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webkitSpeechRecognition stucks suddenly

Reported by, Dec 18 2015

Issue description

UserAgent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows NT 6.1) AppleWebKit/537.36 (KHTML, like Gecko) Chrome/47.0.2526.106 Safari/537.36

Steps to reproduce the problem:
1. Go to
Web Speech API Demonstration site 
2. Turn on speech recognition
3. Begin to say some text and open another program or navigate to some URLs
4. Suddently speech recognition stucks, microphone is still blinks, but new text does not appear 
To better reproduce this problem
1. goto htpps:// site
2. Check  "Restart on errors checkbox"
3. Press "Start recording" button
4. Begin to say some text and open another URLs, and browser windows
5. After one minute or two recognition stucks, the button is still orange.
6. After one minute "network error" will appears in the confidence level field.

What is the expected behavior?
The speech must be recognized untill the microphone blinks 

What went wrong?
The webkitSpeechRecognition element go to error state and wait some time in this state.

Did this work before? Yes It works in and sites.

Chrome version: 47.0.2526.106  Channel: stable
OS Version: 6.1 (Windows 7, Windows Server 2008 R2)
Flash Version: Shockwave Flash 20.0 r0

After this Chrome update the error appears for many users of site. There is not update in code of site and site last weeek.
Labels: Cr-Blink-Speech
srnarayanan: can you try to repro this?

speechpadru: is this failing consistently? It sounds like you may have been hit by a backend outage.
I'm able to reproduce this in Windows 7 Chrome Stable 47.0.2526.106 using the first set of steps above (link -, but not in site
[No issues seen in Mac 10.11.2]
It seems to me that there was some errors in google backend, Today some users of say that the bug was gone, and I myself can not reproduce it in my computer too. But some users say that the bug still exists. 

Now, it does not works again.
Now, it simple stuck after 40 second of dictating in or

Comment 7 Deleted

Speech recognition stucks after 300 symbols of Russian or about 1000 symbols of English. Looks like  1024 bytes limit.
cc'ing gshires@ and a few Chrome testing folks - can one of you help triage this? This doesn't look like a WebRTC issue.

Comment 10 by, Dec 21 2015

I'm not sure how to reproduce this problem.
I'm not familiar with

I am familiar with
because I wrote this code, and I can't reproduce this problem on this site.
(Note that the there is, and always has been, a timeout limits the maximum duration of the recognition. Note also that when this timeout is reached, the microphone in this demo consistently goes back to the grey state.)

So my guess is that may not be handling this condition correctly.

My suggestion is to either document a way to reproduce this problem on
or close this bug as unreproducible.
It does not work for
After about 300 symbols of Russian text it stucks - it seems to me for English it will be more (about 1000 symbols to stuck)

Comment 12 by, Dec 21 2015

Please define what you mean by "stucks".

What I observe is that after a timeout period, it stops recognizing and the microphone icon goes back to the grey state, and is working as intended.
Microphone is red but the text do not appear, I try to make mp4

This is a video example of bug
1.3 MB Download
Bellow are the headers that have down stream of speech recognition when it "stucks":
Start Time: 2015-12-22 01:49:45.354

t=     0 [st=     0] +REQUEST_ALIVE  [dt=128746]
                      --> has_upload = false
                      --> is_pending = true
                      --> load_flags = 1600 (DO_NOT_SAVE_COOKIES | DO_NOT_SEND_AUTH_DATA | DO_NOT_SEND_COOKIES)
                      --> load_state = 15 (READING_RESPONSE)
                      --> method = "GET"
                      --> status = "IO_PENDING"
                      --> url = ""
t=128746 [st=128746]   -HTTP_TRANSACTION_READ_BODY
t=128746 [st=128746]    HTTP_CACHE_WRITE_DATA  [dt=0]
t=128746 [st=128746] -REQUEST_ALIVE
I am getting the same issue. Copy of my issue from google groups forum

So I have a program that listens to the mic for long periods of time. After a while(it is different each time but usually after 5 minutes) the mic stops recognizing. It is not because of no speech detected or a sleep as I it is constant talking as well as I have recognition.start happening quite often. It seems to be an issue inside of chrome that just fails. Nothing in the the web tools shows an error. If I refresh it still does not turn on. I have to completely exit out of chrome then back in. If I set a to a new chrome window(not tab) and then window.close on current tab it still does not work. I have to hit the red x then reopen. 

I have slightly different behavior - I can press microphone when speech recognition stucks and microphone will turn off, so javascript works and the system listen the events.
We have the same problem in voice typing in google doc
Status: Available
Having similar issues. when I logged the error it simply said "network". Would appreciate more official documentation on webKitSpeechRecognition.


Comment 21 by, Feb 18 2016

48.0.2564.109 (OS X 64-bit) still have the problem.

I am having the exact same problem. There must be a problem on the Google backend.

I am using the Javascript Google Chrome Web Speech API (webkitSpeechRecognition();)
It works great much of the time.  But randomly .onerror returns "network" error. 
I receive this error and many of the users of my Chrome Extension get this error.
Before the error happens speech recognition will stop for 30 seconds to 2 minutes.
What is the reason for this error and how can we prevent it?


Comment 23 by, Jan 23 2017

The demo page is not working for me too. It doesn't work at all. The red icon is blinking but no speech is being recognized. 

It used to work fine until few days before, when it suddenly stopped working. I'm also guessing that its a backend problem. Is there is any way to solve this? Is there anyone else facing the same problem?
See also #677097
I am able to reproduce this. After about a minute or so of continuous speaking, the quality of results starts to significantly degrade, with words being skipped over, and valid (but unfinalized) results sometimes disappearing from the transcription. Then, after some time, the transcription completely freezes, sometimes with unfinalized text still appearing in the transcript.

Detailed repro steps, with a consistent audio source to eliminate that as a possible variable:

1. Set your "Default Device" for recording in Windows to "Stereo Mix" or another loopback device. Set the recording volume for this device to 100%.
2. Open in Chrome, and click record. Accept the permissions prompt.
3. Open in another tab, and hit play

The results were excellent until about 1/3 of the way through the video, after which they quickly degraded and then froze entirely. Here's the full transcript I got (this is the result after playing the entire video):

> The command line utility for audio so what we'll do is work order audio will create an API request in a Json file will send it to the speech API and then we'll see the Json response so if we could go ahead and switch to the demo okay make the font a little bigger so I'm going to call my file with bash request. Sh and it says press enter when you're ready to record it's going to ask me to record a five-second audiophile so here we go I built a cloud speech API demo using socks the the language in a little bit so I'm going to

Restarting the transcription causes transcription to work normally again for another minute or so before it again freezes.

I'm using Chrome 63.0.3239.132 (Official Build) (64-bit) (cohort: 63_win_132), on Windows 10. I was able to reproduce the issue on multiple computers, with multiple different internet connections.

Please let me know if you need any additional information.
I confirm on this

Version 70.0.3538.45 (Official Build) beta (64-bit)

The Web Speech API returns a "Network" error then stuck for a moment and random back to work.

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