloud print within a day or two.

There seems to be now way to trigger a printer as being listed as online?
Issue 646996 has been merged into this issue.
Like most readers, I have experienced this issue ;Printer goes off-line'. I bought a Brother MFC-J450DW All-in-one printer a year ago. I have re-installed it, re-registered, called Brother Tech Support; to get this "Printer is off-line' issue. Nothing seems to be a permanent solution. I am thinking of going the old-fashion way and replace this printer with a cable-connected printer. I do not know if the problem is a bug in Google's Cloud Print or Brother Printer related. Just feeling frustrated.
It now causes me physical pain to try and use Google Cloud Print with my Brother MFC-9330CDW.

Apple products work perfectly fine.

Acer C710 chromebook with HP Photosmart All in One running wireless and connected to PC via USB.

The printer was set up as a Classic and I was able to use through Chromebook and Nexus 5X phone and PC (Ubuntu OS), however next attempt to print from chromebook the error "printer is off line" occured, while my Nexus 5X prints as does the PC running Ubuntu. I cannot get the Chromebook to switch printer back online. Ive tried Chrome://devices/manage no response here, re installed no response, reset printer no response. My Nexus 5x and Ubuntu PC both worked via wireless and usb connection. ?????........such a shame as my chromebook is not supported later this year, begining to become unsure whether to get an up todate chromebook now! one.
When all Chromebooks support Android apps this will no longer be an issue
if your printer is supported by one of the HP apps. I suspect this is why
cloud print has been all but ignored by Google for so long.
My son changed me from windows to google, and I understand why, he feels
google is more secure, I have to tell you though, windows is a lot more
easier to understand than google, more user friendly, I wish google was
more like that. I recently lost my free cell game I am so scared to brows
through all the games to find one I like because of what might happen to my
computer, I have had to have my computer power washed 3 times recently due
to JERKS (viruses) which has made me loose my free cell gamešŸ˜¢...
Christine (a senior citizen)
I have the same issue as reported by the OP. My Samsung M2020W Cloud Ready Printer will go offline from between one day and one hour of being powered on. I have updated the firmware to version V3.00.01.12 - dated May, 16, 2016, and forwarded port 5222 from my router to the printers IP. So far the only consistent way to get the printer online is to power cycle the printer, wait 5 to 15 minutes for it to connect to GCP and print what is in the queue. I would love to love chromebooks, and I try to recommend them, with the caveat that you cannot print. Please provide a reasonable solution.
I have had this problem for years with a Brother MFC-J4410DW. I'm glad there's a Chromium issue for this now. One of the first (unsuccessful) attempts to fix this problem was to disable DHCP on the printer and assign it a permanent IP address outside the router's DHCP range. It still has that address today and it has seen two router changes (two FritzBox, today it's a SpeedPort 922V that doesn't even support constant IPs through DHCP...) but the problem persists.

Let me know how I can help debug this. Unfortunately, testing takes a while because the problem only occurs after a couple of weeks.
Manually going to chrome://devices (or refreshing that tab if already open) seems to forces the printer online for me also.  This is my workaround.  Brother MFC-8440 Network (via Wired Ethernet) printer.
I  also have this problem for the Canon mx922 with it going offline and I also dislike the fact there is no option to print black/white or color.  There is no choice and it prints in color.  
I have this same issue with a Google Apps for Non-Profits domain, a bunch of chromebits and a Brother HL-3170CDW printer that was just updated to the latest firmware.  The printer looses registration..

- it reports that on the web-based printer admin interface, offering to register the printer
- it shows up as "offline" in the Google Cloud Print web interface

The printer has a constant local IP address assigned to it, and it works quite fine "for a while" until something happens - printer might be restarted, or something else happens and then it goes offline.

This is very annoying, and for our public library, is blocking adoption of additional ChromeOS devices to replace ancient Windoze and some older Linux boxes as public workstations.
I have a google cloud ready printer on network static ip. I run google cloud print service on a VM and login with a google admin acct added printers and shared out to chromebooks. Same issues it stops working and labels the printers offline. I unregister/re-register google cloud print service. Remove/Add printers. Verify they can print normally on another computer to these printers. Still offline this time these troubleshooting steps did not work. When will there be a fix? We are gaining new chromebook assets and students will need to print. Such a hassel. 
Still having this problem. Both my printers seem to go "offline" after a few days even though I can print to them from my Mac computers.
I have noticed that if I do print to them from my MacBook, then they seem to come back online for a while before disappearing again.

I have 3 Brother printers and I am ready to junk them all because of how complicated this process has been. They keep going 'offline' after working just fine for a while. Very frustrating!

This thread is over a year old. Others are several years old. Amazing that neither Brother nor Google can fix this problem!

Kurt Gross

Comment 50 Deleted
I have a Brother printer too, and read a thread where someone left the
"Devices" tab open in Chrome and it at least fixed the problem.  Its worked
like a champ for me:   Open a new tab in Chrome, type


in the address bar, then click 'MANAGE' by the printer that keeps going
offline.  Leave that printer's "manage" tab open and the printer will stay
Hope that helps you out.
I have this problem with both a Brother printer and an old HP LJ4 with a network connection. They both keep going off line. I tried the chrome://devices/ Manage option and it doesn't work for me.
I find that I can get them back on line by printing something to the printers from my MacBook (which never has any problem finding the printers). Once I print a page from the MacBook, the printer will appear online in ChromeOS. Kind of a pain but it works.
It would be really nice if they fixed this...

I tried your idea but it doesn't work. When I go to "Manage" the printer status is 'offline' and that's the point, i.e. the printers I have will not stay 'online' unless my Sony Windows laptop is on. Kurt
no problems with my Canon printer via Google cloud print until about a month ago on my Asus Flip Chromebook... now often prints first job then reports going offline

in addition to now continual "aw snap" problems (bug #651989), my chromebook is just about useless

having been exclusively using chromebooks for two years now, reliability seems to have noticeably taken a dive over the past 6 months    
Hi James,

I have the Acer Chromebook and I find it's fine. I blame the Google Cloud printer problems on Google. They are the ones who not only failed to make the program work, they won't fix it either. Terrible customer support company. Arrogant attitude on their part because they won't even acknowledge the issue. It shows how little they think of us.

Kurt Gross
thanks Kurt - in context of the aw snap/tab crash problems that seem to be mostly impacting the old Asus Flip, and have been identified, but have remained unresolved since last Sept, the printer issue is sadly a minor irritation...

if google are serious about chromebooks, they need to seriously lift their game

The whole point of not having a printer served by a PC is that a cloud printer should just work and carry on working. 

It (Brother printer) certainly works at first, but a day later it doesn't. Going to chrome://devices/ I find it is offline. Why does this happen? Other than just randomly refreshing the page etc. how can I fix this issue? 
There's a direct print app in the web store, connects directly via WiFi, rather than via cloud. IPP is the app. Works with my brother printer, quicker than going via cloud too. 
thanks, I have downloaded IPP and it works. However the real test will be
when the printer is persistently offline.
RE: The IPP App for enabling my Chromebook to print without losing it's connection with my Brother printers.

I went to install the IPP app and I get the standard note that the owner's of the app will have access to my info and the websites I go to including the ability to change the info there. 

This warning always concerns me and because of it, I have not installed the app. 

Does anyone know just how extensive such access is, whether it's a concern to users and how we vet an app's owners to know who we're giving access to ?

Kurt Gross 
the IPP app in the chrome store did not work with my cannon pixma 920
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