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Status: WontFix
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Closed: Jun 2009
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Modify Ctrl+Tab to change to most-recently-used tab and/or show tab title/thumbnail previews

Reported by, Dec 16 2008 Back to list

Issue description

Chrome Version       :

Other browsers tested:
Add OK or FAIL after other browsers where you have tested this issue:
Safari 3:
    Firefox 3: OK (with an extension - stack-styled tabs)
         IE 7: FAIL

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Open 3 tabs
2. Ctrl-tab some times

This is a feature request, not quite a bug report.
I just thought it would be quite handy for users to be able to change the 
behaviour of Ctrl-Tab to act like Alt-Tab (but for tabs, obviously). This 
behaviour isn't default in any other browser, but there is a Firefox 
extension which activates it (with some bugs, though). Since I got so used 
to it, I would like to see it on Chrome.
Comment welcome!
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It's not even necessary to build the entire MRU Tab feature... all that needs to be 
built is a hook to inject "ctrl+tab" onkeydown into scripts so that plugin developers 
can build a plugin to do the rest of the functionality.  Is there a separate bug 
regarding the missing hook for injecting "ctrl+tab" onkeydown into scripts?  

Comment 47 by, Jan 13 2010

@andrew.parker -
If I am not mistaking, Ctrl+Tab was disabled intentionally, so a page will never 
interfere with this core functionality (switching tab).

Comment 48 by, Jan 13 2010

The "Quick Tabs" extension is promising, although it's not quite there yet, since it 
requires multiple keypresses (there's a key shortcut, Ctrl-E, to open a list of tabs 
in MRU order, then you need to press Enter). Would be a good idea to ask the 
developer to add support for single key (i.e. once you release Ctrl it switches 
without the need for Enter, and if you keep pressing 'E' while ctrl is held it 
selects other tabs).

I personally don't mind too much if the key combination is not exactly Ctrl-Tab... If 
it's something else I could get used to it.
Thanks @sirajk; "Quick Tabs" is a good suggestion 
(, works 
pretty well. Shortcuts are configurable, but of course Ctrl-tab can still not be 
changed, and you can't use the shortcut on https tabs (the usual chrome security 
thing...) It does allow you to switch to MRU tab in two key sequences, the second 
being Return key, the first your chosen key configuration (I used Ctrl-Shift-A).

I still want Ctrl-tab MRU function, but this goes some way towards reducing this 

Comment 50 by, Jan 14 2010

@phistuck - Ok, maybe not the most requested feature, but enough people see this 
is a dealbreaker that they could have atleast told us why it's set to WontFix.
Ctrl+tab in cycling order makes absolutely no sense at all in any tab-based software.
I wonder what the Chrome developers would think if their OS application switcher 
also cycled through all their open apps on alt-tab. Would make just as much sense as 
This shouldn't even be a thing to fix as I bet the IDE they use to develop this thing 
also has MRU so it should have been natural to them in the first place.

But since Chrom(ium) is open source couldn't someone enable the ctrl-tab again ? 
Haven't looked at the code/project-files so I know nothing about it.
Hello everyone, there is an extension called "Tab Stack" that you might be interested
in - 
Like all of you, I've also been waiting for the MRU integration (more so for when I
CLOSE tabs - I want it to bounce to the previous one I used).  The extension
REARRANGES the tabs  (you will literally see them move) into MRU order and you can
then cycle through them with CTRL-TAB.  Some of you might hate it.  It's a little
weird having your tabs moving automatically, but I'm getting used to it.  It's the
best we got for now.  Just think of it like the current tab is always to the left.
Deal breaker for me as well. I have this on FF+plugin.
It's a dealbreaker for me as well :-(

As far as I'm concerned @JamesWoll's suggested extension satisfies me. I have ctrl-
tab functionality for MRU tab. The tab order changes into most recently accessed 
order (left to right). I don't see that that's a problem, and actually quite like the 
Link again:
Now that extensions are included in the main release build, not just the beta/ 
development channels, people needn't complain about having to run the beta version of 
Chrome either...

Comment 55 by, Jan 28 2010

@JamesWoll's solution is brilliant, but I also like knowing where my tabs are if I go
to use my mouse.  

So still not there for me.
I totally agrre with dforsyth

Comment 57 by, Jan 28 2010

I also like @JamesWoll  extension and appreciate his effort, but I also feel I'm a little lost 
when my tabs rearrange. Quicktabs is also a great extension, but still not there for me 
Just to pile on: This is also a dealbreaker for me. 

Current behavior is only useful for maybe up to faive tabs. But here's the rub: Anyone 
who only opens a few tabs at a time is not the sort of person who would use keyboard 
shortcuts anyways!! I would love to see usage statistics, as I suspect that Ctrl-Tab in 
Chrome isn't used by anyone right now.

Is there some place where we can vote for this feature or something?
Star the issue to vote for it.  Maybe they'll change their mind if it gets enough 

Comment 60 by, Jan 30 2010

I also appreciate @JamesWoll's effort, but I'm sorry, it doesn't even come close to 
the proper behavior. One of the most important aspects for the MRU tab navigation is 
that when ctrl+tab is pressed, the tab does not switch immediately: it displays a 
list of available tabs and waits until the ctrl key is released before it actually 
performs the switch. If the tab key is pressed repeatedly, it goes down (or up, if 
shift is also pressed) the list, until ctrl is released. This is how Alt+tab work in 
window managers, and in MDI applications that properly implements ctrl+tab (including 
browsers such as Opera and FF w/ TMP). To me this is as important as the MRU order 
itself. Anything less is unacceptable.

I also find it strange, that to solve a seemingly unrelated security issue (#5496), 
the developers decided to go with a pretty draconian solution by taking away the 
ctrl+tab override even from extensions. Are they saying, that e.g. firefox is wide 
open to this vulnerability? Or is this really chrome specific?
A while back (October 2009), I created a MRU tab navigation extension that worked, 
but then Chromium developers decided not to allow overriding browser wide hot keys 
(like CTRL+TAB). Reading the last posts on this issue I realized that using CTRL+TAB 
is not mandatory for users, as long as the behavior is achieved. So I decided to 
replace CTRL+TAB with CTRL+` in my extension. The extension can be downloaded from 

Don't forget to restart the browser after you install it. it works only for tabs 
containing HTML pages (like http(s):// and ftp://), but not for chrome:// pages 
(sorry, also Chromium developers decision). Just use CTRL+` instead of CTRL+TAB ;)
@puiu.hrenciuc, it's a good idea, however I can't seem to get this to work. Nothing 
happens when I press CTRL+`. I restarted the browser and reloaded the tabs. Am I 
missing something?

@Thomas, I tested it only on my version of Chrome which is 5.0.307.1, what version are 
you using? It should also work on Chrome 4.x. I will try and test it in 4.x and 3.x 
@puiu.hrenciuc, I'm using beta (36714) on Windows 7. I'm dual booting with 
Ubuntu (linux) - will try on there later too. Will try disabling some of my extensions 
also, maybe one of those is affecting it.
@Thomas, ok, I managed to test it in (36714) and it works ok. Are you sure 
you installed it correctly, it is active (see wrench/extensions page) and are you 
pressing CTRL+` (CTRL+~) ?
@puiu.hrenciuc, I'm not sure what's going on. I've tried disabling almost every 
extension I could imagine conflicting. I've tried reinstalling. It does appear to be 
active on the extensions page:
"Tabs MRU - Version: 0.1.2
Add MRU feature to tab navigation." (has option to disable)
Could it be that I have a UK keyboard set-up? That key is still above the tab key 
though, so don't see why.
Hmm, it seems ok, if you have some spare time and would like to help me fix the issue, 
please contact me directly on hpuiu {a.t.} xentra {d.o.t.} ro, so maybe we can get in 
touch on IM and fix the problem together. Also this way we can keep this place clean ;) 
Ok, I'll send an email later when I've had a chance to play with this a bit. I'd like 
to get it working if I can.

Comment 69 by, Jan 31 2010

Like all the people above, I would like MRU functionality with CTRL-tab.  I need a 
simple and quick way to switch between two tabs I am working with, exactly like I do 
with two apps that are open (ALT-TAB).  Thank you.
thanks so much for your extension. i have installed it (v4.0.249.78 unknown (36714)) 
and it us working fine (on a US keyboard).
you are quite right - even if we can't have the exact ctrl-tab key combination, at 
least the same functionality is available with a single keystroke.
until now i have been ctrl-tab / ctrl-shift-tabbing my way between 2 tabs. this is a 
mile of improvement!

Comment 71 by, Feb 1 2010

@puiu.hrenciuc: This sounds great, but it didn't work on 5.0.307.1 dev (Mac).
just one thing i have noticed with your extension. it doesn't seem to work once on an 
https page (such as gmail). you mentioned in your post that it should have https 
support. just thought i'd give you some feedback.
thanks again for the extension. it's definitely a step in the right direction.
Thanks @puiu.hrenciuc, version 0.1.3 of the extension (at
extensions/extensii-chrome/mru-tab-navigation-for-google-chrome/) works perfectly. 
Using Chrome beta (36714), with Windows 7, on UK keyboard layout.
@geiryt, it seems that Chrome is not generating same keyCode for same character on 
different keyboards/OSes. Usually the keyCode for ` is 192, but I found out that 
sometimes is 223 (thanks Tom). Maybe in Chrome for Mac is something else. I can make 
work, but I'll need some help from your side to do so. If you want to help, please 
me an email (see comment #67). Thanks.

@deanoemcke, it is working for https pages, but not for GMail, I guess it is using 
some key events itself and it doesn't play nicely. I'll see what I can do.

@deanoemcke, I found the cause of the GMail issue, it was actually happening to all 
pages that have iframe/frames, it is fixed in 0.1.4, please update your extension

Comment 76 by, Feb 2 2010

Thank you @puiu.hrenciuc. I was wandering if you plan to add the feature for a pop-up 
with the list of tabs. For the reference, Opera has the perfect implementation for 

Comment 77 by, Feb 3 2010

I'm not going to use Chrome until MRU is possible using CTRL+Tab. It's quite (read:
extremely) stupid that:
1. It's not the default behavior.
2. CTRL+Tab's effect cannot be changed using extensions.
lets keep starring the issue.. somebody someday will notice for sure.. MRU is the
natural way to browse.. atleast for me. Hear us.. hear us.. :)
To summarise some of the key points here:

* Ctrl+tab in sequential order does not make any sense. What use case exists for this 
activation order? Looking around with no target. What use case exists for MRU order? 
Comparing two pages, copying stuff from one page to another, quickly looking up 
something, etc... a lot more. Alt+Tab in MRU and Ctrl+Tab sequential is very 

* Every other browser supports this at least as an option, some even by default. Why 
cannot Chrome do so, too? It's not that we ask for this as a new default, we're only 
asking to be able to use it at all!

