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Status: Fixed
Closed: Jul 2016
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OS: All
Pri: 2
Type: Launch-OWP
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Remove SPDY/3.1

Project Member Reported by, Feb 17 2016

Issue description

(See for an overview)

bnc: Had you filed one of these already? I couldn't find it. Feel free to merge and update the entry if you have.

Change description:
SPDY/3.1 is the experimental application layer protocol that provides performance improvements over HTTP/1.1 by, for example, connection multiplexing and server push.  SPDY/3.1 is superseded by HTTP/2, which was published as an RFC last May.

Changes to API surface:
We will no longer negotiate SPDY/3.1 over HTTPS connections. Sites using it will return to negotiating HTTP/1.1 (unless they upgrade to HTTP/2) at a performance hit, but no loss in functionality.

Public standards discussion:

Support in other browsers:
Internet Explorer:

*Make sure to fill in any labels with a -?, including all OSes this change
affects. Feel free to leave other labels at the defaults.

I suppose this should link to the blog post and everything:

Comment 2 Deleted

Comment 3 by, May 2 2016

According to SPDY/3.1 support was removed in Chromium 50. Is that correct?

I’m still seeing `quic/1+spdy/3` usage for in DevTools → Network using Chrome 52 Canary.

Comment 4 Deleted

Comment 5 by, May 2 2016

Labels: -M-50 M-51
Re #3: sorry, that is incorrect.  SPDY/3.1 was removed from Chromium 51, at

'quic/1+spdy/3' in fact is not SPDY/3.1, but another procotol, QUIC.  The value of that string is a historical artifact.

Comment 6 by, May 2 2016

Thanks for clarifying. I guess the same goes for NPN, then ( I’ve updated the ChromeStatus entries and submitted a patch to update the blog post at (

Should the `+spdy/3` part be removed from the string?

Comment 7 by, May 2 2016

Yes, same goes for NPN.  Thank you for updating the Chrome Status entries.

I agree that changing that string would be nice.  However, it might interact badly with metrics, persisted preferences, and other moving parts, so unfortunately it is far from trivial, and thus not high priority.

Comment 8 by, Jun 28 2016

Blockedon: 624095

Comment 9 by, Jul 11 2016

Blockedon: -624095
Status: Fixed (was: Assigned)
SPDY/3.1 functionality is disabled, concluding this launch bug.   Issue 624095  tracks further effort to clean up SPDY/3.1-related, now dead, code.

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