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execCommand should not work on INPUT/TEXTAREA

Project Member Reported by, Nov 20 2015

Issue description

INPUT/TEXTAREA aren't contenteditable.

Other browsers:
Chrome: execCommand works on INPUT/TEXTAREA, same as Safari
Firefox: execCommand does NOT works on INPUT/TEXTAREA
IE: "Delete" and "SelectAll" commands work. Maybe more but InsertHTML
Safari: execCommand works on INPUT/TEXTAREA

We need usage count for this to decide whether we fix this or not.

Comment 1 by, Nov 20 2015

Labels: Cr-Blink-Forms Hotlist-Interop
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Comment 2 by, Nov 20 2015

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Comment 3 by, Jul 19 2016

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Comment 4 by, Jul 19 2016

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Comment 5 by, Jul 20 2016

Components: -Blink>Editing Blink>Editing>Command
Use counter says is real world usage of execCommand on INPUT/TEXTAREA is less than 0.0061%. I think it is OK to prevent running execCommand on INPUT/TEXTAREA.

I don't think we should change this. It's the only way left to modify a text input and have your edits be in the undo stack. Not supporting copy or paste commands would also be sad.Since

Edge supports some commands, and Safari/Chrome support most commands, Firefox should be changed here.

Comment 7 by, Jan 18 2017

#c6 is make sense.
Editing team proposed to INPUT/TEXTAREA to support some execCommand in

Comment 8 by, Mar 7 2017

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Comment 9 by, Apr 18 2018

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Comment 10 by, Apr 19 2018

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Status: Available (was: Untriaged)

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