* An extension cannot be a solution as it would suddenly stop working on chrome: 
pages. The default new tab page is one of those. Browser hotkeys cannot be overridden 
anyway by extensions. People don't want to learn new hotkeys that can be the same 
everywhere else.

* Moving tabs around as they're activated is not a solution, it only confuses users 
about where that darn tab was just a moment ago... The more for those who say they 
use 20+ tabs at a time. They just won't find a thing anymore with this. I've tried.

* The only thing that needs to change is the method to determine which tab is to be 
activated upon pressing Ctrl+Tab. Right now, it's the current's tab successor or the 
first one. This should be changed in an internal stack that moves a tab to its top 
when it's activated my mouse click, newly opened, or when it's activated by Ctrl+Tab 
*and* the Ctrl key is released. This is the only challenging implementation thing I 
can imagine. Don't add lists, menus and all sorts of other stuff. It's merely about 
the activation order, no additional UI or anything.

* It's not quite a show stopper for me since the other advantages of Chrome 
overweigh. Firefox takes longer to start up with every version and day and Opera is 
even less customisable than Chrome. But as I continue to use Chrome, it does annoy me 
every time it doesn't work in a reasonable way. I consider this a real bug that 
should be fixed, not just an enhancement or "nice to have". As somebody noted above, 
the devs enjoy using it in their IDEs (like I do) but don't let us enjoy it in their 
browser. Kinda unfair, huh?

* Chromium is open source, true. But who wants to compile it on their own? Setting up 
a non trivial build environment, updating and rebuilding it as soon as a security 
issue has been found and fixed? A browser is indeed a critical application that must 
come with reliable support. This is something we're all very thankful for, but we 
cannot handle it ourselves, so an individual hack is not a good solution. Not 
everything that can be done is recommended to be done. Sadly, "open source" is often 
misused as a killer argument for things like these.

BTW, activating the last-activated tab when one closes also belongs to this. 
Reproduce: Open a new tab to google something, then close that tab again. Where are 
you now? Not where you were before. Another productivity stopper.

I'm now waiting for the official reason for the "won't fix" status by whoever did 
that. Sorry for the long post.
I had to use mouse to open a previous visied tab. I with I could write a plugin 
implementing requested control-tab behaviour. Most applications in the windows world do 
implement it.

Comment 81 by, Feb 14 2010

Another vote here. MRU tabs is by far the feature I most miss from FF, and the one 
making me consider to swtich back. I have realized that Chrome speedier page loading 
becomes useless because of this, as I end up wasting more time flipping through a bunch 
of tabs only to get to the previous one. If not the default behavior (which IMO it 
should be), it should at least be in the Options. Being unable to implement this 
properly even with an extension is ridiculous. Come on Google wake up!

Comment 82 by, Feb 17 2010

@everyone - turns out there is an official explanation. Look at this page -
@everyone and @google especially - regarding #82 by phistuck

...oh for God's sake, there is an explanation for EVERYTHING in this world - start 
the career in politics (google folks, that is), if you care about explanations more 
than about users demands! You are getting tremendous feedback from the community, 
asking for trivial change to implement, and you just simply flush it all down the 
toilet. Extraordinary PR, indeed, I cannot get my head around this! 

Let me summariuze in plain words:

We do not need the explanations WHY it doesn't work as demanded, nor we are 
interested in your explanations, why we should demand something YOU think we should. 
What we asking for, for more than a year now, is a bloody OPTION, to "ENABLE MRU TAB 

gosh, I can't believe it, really! "The power of Open Source", right - at it's best.

Comment 84 by, Feb 17 2010

About that explanation: At best it's a joke, at worst it's ignorance. But
realistically, I think it's a case of utter arrogance. They are basically telling us
that for decades we've been using alt+tab in a meaningless way. And that every other
tabbed editor, browser, whatever that provides the correct ctrl+tab behavior have no
idea what they are doing. Thank god there is chrome to teach us the meaning of life,
universe and everything.

Comment 85 by, Feb 17 2010

I agree with the replies to the official reply, if you can't find the ultimate
solution to MRU, just give us the best you have, it is far better than nothing.

Is replying this this 'WontFix' thread even getting noticed by anyone of importance?

Comment 86 by, Feb 17 2010

I have to add my voice in regards to the "official explanation". A developer myself, 
I know there is often no "best solution" to a problem, but as the other comments have 
added, if there is a need, you need to have a solution, not an excuse. Necessity is 
the mother of invention, and if Chrome wants to seriously take hold on the browser 
market, then MRU is a necessity.

This "official explanation" is just an excuse. As the other comments have stated, 
make it an extension - it doesn't have to be standard! And who cares if it "makes 
sense beyond the first three most recent tabs"? How often do you go back more than 
the most recently used tab? How does the CTRL-tab extension for Firefox do it 
(because they apparently figured it out, so why can't Google)?

Comment 87 by, Feb 19 2010

I just can't understand why, oh why, most brilliant minds that work for Google are 
unable to find a solution to a problem that has been already solved so long time ago in 
operation systems. Not to mention thousands of multi-document interfaces. Hey, some of 
those solutions are even open source...
No doubt they want a solution that creates an elegant, intuitive, and consistent 
experience for everyone.  Cycling through tabs in the order they appear up top is 
indeed intuitive for non-power-users.  However, MRU order is intuitive for power-
users (who likely make up a large segment of the install-base for Chrome).

Google can easily make both groups happy, and here's how:
- Use Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn for cycling through tabs in their visible order.  This 
functionality already exists.
- Use Ctrl+Tab for cycling through tabs in MRU order.
I found a nice Chrome extension that maps others keys for cycling through your most 
recent tabs

Comment 90 by Deleted ...@, Feb 22 2010

"we've so far been unable to find an MRU switcher that makes sense beyond the first 
three most recent tabs"

What's that supposed to mean ? So the application switcher in their OS doesn't make 
sense when they have opened more than 3 applications ?

That explanation is plain stupid. I've created at least one MRU window switcher that 
works on Ctrl+(Shift+)Tab. It works just like anything else in other apps. It doesn't 
stumble upon windows opened or closed in the background. And it took me less than a 
month or how long this is already going on... They can create a browser (which I didn't 
fully manage yet) but they say they cannot do this? I say this is only a lame excuse 
for they don't want to do it, whatever the reason. But it's like that with great 
companies: they've got the power to decide.
Hi. This is the first time I write a comment like this. Maybe I can work without MRU 
tabs. But why should I? I use MRU for apps, for tabs in Firefox, and even for virtual 
desktops. It is well tried, it works, and it is FAST! I wanted to try Chrome because it is 
faster than Firefox. But the Chrome´s Ctrl-Tab behavior brings down my speed so 
much, that a switch to Chrome is not an option for me! I do other things than reading 
news - and those things very often imply comparing info in to different tabs, which 
does not work well at all in Chrome. So bye bye Chrome for now...
One more thing, since Alt-Tab is so well established in its MRU functioning, I think 
it makes a lot of sense to allow a set-up where several thumb + fourth finger 
combinations on the left hand side of the keyboard funcion in the MRU way. I have 
MRU functioning for Ctrl-Tab in Firefox. I would have loved MRU for Cmd-'  which 
on my mac toggles between windows of one application. And I would love MRU for 
virtual desktops. I have now the possibility to assign a keyboard shortcut to move to 
the last used virtual desktop, and I use it ALL THE TIME. In many situations, MRU  is 
simply the fastest solution. 

Still, I can see the use for the tabs being organized by depth from left to right, 
especially after having opened a lot of tabs in the background for reading one after 
the other. And of course cycling from left to right should be possible. On my mac 
this can be done by Cmd-Alt-Right arrow. This seems logical. So why not reserve (or 
at least make possible) MRU for Ctrl-Tab, as it is closely related to Alt-Tab (Cmd-
Tab on mac) in the way the fingers are used. 

And I also cannot understand the google explanation for not implementing (or 
making possible) Ctrl-Tab. It is true that MRU functioning is mostly used for the 3 
most recently tabs. That is exactly why it is ABLOLUTELY NECESSARY. I use the 3 
most recently used tabs A LOT. One keyboard combination does not need to 
accomplish everything. Even if I use MRU Ctrl Tab in Firefox, I still sometimes cycle 
my tabs using Cmd-Alt-Right arrow. 

I cannot see the problem. It seems like the chrome tabs are excellent for opening a 
lot of tabs in the background for reading one after the other. Great! I have capacity 
for a lot of functionality. So let me have it!

Google normally bases its decisions on hard data.  Did anyone at Google perform 
usability tests comparing MRU to the current behavior?  The justification given on sounded very subjective.


Comment 95 by, Mar 2 2010

Dealbreaker. I rarely use Chrome because of the tab functionality (or lack there-of). 
Opera is a great browser. Tabs are EXCELLENT! VERY handy speed dial & session 
manager. Also has a bit torrent client and mail client if you need those. All these 
things are built-in and work seamlessly. But AFAIK Google Toolbar/bookmarks doesn't 
work well... But there are other ways to keeps book marks online -- I used RIL, Read-
it-later, before and found it helpful and could be used on the browsers that I was 
using; but I haven't used it lately. Opera also has Opera Sync... 
UNBELIEVABLE that this hasn't been resolved for Chrome. 
I now have around 40 tabs open; I forgot at what point the text/icon disappeared, but 
now they all look the same, and I can't see what they are without either clicking on 
the tab, or moving the mouse over the tabs for 1 second. Makes it very difficult to 
Thanks everyone for your efforts; I'll try some of the suggestions above. 
NOTE: Make sure to vote at the bottom of this page! 

Comment 96 by, Mar 5 2010

Unbelievable. This is a total deal breaker for me, too. Opera is my main choice atm. 
because it supports this functionality out-of-the-box. FireFox drove me nuts until I 
found the plugin to fix the behavior. And Google can't do it as it's "not perfect"? 
"Not perfect" is still way better than "completely unusable" as Chrome is now!!! 

Comment 97 by, Mar 8 2010

I don't really understand the "beyond the first three most recent tabs" all I want to 
do is quickly flick between one tab and another.
Another surprising disappointment from Google. It's not enough to make me want to stop 
using Chrome but if Firefox starts behaving itself or God forbid IE then I'll be saying 
bye bye.

Comment 98 by, Mar 20 2010

Oh no.. I've opened 4 applications so now the application switcher (cmd+tab) doesn't 
make any sense anymore..
As I've just commented on the Android Market forum (1+ year without support for paid 
apps in more countries (working hard to expand my a..)), I've started to loose faith in 
Google. They simply don't listen to users/developers and to me they seem pretty 
Apple has bad customer support ? Pfft, Google's is practically non existent.
The main advantage of MRU is for switching back and forth between two tabs, so it 
does not matter how badly it works beyond that. If you are going several tabs back it 
is easier to use the mouse than any keyboard shortcut, MRU or not. I have been using 
Chrome for so long now that it untrained me from using Control-tab in browsers since 
Control-tab is basically useless in Chrome. Whether or not MRU is the best way to 
utilize Control-tab is not really the issue. MRU is definitely way better than the 
current behavior of Control-tab which is totally worthless and inferior to just using 
the mouse. As for the extensions that use other keyboard shortcuts for MRU, I just 
can't find any other combination that I like that is not already used for something 
else. They require me to look down at the keyboard and move my hand in uncomfortable 
ways. Even if MRU is too unintuitive for non-power users to be the default behavior, 
at least give us a setting for it.

Comment 100 by, Mar 21 2010

While I would rather MRU also, one thing that I've found relatively workable when you 
want to toggle back and forth between 2 quickly: just drag them next to each other and 
then use Ctrl-PgUp/PgDn.
Yes of course. Everybody should now forget all the long used habits and work out a
new one, just because Chrome developers don't give a shit about users' needs.
Was trying out chrome and planning to switch...
... but without MRU Ctrl-Tab, I don't think I can use it.

Too many years of every other multi-tab app acting that way to suddenly not have it.

Comment 103 by, Mar 30 2010

Opera has it by default, firefox has a plugin, IE - Who cares, Chrome needs it please.

I just began to like chrome until I saw that even a plugin could not provide MRU for 
Ctrl+Tab. OK, then back to firefox...

Comment 105 by, Apr 10 2010

Please add this feature.

This is also nice extension:

But these limitations I found for me:
- extension is active after the whole page is loaded, so when loading e.g.
- and also no possibility to override standard ctrl-tab keys (so author used ctrl-`)

Now I am using

Does not have the first limitation - does not need the page to be loaded

I think when the first mentioned extension will solve the two limitations, I will be 
happy userr
Hey, folks, we know the facts by now. We also know the opinions. The main problem now 
is that the developers don't care. We should start to change _that_.

Comment 107 by Deleted ...@, Apr 17 2010

Thanx god I found this page :)
Tnx for extensions !!

Comment 108 by, Apr 18 2010

I agree with a lot of the comments above. I've used Chrome for a while now but not 
having MRU for Ctrl + TAB is _VERY_ annoying. And it is unbelievable that this 
functionality has not been implemented. I reckon it should not even be an extension. 
It should be a setting in Chrome to enable this feature, so it works on ALL tabs 
(also extension tabs).

I seriously thought that this would be fixed. It's just too lame that this still is a 
non existing functionality in Chrome. However, since the developers doesn't seem to 
care to listen to a lot of their users I am now switching back to Firefox.
Seriously?  Wontfix with no comment?  

How many users that prefer keyboard shortcuts are not using your product because of this?
Hi everyone,

I just want to inform you that the version 0.1.5 of the "MRU Tab navigation" was just 
released. Now you can change the keyboard shortcut via extension's options page to 
whatever you want.

You can download it from here:
You surely can't change it to Ctrl+Tab since this hotkey is blocked for extensions by 
Chrome. I've tried it.
Chromium is cool, but I won't switch to it from Opera until MRU tab switch is 
If you would like this to be implemented, please just star the issue, since that is
what Google uses to determine interest/demand.

Most comments on this issue do not add anything to the discussion and only serve to
clog everyone's inbox with junk.  To avoid getting these junk messages, people often
un-star the issue, which makes it seem like there is less interest than there really is.

I realize I may only be adding to the noise, but I do hope this reduces it.  I'm sick
of getting worthless emails about this issue every week.  And yes, I have starred this:
in a fury of annoyance i did another hunt for MRU ctrl+tab, and what do i find? blog 
entries describing how the chrome tab management is superior, a bunch of broken 
plugins, and this wontfix.


Comment 116 by, Jun 16 2010

Cycling is superior, okay... Thats by people that only use 2-3 tabs at once, for developers its a nightmare. Chrome is incredible fast so its nice to use from time to time, but I really can't use it for development as I can have 10-20 tabs open at once.
"WontFix" is just arrogant, but thats Google for you. Try to get any answers over at the Android forums.. not a single answer. Worst customer service I've ever experienced.
Why it's still not fixed if so lot people want to see it?

Comment 118 by Deleted ...@, Jun 17 2010

I tried Chrome when it was first released and then uninstalled it, but I had since forgotten why. I just installed the latest version, opened a few tabs, and quickly realized why I didn't stick with it the first time and why I will be uninstalling it again. Quite a shame because it looks like this would be a nice browser if it were usable.

By the way, for those who have so much spare time that they can cycle through 15-20 tabs to get to the one they want, Ctrl-PageDown and Ctrl-PageUp already enable that. The current Ctrl-Tab behavior is both redundant and useless. This is also my gripe with Firefox, but at least there's LastTab.

As to whether the MRU behavior makes sense beyond the first three tabs: Who cares? I think the majority of users are most concerned about moving quickly between the 2-3 most recently used tabs.

I don't really want ctrl-tab to use last tab. But I would like ctrl-tab to show tab previews a la opera 

Comment 120 by Deleted ...@, Jun 22 2010

I'm using Chrome in Linux only because of support antialiasing pictures, but ctrl-tab behaviour is frustrating. It should be configurable, if developers want to keep default acting.
LastTab works fine on Firefox with default ctrl+tab mapping.

Comment 121 by Deleted ...@, Jul 8 2010

I'd like to show my support to CTRL+TAB MRU development!
Suck it Google Opera is fast AND has native MRU support. Way to take to the fascist Apple route in designing your client software.

Comment 123 by, Aug 14 2010

Incredibly frustrating indeed. I'd actually love to install Chrome as default browser on all of our company's computers, but this is a deal breaker for anyone attempting to seriously work (not just read) in a browser. 
+1 for at least an explanation, Ben!
Why the hell they marked this as won't fix?

Maybe it is TOO difficult task for them to develop. LOL

Comment 125 by, Aug 27 2010

I added a star to this issue, and I notice that it's not even showing up on the list of issues (I think because the status is WontFix).  So there's no way for other people to find this issue and vote for it.

Like other people who have commented here, I don't understand the explanation given on the UI/Tabs page ("While there is great demand for an MRU-ordered switcher, we've so far been unable to find an MRU switcher that makes sense beyond the first three most recent tabs").  Of course it doesn't make sense when you've got lots of tabs open, but what I care about when I'm switching tabs is only the last two or three.  For the rest of the tabs I point and click anyway.

Someone suggested to drag two tabs next to each other to facilitate switching between them.  Out of desperation I've tried that... I honestly have.  And then I found myself still frustrated when I was switching back and forth between tabs, looking up at the tabs to figure out whether I had to press the left arrow or right arrow.  

This conversation seems kind of unnecessary to me.  Just add an option in the "under the hood" section (which to me implies that it's not a standard tweak that most people would want).  Right now there is no way to get under the hood in this case.  The hood is welded shut by some user experience nazis (I can only presume, since no explanation is given)!

This issue is also a deal-breaker for me, I'm afraid.  I'd love to see the behavior of the LastTab extension for FireFox ( implemented in Chrome; it provides a very intuitive way to switch between many open tabs in MRU order using Ctrl+Tab.
Since other browser support both tab switching paradigms by just distinguishing whether <ctrl> was released between <tab>s or not, it's hard to understand why Chromium restricts itself to just one way.

Actually this is the only reason why Chrome hadn't become my default browser. I switched from Opera to Chrome because I have some performance issues with Opera since 10.xx and I wanted to like Chrome for its purism. Shortlsy after that I left Chrome for FF because FF supports MRU tab switching (v3.6.8; about:config -> browser.ctrlTab.previews:True).

I like the philosophy behind Chrome and this is the only thing Chrome does not provide:
Ctrl-Tab, Ctrl-Tab = MRU order
Ctrl-Tab-Tab = Tab-Sequence order

That was so strange for me, that I always thought that I was just to dumb to find the correct configuration setting within Chrome - since I found this issue thread.

I reckon it wouldn't cost a chromium dev more than a few hours to implement this, and, what the hell, let's give the quality team a few days for testing this. You lose: nothing. You gain: a lot of new users.

Sorry, but since this is such a trivial issue you refused to consider for a long time now, and you cannot even explain your reasoning in a comprehensible way... well, let's just say I'm a little bit disappointed from a team which otoh created a really great software product!

You say: deliver a patch and we might consider it. I say: There is other free software which gets the job done - maybe not that elegant or pure, but better suited for my use cases.

Comment 128 by, Sep 2 2010

This is also my biggest reason why Chrome isn't my default browser. Why anyone hasn't made a Chromium build with MRU? I would if I knew how.

Comment 129 Deleted

Please pretty please add this.
This _is_ a bug if it is not possible to provide the functionality via an extension!(eg

Comment 132 by Deleted ...@, Sep 24 2010

Same as above. The ONLY reason I'm not using Chrome is because it doesn't have MRU order. Please add it; I really want to replace my browser with chrome. PLEASE.


Comment 133 Deleted

Comment 134 by Deleted ...@, Oct 5 2010

This needs to be added, as it's ridiculous not to add MRU by default.
Pretty please, with suger on top, add MRU at least as an option.
Do not delay, I need MRU, just implement it. That is the browser's standards behavior. I can not image how arrogance that a browser does not provide MRU.
I really like the minimalist style of chrome. But I'm hooked on Operas tab handling. Close but no cigar, chrome...
Is there any good reason why there's no option for switching tabs in most recently used order? I am checking Chrome on a weekly basis for this simple feature (that is default in many other browsers), otherwise I use FF4. Current tab switching makes no sense with more than 3 tabs open.
Please make an option to enable Chrome to switch the most recently used tabs with Ctrl-Tab.
Thanks a lot!!

Comment 139 by, Oct 15 2010

The ONLY reason I'm not using Chrome is because it doesn't have MRU order.

Comment 140 by Deleted ...@, Oct 17 2010

it's a pity that there is no MRU option available
I would apreciate it!!!
Amazing, this is the only feature I will not use Chrome as default browsers.
Guys, you are so funny. You are loosing so many customers because of ignoring such little programming task.

And you know, I guess if it will not be implemented as build-in feature during next year, I'm sure I will be enough of it. It feels like totally zero respect to customers, srsly.

Comment 142 by Deleted ...@, Oct 21 2010

C'mon, you can do this...

It is part of standard multi-view application patterns and would improve ux greatly (logic)

I'm sure all the would be Chrome users that rely on keyboard shortcuts will gladly buy you a beer (bribery)

Plus if we don't get it I'll stop using chrome and ask everyone I know to do so as well (passive aggressive extortion)

C'mon ben...


And for the people who can't wait: try one of the above mentioned extensions (like "Recent Tabs" @ that will allow you to map Ctrl+` to MRU switching and then use a simple AutoHotKey ( script to map Ctrl+Tab to Ctrl+` just for the Chrome app:

; Remap Ctrl+Tab to Ctrl+` only for Chrome:
#IfWinActive, ahk_class Chrome_WidgetWin_0

imho chrome is totally unusable without this feature
Not adding this feature is complete and utter arrogance / stupidity, along with not being able to use tab to select from address suggestions.

Even if Chrome don't agree with this, it should at least be able to be fixed through extensions.

Comment 146 by, Nov 9 2010

Fix this "bug". Thanks.

Comment 147 by Deleted ...@, Nov 9 2010

Sorry, but I am not going to use chrome without native behavior of CTRL+TAB :-(
This is a serious usability issue preventing me from evident benefits of using Chrome!

Comment 149 by, Nov 11 2010

Most modern browsers AND OSes uses MRU window switching including Google's own Android (holding down the home key brings up most recent apps).

If Chrome is supposed to be mimic an OS with apps in the cloud, then it needs to be more convenient like a real OS. Get off your high horse Chrome developers and stop trying to reinvent the wheel.
As a Mac user, I believe the related Command-~ behavior is very broken (I just reported  issue 63076 ).  However, the behavior in this issue describing the replacement of MRU window keystroke with MRU tab behavior is very disturbing to me.  It breaks the OS convention, and will confuse users.  Please do not implement this by default.

I understand why some users would want this.  I believe there is aplace for in extensions, or default-off behavior with preferences.  Some such extensions have already been discussed above.  Even the original reporter had to reference an extension to demonstrate one other browser that behaved this way.

I strongly vote no on this issue.  (and by the age it, thankfully the devs do also, but please fix the existing functionality)

Comment 151 by, Nov 30 2010

@Andrew.n.marshall: maybe I misunderstood you, but do you find MRU to be a broken behavior ? counter to the OS conventions ? In that case, do you also find the application switcher (cmd+tab) to be "counter to the OS conventions" ? The alt/cmd+tab behavior is the only sane way to switch between windows & tabs. That means ctrl+tab should open a window/list of all open windows/tabs listed in MRU.
I really can't understand why some people favor cycling over MRU. If you have 5-6 apps open on your computer, would it be sane if alt/cmd+tab cycled through them ?
Just adding my voice to others. I have tried Chrome and really like it except for the tab switching order. To have OS windows cycle in one order and then have tabs within a window cycle in another order is very confusing. The existing behaviour takes too long to switch back and forth between tabs that I'm working with.

I even tried to create an extension to add MRU tab switching behaviour, but the extension API is too limited to fully implement this feature properly. Please either open up the extension API to allow a working extension or just add this option as a base feature.

Thank you.

Comment 153 by Deleted ...@, Dec 23 2010

I am working for now 3 month with Chrome and I am switching back to firefox because of the ctrl-tab behavior. As many others, I don't understand. I would love to have an explanation!
Is it so hard to at least make this behavior optional? I also think changing to most-recently-used tab makes way more sense.

Comment 155 by, Dec 26 2010

Opera 11 looks razor sharp. Just as fast as Chrome and a lot more adjustable and it got MRU (like it always has had). Forget Chrome, the developers aren't listening anyway.

Comment 156 by Deleted ...@, Jan 6 2011

Fix it !

Comment 157 by, Jan 13 2011

Fix it, please! Make a checkbox for on/off this feature in settings.

Comment 158 by Deleted ...@, Jan 16 2011

Fix it please, or allow this behaviour. Well, if you care about users.
Fix it please. I am planning to spend half of my time on Opera and half on Chrome, but the absence of MRU tab behaviour is really frustrating!
Please can we have an option to keep everyone happy:

enable MRU [x]

(can default to off)

That way the productive people who use this behaviour to make their browser experience better will be happy, and the others that don't even know what MRU is (guess they don't event use Ctrl-TAB) will be happy too, as they will be none the wiser)

Can't be that hard, it used to be the default behaviour in software! Would do it myself if I had the relevant skills and know my code would be used!
Adding my vote for this feature.  Just discovered some of my fave FF extensions available in the chrome store...but the lack of control+tab MRU tab order sadly keeps me from going to Chrome as my primary browser.  Shame - it's so much faster...

Comment 162 by, Jan 25 2011

Please allow this selection. This is one of the primary reasons I do not use chrome as my default browser (yes I'm that picky)

Comment 163 by Deleted ...@, Jan 26 2011

Another vote for MRU ctrl-tab. Can't do without it really. I now have Chrome open with one or two tabs, and FireFox with the other 15 tabs.... I'd like to have to option to work mostly in Chrome, but without MRU ctrl-tab it's just not as productive as in Firefox.
I need this feature too! It's a usability-standard one cannot ignore! I can understand googles position in protecting its default-shortcuts. But I cannot understand googles ignorance when it comes to realizing and accepting MRU as usability standard in many many apps. It'd make many many developers happy (all devs know to be precisely!)
Default Ctrl+Tab behaviour in Chrome is really bad. Need MRU as an option.

Comment 166 by, Feb 1 2011

+1 vote for this feature. It's preventing me from migration to Chrome from Firefox.
Yes, please please please implement a CTRL-TAB MRU option -- just an option.  Keep your default behavior the same because it is "superior", but for the rest of us "inferior" folk, please make it an option that we can enable.
I voted for this feature too! 

Comment 169 by, Feb 4 2011

I really don't understand the pushback on this from Google.  That's enough to change my opinion of them entirely.  We all like Google bc they do what's right for the USER even if it involves them bucking the trends (see GV app for iphone).  But this is really bad.
Pretty please, this is what's keeping me on firefox!
Please add this functionality... it is the one thing keeping me from switching to Chrome full time!

Comment 172 by, Feb 10 2011

I feel the same as a lot of the (potential) users here: lack of MRU means I can't switch to Chrome.

Comment 173 by, Feb 11 2011


Comment 174 by, Feb 14 2011

I still miss this feature almost every day.  When working with a lot of tabs, and needing to switch back and forth between them, this is an essential feature for me.

I am amazed that this simple feature still hasn't been implemented, I am willing to move to chrome as my main browser but I can't without this feature.
The good thing is that it's open-source, I've checked out & built the code, now I have to find some free time to investigate.

Comment 176 by Deleted ...@, Feb 14 2011

bump... won't use without MRU.

I'm trying the autohotkey solution suggested for now.  If that's not a PITA I'll consider it.

Pretty easy feature request to fulfill.  Seem silly to make this many people angry and not do anything about it.

Comment 177 by, Feb 17 2011

I'm also missing this behavior a _lot_.
I have had some time to look at the code today, the code is well designed and abstracted which is pretty nice :)
I have made some simple changes to have ctrl-tab go the last selected tab. But the best would probably be to allow extensions to define their own tab order scheme, it would also allow them to display a tab switching window like opera (& firefox's lasttab extension). The problem is that this kind of extension would need to be enabled all the time.

I will probably setup an ubuntu ppa with a chromium build that include these changes.

Comment 179 by Deleted ...@, Feb 24 2011

yeah, this is a must have behaviour
the extensions are useless, because no extension uses Ctrl+Tab as shortcut or it changes the order of my tabs. it should be a core feature... 
Need this functionality! Or at least as an option that you can set. This is ridiculous.

Comment 182 Deleted

Tab Stack is a clever solution that doesn't require Autohotkey. It moves the active tab to the left so you get MRU functionality with the existing Ctrl-Tab in Chrome:

That's good enough to make me try Chrome as my default browser.
The broader issue and solution is that hardwiring hotkeys to actions is a really bad idea.  They should be decoupled, preferably using some easy to comprehend mechanism like a text-mode file that maps keychord sequences to Chrome API calls.  Window/desktop managers and many apps under *nix used to do this correctly, mapping with xmodmap and respecting global behavior preferences in gconf etc.  This is no longer always true, unfortunately; for several major apps (e.g. Open Office) a new generation of programmers has grabbed the steering wheel and will have to crash into threads like this one for a decade or so before they get it.

With the above approach the UI designer, presumably or someone he knows, can set up a default behavior that works the way he/she knows to be the best approach AND the power user can customize.  Clearly the Chrome UI designer has a firm conviction and a passionate belief that they are RIGHT and that eventually everyone will come to understand why.  But that's merely ego clouding reality.  Different users are genuinely different, and often have very good reasons for their UI preferences.  (Will the designer's unchangeable-because-it's-perfect hotkey binding work well for my paraplegic neighbor?)  No matter how well intentioned or brilliant the design aesthetic of an individual designer, an attempt to force their UI preferences down users' throats will be unsuccessful if users have the option of voting with their feet or unfortunate in the rare case where users are (temporarily) captive audiences.

Chrome is a very nice piece of work.  But with all the competition there is in Browserland these days it should take advantage of every good idea it can find.  Even simple, old-fashioned good ideas.  Hey, juice it up a little if you want to innovate ... express the keychord mapping file in XML or a full-fledged domain specific language.  But, please, give the people who actually care enough about their tools to customize them a sane way to do so with Chrome.
How about to just forgetting Chrome, and switching to Opera. Maybe when Google sees the user % declining they'll start to f-ing listen!!!!

Comment 186 by Deleted ...@, Mar 11 2011

+1, this is stopping me from switching from firefox to chrome
Another potential Chrome user here who is voting for Ctrl-TAB MRU ability. I'm shocked there isn't an option for this. 

Comment 188 by, Mar 14 2011

WHY is this closed and set to "Wont Fix"? MRU tabbing is essential!!!
The mantra for Chrome is "no options, it just works right" right? If you really believe that, you need to re-visit this ticket. Currently, this just works wrong.
- The standard for tabbing through applications on every major operating system is NOT round robin, the standard is MRU.
- Round robin tabbing becomes a pain in the butt at just 3-4 tabs. It is completely useless at 10.
- People who actually use Alt+Tab/Ctrl+Tab/System+Tab/etc. are used to MRU order. They don't even think about it anymore. The keystroke is just an instinctive part of how they get back to where they were. (And, although I can't speak for anyone else on this, when I get a round robin order instead, my blood boils.)
- This is one of the most popular "WontFix" tickets of all time, and for good reason. This is not a cosmetic issue, it hits at the heart of what the users expect to happen when they are navigating their computer.

If 270 is not enough people to get your attention, how many do we need? Would we get your attention with 500? 1000? 2000? Or have you just decided that "big brother knows best" and all us stupid users should just shut up?
I totally agree with John at comment #189, boiling blood included.

If you really do not want this to be a setting in Chrome that's fine, but at least allow this functionality to be *properly* implemented via extensions (as of today, all extensions that try to work around this issue have major drawbacks due to Chrome API limitations).

I totally agree with 189. I used Chrome a lot a while ago but eventually I couldn't ignore the pain of "round robin" and went back to FF. Now I feel that FF cloggs up with too many tabs and Opera is not compatible with a few important services that I use so I have tried chrome again which is good for so many things, but now I'm again to annoyed with the missing MRU function. Productivity is just too low if you are used to have, and work with, many tabs open.

I guess you have to understand that if a missing functionality is really causing the kind of comments like in this thread you should really do something about it...

Comment 192 Deleted

+1 for both 184 and 189.  Those spell out the much bigger design issue here that is keeping me on FF instead of switching to Chrome.

With FF4 out yesterday and showing performance on par or better than Chrome, this is becoming a non-issue because Chrome is no longer the best-performing browser anyway.

Comment 194 by, Mar 24 2011

@193: Exactly. Nice to be back in sane land again. FF4 is blazingly fast, much better support for extensions (the Chrome way with JS just sucks) and MRU ! Like everything else Google does, it started great, but then just stagnated. According to a chart I saw yesterday (sorry, can't remember where. I'll see if I can dig it up again) Chrome actually is moving to the other end of the scale and are becoming one of the slower browsers and also one of the fattest (MB). Incredible if you take into consideration that it also has a lot less features than everyone else.
This is why I will never have any Android phone. I don't thrust this company to have the user in focus.
Dear Chrome Team: Accepting the risk of sounding like a broken record, I too cannot make the jump to Chrome primarily because of this issue. I prefer Chrome to Firefox in just about every other way, yet I find myself still using FF. I do not profess to know if you should or should not add "Ctrl-Tab" options to Chrome; I only know that I keep using Firefox. Good luck.
Why won't fix???? Who decided this?? Why don't you give the possibility to users to select what THEY like, but not what developers/tech leads like? If you think, that current ctrl+tab behavior is better, than LRU - give us the chance to select necessary behavior in browser settings. Or release some extension, which would provide it..
Three members of the Google Chrome team are answering questions on Reddit from 10AM to 4PM (ish) today, Pacific time.

Give points to the Ctrl-Tab MRU related questions and maybe they'll get addressed!

Comment 199 by, Mar 31 2011

It is ridiculous not fixing this.
#184 + #189 summed it up perfectly.

No matter what other features Chrome might have or how fast it is at loading and rendering, I will never switch to Chrome until a MRU behavior is implemented; I know that because I already tried switching but gave it up very soon in pure frustration.
I've been switching back to Firefox 4. It is faster than 3.x and has decent support for switching tabs in MRU order. And it can render text with shadows correctly. And it has SmartSearch in the real context menu. And it can re-open closed tabs with full history. Chrome is too primitive for everyday use. (Unstarring this issue to not being sent hopeless e-mails anymore.)
Ctrl-TAB MRU ability is very much needed.
Should be implemented in a good manner,at least as has been done in FF4.


Comment 203 by Deleted ...@, Apr 18 2011

Please fix this. It's not intuitive the way it is now, I should be able to CTRL + T and CTRL + TAB back! This small change would save me from having to grab the mouse as much as I do because pgup/pgdn is almost as far from my natural range as the mouse is.
At least allow somehow to customize this.
PLEASE, fix this. I'm OK without "show tab title/thumbnail previews", but MRU tab switchin' IS A MUST: Firefox 4 has it, IntelliJ IDEA has it, Eclipe has it, NetBeans has it, Windows has it, GNOME has it, KDE has it, ... Damn! Almost every other multi-window / multi-tab environment I can think of. WHY should I change my habits to get used to Chrome? Maybe, this bug is here just for amuzement of the Chromium team? Come on, have a good laugh! It's VERY tempting to switch back to Firefox 4. 

Comment 205 by Deleted ...@, Apr 24 2011

This bug was reported nearly two and a half years ago and has a long list of complaints (namely that all other browsers have it).
Apparently this forum has no value...
Please implement MRU tab switching using the Ctrl-Tab key combo. It is the only thing holding my back from using Chrome as my primary browser. Thanks.

Comment 207 by, May 7 2011

The current use of Ctrl+Tab is completely useless. Please make MRU tab switching!

Comment 208 by, May 11 2011

Fix it already!

Comment 209 by Deleted ...@, May 17 2011

From the reddit discussion "In any case, bug comments and votes are a pretty non-representative sample of user wishes. The set of people who find the bug tracker and comment on things is a very small set. Consider that, with over 120M users, having a few hundred comments on a bug is not a big deal in the grand scheme of things." Come on guys you know that the ones that post bugs are the ones that really care, you should be glad that anyone cares at all, and i am pretty sure your browser is great thanks to these "few hundred" users

No matter what way you think. This basic feature should be implemented. Maybe, you devs thinking you are educating your users. But you are wrong. You are just messing up.


Comment 211 by, May 22 2011

MRU is significant feature for daily use, especially when many tabs are open !!! Please implement it!
I`m fan of Chrome and of Google in gerenal but today I tried to use Opera and what do u think? There`s wright to understand behaviour of Ctrl+Tab - it moves to last visited tab and shows the list with thumbnail and it`s not some kind of extension, it`s built-in. When start searching more I found that Opera have built-in bookmark sinchronization too. I think all understand what it means and unfortunately I have thought to stop using Chrome... Devs do anything about it, pleaseeeeee... I like using Google services, but such little things are very important for me and for other people for whom PC is friend not piece of hardware.
"WontFix" for this issue made me very upset, which also gives me an impression "Google does not give user experience high priority".

I have to admit Chrome is fast. And because of this, I always open many tabs. But I found switching between tabs is very inconvenient in chrome. 
Chrome's tab-browsing has very poor user experience. This is a very important feature chrome needs have. Opera, Firefox have very graceful implementations.

Comment 214 by Deleted ...@, Jun 7 2011

Still not using chrome as my default browser, because of the missing ctrl-tab functionality..

Comment 215 Deleted

Agreed, I love Chrome otherwise, but can't switch without MRU tab switching behavior.
It was the first things I noticed when starting to use chrome and is still the most annoying thing I notice when using chrome.  It seems the develop team hates configuration options so much they go to extremes just to have less configuration options. Same as location of disk cache in the SSD age. 

Lack of MRU CTRL+tab support is a deal breaker!

Comment 218 by, Jun 20 2011

Owner: ----

Comment 219 by Deleted ...@, Jul 3 2011

"we've so far been unable to find an MRU switcher that makes sense beyond the first three most recent tabs, or one that works well with background-created tabs."

Then your UX guys are INCOMPETENT. And the people responsible for them, even more.
And I hope chrome DIES, because the devs don't listen to the users.
Why is there constantly such resistance to hugely popular requests that make perfect sense?

This should be the default behavior, but if that's too unbearable for the team, then at least give us an option.

Comment 221 by, Jul 7 2011

It's almost three years since this bug is open and still not fixed? MRU is deal braker for me too. I can't even imagine how people can use browser with more than 3 tabs without it. Fix this or don't repeal Opera from your sites!

Comment 222 Deleted

Comment 223 by Deleted ...@, Jul 10 2011

The original bug poster is wrong, Opera has it as default since... I don't know, forever? :)
>This behaviour isn't default in any other browser, but there is a Firefox 
>extension which activates it

Status is conclusive, tried to like Chrome, but switching back to Opera. Maybe it was bad filled? It does not look like a bug, but a feature. I praise the people at google marketing for releasing and making a browser popular without even the most basic features in other browsers!
>Status: 	WontFix
>Closed: 	 Jun 2009
This is getting a little ridiculous. Not even considering to enable so many people with such strong feelings about this to work around the problem? I'm really curious for the feedback mechanisms and numbers the Chrome devvers use to ratify their choice.

I just hopped over from FF4, because their dev team has neglected memory leaks for the last 2 years and I got really fed up. All considered well, that's about the same way as the Chrome devvers seem to handle this issue. As a matter of fact, this page might even have more reactions than those that mention FF's memory leaks - though don't take my word for it ;)

Sigh... maybe I should just try Opera?

Comment 225 by Deleted ...@, Aug 8 2011

> Sigh... maybe I should just try Opera?

Every browser will try another approach. Why don't you simply accept this fact?

Comment 226 by Deleted ...@, Aug 12 2011

It is realy shame!
This seems to be the same, and still not WontFix: Maybe there is hope.
Please add Ctrl-Tab MRU tab switching as an option at least. Even if to enable it I need to install three separate extensions, enter the Konami Code backwards, then sing a sweet little ditty. Surely that would ensure that users who DON'T want this feature don't somehow accidentally enable it. Heaven forbid.. Imagine accidentally enabling a tab switching routine that was actually useful..  

Seriously even glue eating IE has had this as an option since version 8. possibly before.


I really like Chrome but I only ever use it for browser testing, mainly because the lack of MRU tab switching makes day to day use to annoying for me. Ever since extensions started becoming available I have periodically checked for a ctrl-tab extension that enabled MRU thinking that it was only a matter of time... Alas that day never seemed to come so today I endeavoured to investigate why and that is how I ended up here. I like many previous posters am amazed at why implementing this request would even be a topic let alone a thread that had 337 stars and 228 comments. 

Come on guys, not even as an option! What are you protecting me from? Usability?

Comment 229 by, Aug 20 2011

For myself and many of the others in this thread, this is without exaggeration the highest priority feature that's needed in chrome. Every time I instinctively hit Ctrl-Tab I'm met with disappointment and frustration for time lost. Just mimic exactly what Opera does and be done with it; make it an option for those that somehow prefer the current mode.
"While there is great demand for an MRU-ordered switcher, we've so far been unable to find an MRU switcher that makes sense beyond the first three most recent tabs, or one that works well with background-created tabs."

This seems a common theme with Chrome devs: if they can't see a perfect solution they would rather have no solution.

They put the kibosh on that often-requested feature in the second post, yet it goes on for another 24 pages or so of users trying their best to get the attention of Chrome devs, who seem intent on ignoring them. They have "made their decision" and will not budge because, though there are easy solutions, they cannot see a "perfect" one.

Sound familiar?

Comment 231 by Deleted ...@, Aug 23 2011

This is why I don't use chrome. Fix and you'll have people switching over in droves. Simple.

Comment 232 by, Sep 2 2011

I LOVE CHROME but i cannot use it because of this damn default CTRL-TAB behavior...
PLEASE add a switch or a very hard to find settings, a command line parameter, WHATEVER but please make it MRU-ordered available :/

Comment 233 by Deleted ...@, Sep 6 2011

this is stopping me from switching from firefox

Comment 234 by Deleted ...@, Sep 7 2011

it's a really important and easy to implement freature. please add it on.

Comment 235 by Deleted ...@, Sep 8 2011

"it's a really important and easy to implement freature. please add it on."

Yes-yes. We are waiting

Comment 236 by, Sep 26 2011

I am switching back to firefox because of this. I understand that MRU may not be good for the vast majority of users. All I am asking is that the ctrl+tab can be binded to MRU in an extension or can be toggled on/off in the chrome menu. Then everyone wins!
Hell, missing MRU tabs switching is most frustrating thing about chromium. 

damn, this bug is already 2 years old. we met 10 major releases and there's still no option, nor damn flag at chrome://flags 
guys, you're making best browser on earth, using chrome is fun and great, but visiting this page makes me sad and disappointed. 

this bug convinces me again that googlers do whatever *they* want, making users follow patterns they impose. 

Comment 238 by Deleted ...@, Sep 30 2011

"this is stopping me from switching from firefox"

For me too...
In my case is from Opera, I never was fond of Firefox (besides for development). I love Chrome/ium for its transparent updates, lightweight browsing, great support to new web technologies. BUT this lack of option to make ctrl+tab to switch to MRU tabs... damnit, it would be the perfect browser =|
btw, comment #228 said it all.
Please fix this. It is a major drawback of using Chrome as powerful browser.
I switched from Firefox to Chrome about 6 months ago after being a Firefox user since it's inception. I'm not sure how I made it this far. The lack of even a MRU Tab Switching _OPTION_ is mind-blowing. The Chrome devs have a philosophical standpoint on how tab switching should work; I do not have a problem with that. However, people have varying philosophies, and for everyone in this thread the UX of Chrome is BROKEN. Back to Firefox I go.
/agree with #228

ALL browsers worth using at least have this as an option. The ONLY reason I use Chrome is that it opens quickly and when I am running out the door trying to print an e-mail, I don't have time to wait for other browsers to start. 

"Every browser will try another approach. Why don't you simply accept this fact?"

That might be one of the most asinine statements in this entire thread.  If you have nothing useful to add, you don't have to add anything.

Comment 245 by Deleted ...@, Oct 17 2011

sorry.. i have tried for weeks to use chrome without this feature.. is simply too annoying. back to firefox. bye, chrome, you could have been so much better. 

Comment 246 by Deleted ...@, Oct 19 2011


Comment 247 by, Oct 21 2011

I commented about this over a year ago. Sigh... But I've found two extensions that make Chrome tab management acceptable (though not as good as Opera's built-in tab management!). Maybe this isn't the right place, but I hope that you'll find these extensions super helpful like I do: 

Recent Tabs (MRU)  <-- Ctrl-Q to cycle through your tabs in MRU

Tab Menu   <-- Click on the icon for a drop-down menu of all your tabs; you can scroll or page down if you have more than one page, and you can rearrange tabs in the list)

(Note: there are several different extensions MRU, and another similar to Tab List, but after doing some reading, I chose Recent Tabs and Tab List, and they work well for me.  If one doesn't work for you, uninstall and try another! Quick Tabs also looks promising, as does Vertical Tabs, and there are others). 

Here's a review I just wrote for Recent Tabs: 
Hao Ren 郝仁14 minutes agoDelete comment
Hi Fryn, 
I LOVE this extension. Before I found Tab Menu,  I'd pretty much stopped using Chrome because it was such a headache finding my tabs. 
But Tab Menu is great. Just click the icon at the top to the right (by the wrench), and get a drop down scroll-able menu of all open tabs, and click on the one you want.  You can drag tabs around to change the order as well.  :-)  
And I just installed another awesome extension to solve my biggest pet-peeve with Chrome, MRU: 
Recent Tabs
It allows you to hit Ctrl-Q and cycle tabs in MRU (most recent used order) - YAY!!!  Just remember that it won't work on certain webpages due to Google security restrictions (like on this page as I'm editing this review of Tab Menu). When that happens you need to make another tab active (Ctrl-Tab or click on another tab with your mouse), and then Ctrl-Tab should work again. 
Cheers, Harry
Hi, I just wrote a review about how I LOVE Tab Menu -- I can't use Chrome any more without it. But I can't find that review now (reviews in Chrome Webstore seem to sorted randomly!)... So I just wanted to add that it works super fast for me, and I have about 68 tabs open.  
When I click on the Tab Menu icon, the drop down list of tabs appears immediately, showing 24 tabs. If I click beneath the scroll bar to page down, it displays a 2nd list of 24 tabs (with the bottom 3 from the 1st list at the top, so 21 new tabs), and so on.  Of course you can also drag the scroll bar up and down. 
 I'm using at Dell Vostro 3350 laptop with Win7 Pro 64-bit w/6GB RAM, i5 (2410).  
Thanks again fryn!  Harry

Comment 248 by, Oct 28 2011

When searching through the issue list you'll find some more issue's regarding this 'problem' (doh!). I'm just wondering whether the devs still read replies in this old post (classified as 'wontfix' since since milestone 3!!)...

The extensions that are available just won't do; they all do not work on internal chrome pages and loading pages. I keeps driving me mad.

Been an Opera user for years, but as of lately Opera is getting more resource hungry and less stable (still keeping my hopes up for v12), which makes me keep trying Chome time after time. The thing is: REALLY miss decent MRU tabbing!

Why is it that Opera has had an excellent MDI (Multiple Document Interface, IMO the 'real' definition of 'tabbed browsing') since erm around 2000 (correct me if I'm wrong), with excellent MRU switching, including background documents, etc ... and Chome/Chromium devs can't seem to find a decent implementation (and so choose to ignore the entire matter)?

Comment 249 by Deleted ...@, Nov 2 2011

+500 to gabri..
The only reason for me to stay at Chrome - fast load and great "firebug". Still missing MRU for Ctrl-Tab - even as an extention - unexplanable. Hardcoded in the core?

Comment 250 by Deleted ...@, Nov 15 2011

Still missing it. This extension ( is only like a drop in the bucket.
Please do the same as it is solved in Opera.
This has become unbearable. Makes no sense that they can't even open a way for an add-on to implement this. I'm switching back to Firefox.

It would be great to see this implemented. Meantime, off back to Firefox 
Won't fix == won't use for me too.
Won't fix? You've gotta be kidding. This is crucial for Chrome's success as the browser for web development. It's not like it's hard to design -- Ctrl-Tab switches between current and most recent tab, holding Ctrl and pressing Tab moves forward. Trivial.

If the team has made some sort of religious decision not to improve the tabbed interface so that it is usable, at least make it possible to hijack Ctrl-(Shift)-Tab with an extension.

Comment 255 by Deleted ...@, Jan 5 2012

+1, I'm going back to Firefox.  A tabbed interface is useless without a fast means of switching between them.  Chrome is the worst browser since IE6 for navigating between open web pages.  MRU Ctrl-Tab should have been in the first beta, this is prehistoric thinking.

Comment 256 Deleted

Comment 257 by Deleted ...@, Jan 7 2012

I think enabling the Ctrl + TAB hook is all we really need. Everything else can be solved within an extension (being it MRU or Markov model or something different). 

Most of the technical users who actually use Ctrl + TAB are used to MRU and the fact that someone in Chromium personally hates MRU ( ) shouldn't compromise the way others use applications. 

In the end of the day it is a matter of usability and not breaking user habits is like a thumb rule.

I don't know.. Do something like chrome.exe --unsafe for us to be able to use Ctrl + TAB and I'm sure someone in your developer community will find a usable solution until Chromium team finds the perfect one.

IMO Opera's implementation is pretty good and I will keep using it until Chrome isn't so "closed". Shame really.

back to FF and Opera now since ctrl-tab MRU not working.. 
i'd really love to see this!

Comment 260 Deleted

Comment 261 by Deleted ...@, Feb 2 2012

I think it's time to change it from wontfix to fix!
Please change it to MRU...

Comment 263 by, Feb 16 2012

Comment 264 by, Feb 16 2012

And, please, don't tell that there are a number of extensions doing this. Extensions are not allowed to hijack Ctrl-Tab and they are not working on some pages for security reasons. So they are not a solution. This really has to be an option in Chrome itself.

Thank you for the attention.
Each time, when my current browser again got too bloated I stop by at this page, just to see if the tab order issue already got fixed. It is really the ONLY issue which prevents me from switching to Chrome. (I tried it once, was almost convinced but as heavy tab and keyboard shortcut user I really couldn't stand the tab handling. And I seem not to be the only one...)
This is crazy. I am in disbelief that Chrome will not allow MRU ctrl+tab changing. 
I'm just after switching from FF and have been really impressed over the last few hours by the several of its features (which FF lacks). But this issue is a deal-breaker for me.
Chrome will still just be a novelty browser for when FF is too tab heavy until this is fixed.

Comment 267 by Deleted ...@, Mar 10 2012

I am in the EXACT same boat as the previous poster... I just switched to Chrome and for the first couple of hours I was really impressed with some things, but while searching for extensions to make the usability of the browser just how I like it, I found this wontfix issue with CTRL-Tab MRU Scroll Order.  I don't even know what to say.  Shame on you dev team.
+1 on the previous 5 posts.  Need CTRL+Tab to function in MRU order if you want to convert me from FF.  As a power user with 84 tabs open in my primary browser- I need this as a user-controlled option or extension.

Comment 269 by Deleted ...@, Mar 13 2012

I'm also looking to switch to Chrome, but this Ctrl+Tab issue really drives me crazy.
Ctrl+Tab is the way I switch in FF, and I really rely on it.
For ex: I have 7 tabs opened, but mainly working with 2 at the moment. What I do, is just Ctrl+Tab, Ctr+Tab, and I'm not disturbed by other tabs 

Comment 270 by, Mar 14 2012

I was fed up to wait Google Chrome to accept MRU tab order on CTRL+TAB key so I created a small Windows program that works with Recents Tab extension so you finally be able to use CTRL+TAB to switch tabs in MRU order
+1 Please add MRU support for Chome's tabs.  Thanks.

Comment 272 by, Mar 24 2012

Sorry Chrome... it was a good but short run.
I love my FF, but somebody suggested that I would really appreciate Chrome, so I gave it a try. Read about it, downloaded it on my 3 computers plus android tablet, setup the sync, and installed a few addons, all along getting frustrated that I couldn't find a good MRU tab option/extension.  Now that I found this "WontFix issue", I'm giving up and going back to FF.  (No acemtp, a windows application is not a reasonable solution.)  Can anybody tell me any reason that Chrome would be considered better than FF, when it won't even allow an option/extension to offer what seems to be commonly sought functionality? Seriously?! I'm not kidding... are there some benefits, that I'm not aware of? Every option that I found that I like for Chrome, I already had in FF.  I'm open minded and not unreasonable, so if somebody can explain what makes Chrome better, I'm interested... or maybe I should say curious.

Comment 273 by, Mar 24 2012

CHrome not best winthout MRU. Its just better than all.

Comment 274 by Deleted ...@, Mar 28 2012

+1 Please add MRU support for Chome's tabs.  Thanks
I will not use Chrome whithout this feature!
Even Opera supports it as default!

Comment 276 by, Apr 10 2012

Please add this option in Settings. MRU-order is very useful for many people. And your browser is made for people, yes?
Please add this option

Comment 279 by, Apr 13 2012


Comment 280 by Deleted ...@, Apr 16 2012

It would be really interesting to have this feature, may be it could be configured in settings, I mean one could choose the current way of switching tabs or th commented hear.


Comment 281 by, Apr 19 2012

I want this behavior too!!!
Please implement this.

Comment 283 by Deleted ...@, Apr 21 2012

feature must have! guys work on it plz!

Comment 284 by Deleted ...@, Apr 26 2012

i want it, guys do it or i will move to firefox

Comment 285 by Deleted ...@, May 1 2012

I mean, today an average person has like 385 tabs opened at the same time so straight forward/backward switching does not really make sense. On the other hand stack-based switching as proposed in the initial post would probably help more than one person (maybe I don't know ... like ... everyone). But seeing as it's been a while ... never mind. By the way, do you do usability tests?

Comment 286 by Deleted ...@, May 6 2012

Yes me too. Give users the option to activate it, same as you can do with firefox. thanks

Comment 287 by Deleted ...@, May 6 2012

i want it too!!!
MRU - its a normal behavior. And most bad property of Chrome yet. Until Chrome not support MRU, it will never beer best browser. Not by default maybe, but optional.
P.S. Yes, I know, what "Each comment triggers notification emails.". Sorry. But it really important.
I would also like this. This issue is the only thing stopping me from using Chrome. 

Comment 290 by Deleted ...@, May 15 2012

i want it too! plz put in a setting somewhere under the hood to enable this function.

Comment 291 by Deleted ...@, May 16 2012

This is an issue reported in 2008 and there's no solution yet?
Shame on you google chrome!
Not fixing this is simply stubborn. The default settings of Chrome are annoying and customization is a pain. Guys you can learn from Opera and Firefox how to make a good browser.
For God's sake please implement this. I'm sick and tired of using Chrome.
I'll have the gall to chime in and say "me too". Because, dammit, it's 2012, and any piece of software without the standard Ctrl+Tab keyboard shortcut to switch between MRU tabs, or at least an option to make it so, simply isn't a worthy contender. Hubris much? I was a Chrome/Chromium skeptic until a couple of days ago, and I like it, but it cannot replace Firefox with a show stopper like this. Good bye.

Comment 295 by Deleted ...@, Jun 2 2012

Google Chrome will never become my daily browser until they implement 2 critical features:

1) Allow Ctrl-Tab to cycle through tabs in MRU order. It doesn't matter if Chrome allows it as an option, or if it allows extensions to over-ride the default behavior.

2) Tree-style tabs, docked on either the right or left side, with adjustable widths. With today's wide-screen monitors, tabs along the top just don't make sense.

Comment 296 by Deleted ...@, Jun 5 2012

Please mom, all the other kids have MRU :(
Srsly that cannot be so hard to implement right?

is there official word on this from google. 
please add as an option. it's my major gripe with chrome. 
I concur!

Comment 299 by Deleted ...@, Jun 25 2012

"Allow Ctrl-Tab to cycle through tabs in MRU order. It doesn't matter if Chrome allows it as an option, or if it allows extensions to over-ride the default behavior."

Totally up for it, what we need is a tab mix plus and a video download helper for chrome and everybody will be happy.
I am pretty sure the Chrome devs pay no attention to these comments whatsoever. I can only imagine that the devs who decided that MRU ctrl-tab tab switching is not desirable or warranted don't even use ctrl tab switching. How could they? Fwd and backward only tab switching is tantamount to un-useable as soon as you have more than 5 tabs open. It is quicker and more intuitive to use your mouse if Fwd and back tab switching is the only option available.

This reasonable feature request which started with normal amicable comments and suggestions has deteriorated into sarcasm and pleading due to the stubborn “wont fix” attitude of the devs. There has been no contribution to the discussion by any official devs. All we really have is the official word on Tabs from the Chrome team ( Humorously enough this is found under the category "User Experience" which states the following "so that our assumptions can be challenged, changed, and improved" (

BTW I am using Firefox at the moment meaning I can effortlessly ctrl-tab between the tabs I am interested in to copy relevant URLs, text etc that I would like to include in this post. I currently have 28 tabs open so trying to do that in Chrome would be a ridiculous endeavour.  

From the official tabs page we are presented with the following statements:
"While there is great demand for an MRU-ordered switcher, we've so far been unable to find an MRU switcher that makes sense beyond the first three most recent tabs, or one that works well with background-created tabs."

Maybe you could have someone elaborate on that a little further for us here. If you explain to us why you have been unable to find a suitable MRU switcher maybe someone smarter than I will be able to provide a solution for you. Or maybe you could just copy what Opera, or IE does, or take a look at one of the decent Firefox extensions that handle MRU tabs quite nicely. Even a poor MRU implementation would be preferable to the currently fwd/back only solution.

"The tabs are depth ordered from left to right, with the active tab always in front - tabs do not maintain any other depth order (changing the depth sort based on focus order was more confusing than useful)"

Really? confusing to who? As mentioned several times in this feature request issue alone, a lot of people would really appreciate the ability to enable MRU tab switching using the accepted Ctrl-Tab standard. It is not confusing to them, in fact it is the only approach that makes any sense whatsoever.

I am not sure how much user testing you have performed in this area but I think it might be time that you did a little bit more. Ensuring you test with a wide range of users. Including power users that actually use the Ctrl-Tab feature.

On the day that sees this feature request reach 300 comments begging for this feature. Please reconsider your position on allowing MRU Tab switching using the standard Ctrl-Tab keyboard shortcuts in some way shape or form.

Thank you.

What will it take for Google to add this, once and for all.
"What will it take for Google to add this, once and for all." Sure !

Comment 303 by, Jul 16 2012

It's interesting (and very infuriating!!!) that Chromium developers are willing to develop MRU switching for their Aura window cycling in Chrome OS (see status: verified), but do not seem to have the idea that the same logic for switching/cycling should apply to tabs in Chromium/Chrome itself!

Comment 304 by, Jul 16 2012

Sorry, in addition to comment #303, see here:
chrome is totally unusable without this feature
Sweet. Let's hijack that Chrome OS  bug #109193  at and get some attention.

Comment 307 by, Aug 20 2012

Really? "Won't fix"?

This is the one thing keeping online editors from being completely amazing. Please reconsider! Every other tab switcher out there does it because it's quite useful.

Comment 308 Deleted

can this be an option in the chrome://flags page to allow MRU switching?

Comment 310 by, Aug 30 2012

Hello? Is there anyone alive on the other side?
When can this be fixed?
Please port it back from
I have been unable how to figure out how to toggle to the last used tab, how do I do this? It is a standard feature in Internet Explorer and default behaviour in Windows, eg Alt+Tab to toggle between last used programme, however in Chrome the expected behaviour of Ctrl+Tab would be to toggle between tabs, not to rotate through all of them. Was not the introduction of tabs to make opening multiple windows unnecessary, where this seems to be the only work around at the moment. Please advise if there is a working extension to fix this. Thank you!!!
The behaviour of Ctrl + Tab in Chrome should be identical to the behaviour of Ctrl + Alt in Windows, however for some odd inexplicable reason, it is not. Am I doing something wrong? Please advise, how do I set this missing feature in Chrome. I have searched both Settings and Extensions and found nothing. I am baffled.
I am a web developer and use mainly Firefox for development. The reason for this is simply because of the MRU Ctrl + Tab functionality it offers. Given the choice between Chrome and IE for development, I would pick IE. Opera and Safari compared to Chrome? Please, they are both better for me! 

I've tried the extensions and "hacks" out there to get the functionality in Chrome, but I keep going back to the "real" browsers that at least offer the option of how Ctrl + Tab functions.

Bottom line: DEAL BREAKER!
What's the problem for developing this functionality ? About 4 years that this topic is still opened :(
This is a solved problem.  Every OS does MRU task-switching.  Every other browser does MRU task-switching.  Visual Studio does MRU task switching.  MRU is the de facto standard in tab-switching.

The lack of an MRU-option in Chrome is infuriating, especially after almost FOUR YEARS of requests.  Flat-out refusing to implement it, even as a non-default option, is ridiculous.  Someone at Google needs to talk some sense into whoever on the Chrome team is responsible for this decision.

Comment 316 by Deleted ...@, Sep 10 2012

Please consider adding this feature, it is so unproductive not having the ability to switch between two tabs (using a common function used all day with every other application).
seriously. i couldn't be that hard to implement. 
come on!!!!!!!!! just do it, or at least explain why on earth you would not want to. 

Just another frustrated Chrome user who is getting tired of every single UI optimization that every other browser has for years being marked "wontfix" with no explanation, by Chrome team. 

Lets say I have tabs A-Z open. 

1) I click on tab A. 
2) I then click on tab Z.
3) I close tab Z.
4) Tab Y displays.

Why in the world would I want to view Tab Y in this case? Because it's next to tab Z? MRU is infinitely more likely to be the Tab I want to see than the arbitrary Tab that happens to be next to the Tab I just closed.

I wish I could stop understanding anything about computers, so things like this wouldn't fill me with rage all day long. Alternately, I guess developers could grow a clue about UI. I won't be holding my breath...

Comment 319 by, Sep 24 2012

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE change this so at least a user has an option of tabbing between most recently used order.  This has been standard functionality since tabs were invented, and I think the only piece of software that doesn't do this is IE.  DO YOU WANT TO BE COMPARED TO IE????

Comment 320 by Deleted ...@, Sep 25 2012

another +1 for this "special feature". shame on you google chrome team for being so *** ignorant.

Comment 321 by Deleted ...@, Sep 25 2012

another +1 I need this feature

Comment 322 by Deleted ...@, Sep 27 2012

Why not do both at the Opera, though the settings will put at least, but still not enough ctrl+z

Comment 323 by Deleted ...@, Sep 27 2012

Why not do both at the Opera, though the settings will put at least, but still not enough ctrl+z

Comment 324 by, Sep 27 2012

This is honestly the only feature that keeps me from switching to Chrome as my full-time browser. The ONLY thing keeping me in Firefox is the fact that there are ways to enable MRU switching in FF, but Chrome continues to defy what is pretty much an industry standard for no good reason that I can fathom.

Comment 325 by Deleted ...@, Sep 30 2012

Seem's like there are differences between people )))) Some of them need this feature badly, and some of them not.
If it make sense for anyone - i think it's a matter of habits, and organization of work  in browser.
Browser is the most used app nowadays, isn't it? ;)

I want, with the rest of the people from the first group to appeal to reason people who do not have a lot of tabs. Or who have not formed a habit to switch between them this way (although it is very convenient).

Remember, in the operating system we switch between open applications is by using the order MRU. Imagine for a moment that the order will change such as in chrome now and you will understand my confusion.

All you need to add in the option one checkbox. Please, do it! And others are so strange and different from you people, too, would be happy to use your good browser! )

Comment 326 by Deleted ...@, Sep 30 2012

Hurry up and add this simple bloody feature. It's ridiculous that the saga has gone on this long.

Comment 327 by Deleted ...@, Oct 3 2012

5 years? Really? This is ridicilous...

Comment 328 by Deleted ...@, Oct 5 2012

Just to add my 5 cents. This is pretty much one of 2 features (or lack thereof) that stops me from switching to Chrome/Chromium as my main browser.
Really, Chrome?  Really?  Why so stubborn?  The current behavior is the most aggravating thing about Chrome.  And it's not like we're asking for it to be the default behavior (even though it's easy to find applications demonstrating that it is the correct default, e.g., Alt-Tab or Cmd-Tab for switching OS windows, editor tabs in Eclipse or Visual Studio).

Comment 330 by Deleted ...@, Oct 10 2012

Try this Extension .. TabsFlip
.. it is the only one i find .. it works with shortcut CTRL+TAB ..
The only problem it generate a "new tab" page ... you must desable it with desactivate and activate your current "new tab" extension
This one provided is not really the thing.

I found the extension that does the trick! Finally!!!
This extension has access to all data... a no-go for a tab switcher.
Chrome/ium is unusable without MRU-Switcher with CTRL-TAB. Going back to firefox.
This is intuitive to me nowadays because everything else I use (IntelliJ, SublimeText, etc) uses this kind of tab switching. 
Chrome/ium is a great browser, but right, unusable without MRU-Switcher with CTRL-TAB. 
1 anf galf month and feature request reachs 5 ears. Its so bad...
Do it optional feature, finally, If you don't like MRU!
This should be an option, a hidden option at least.

Comment 336 by, Nov 13 2012

Really Alt-tab and similar MRU switcher on Macs, and even Android is standard expected software behavior these days, like ctrl-C, ctrl-F, ctrl-Z, F11...etc. What is wrong with Google? Some stubborn person must be pretty high up & influential to keep this basic feature out for such a long time.
Come on Google! I cannot use Chrome as my main browser because of this! You really need to fix this - no wonder you are losing browser usage to IE!

Comment 338 by Deleted ...@, Nov 14 2012

When chrome was launched, I dumped Firefox and switched to chrome. But soon came back to Firefox. From last 3 months, I again started using chrome. Good browser but MRU is still missing.

I hope the person who marked if as "Wont Fix" has left the Google and other person will keep his ego aside and provide this as feature.

Else as soon as I get a chance to install FF, I will go back to FF.

Comment 339 by Deleted ...@, Nov 14 2012

When chrome was launched, I dumped Firefox and switched to chrome. But soon came back to Firefox. From last 3 months, I again started using chrome. Good browser but MRU is still missing.

I hope the person who marked if as "Wont Fix" has left the Google and other person will keep his ego aside and provide this as feature.

Else as soon as I get a chance to install FF, I will go back to FF.

Comment 340 by Deleted ...@, Nov 15 2012


Comment 341 by Deleted ...@, Nov 15 2012

Переоткройте баг, не позорьтесь :)

Comment 342 by, Nov 17 2012

Another +1 for this. I don't understand why this isn't supported. What on earth to Chrome users do if they have more than two tabs open and they want to switch backwards and forwards between two of the tabs? Do they always have to sequentially scroll through every single open tab each time? I really want to switch to Chrome, as I find Firefox frequently hangs. However, this lack of MRU support makes the switch impossible. I use Google for most stuff - gmail, calendar, Android phone, Android tablet - and think most stuff they do is amazing. So it really does confuse me how they can miss such a fundamental piece of functionality from such a widely used piece of software. I just don't get it.

+1 This is the only reason I (like many others) don't use Chrome. Every couple months I look to see if they've enabled it, only to get disappointed again.
A tabbed interface is useless without a fast means of switching between them.  The absence of MRU Ctrl-Tab makes Chrome the worst browser since IE6 for navigating between open web pages.  This should have been in the first beta.  Left-to-right tab switching is massively inconvenient and is the single reason I won't switch from Firefox.

Comment 345 by, Nov 24 2012

Refreshed bug report here:
+1 for an option to have MRU behavior. I understand that users might have different preferences so why not give them the choice. I would use Chrome too but this one is an absolute show stopper. It drives me crazy if I can not work effectively.
 Issue 162519  has been merged into this issue.
Plus one, again from merged issue.
Please fix this.
Please I beg you please fix
Want :(

Comment 353 Deleted

Comment 354 by, Nov 26 2012

Almost four years…
Good news!
are we there yet?

Comment 357 by, Nov 26 2012

Four years later. This is still the only application I use that doesn't use MRU.

Comment 358 by, Nov 26 2012

It's really embarrassing trying to explain to someone why this option isn't there (MRU tabbing).  I'm embarrassed for the developers.  But until they figure this out, I'll continue to rip tabs off into their own window so I can alt-tab.
+1 (I love that i was asked to press star instead of "+1" so I don't other users - why should they get all the fun? ;)
How about now? No? (Sigh)

Comment 362 by Deleted ...@, Nov 27 2012

Unbelievable that this doesn't exist yet!

The only reson I don't use chrome as my default browser... MRU NOW!

Comment 365 by Deleted ...@, Nov 27 2012

WANT WANT WANT- use chromium for 2nd browser for html5 apps and this is most annoying FAULT!

Comment 366 by, Nov 30 2012

Arrogant and stupid. Please fix it finally. Or should we start a petition on first. Stop ignoring your power users!
This is a must for efficient work with a tabbed interface. What kind of newbies are designing this? (+1)

I really like Chrome but with current lack of reasonable tab switching I'm every day closer to dump it. It's been over 3 years since arrogant "Won't fix" without a word of explanation...
This is likely one of those simple features that the open source community (Chrome is Google's layer on top) overlooked, or not glamorous enough to work on. It's like having a powerful sports car without cup-holders, a heater, or a radio. They may be simple & boring but necessary.
This is also the only thing stopping me from using Chrome.

Comment 371 by, Dec 11 2012

Won't fix?!? I had to use an extension for this basic functionality... What a shame!
How long is this issue going to be ignored by developers? Please PLEASE make MRU tab order an option for the user. The extensions do not work reliably and the available keyboard shortcuts are limited.
This issue is a stopper for me to adopting Chrome as my primary web browser. Please add this functionality or allow extensions to change this behavior.

I hope this issue is tracked, also when the state is set to "Won't fix". Or should we open a new one? 

Comment 374 by, Dec 21 2012

total showstopper!
can't believe so many years later, this isn't yet an option.

Comment 376 by Deleted ...@, Dec 26 2012

I can assure you, the day you guys implement this, a lot of people will switch to Chrome.
Why Chrome is not acting like any program with tabs ?
Chrome is unusable with this tab behaviour. Back to FF. Sigh.

Comment 379 by Deleted ...@, Jan 9 2013

I do use Chrome (I guess I like the quickness/lightness combined the with the way the url box works), but it's always a huge pain dealing with the lack of MRU tabbing.  I have to use my mouse sooo much more just to simply select the tab that I want.  

Comment 380 by Deleted ...@, Jan 11 2013

Last tabs usage do not work now ((
What a shame! (c)
I have to use my mouse sooo much more just to simply select the tab that I want. (c)

Засранцы, одним словом. 

Comment 381 Deleted

Comment 382 by Deleted ...@, Jan 11 2013

Last tab woking everywere, but Chrome...
This is simply outrageous.

Everything have already been said by so many frustrated users.

MRU tabs should become an option in Chrome settings.

Comment 384 by, Jan 22 2013

The lack of MRU tabs may force me back to Firefox. Too bad as Chrome is so much quicker than FF on initial startup.
This single issue has prevented me from switching to Chrome for years. It's a huge deal-breaker and I think the activity on this thread demonstrates that I'm not alone in that.
For me and most of my co-workers, lack of MRU keeps us from making Chrome our default browser. It's just a pity. With many dozens of open tabs at a time, the missing MRU behaviour seriously affects usability. Please add an option for this!

Comment 387 by, Feb 6 2013

I'm also considering moving back to FF because of this issue.
This has got to be the single most annoying thing in Chrome. I'm surprised that after so many years the Chrome team as yet to implement this natural expected behavior. :s

Comment 389 by Deleted ...@, Feb 7 2013

FGS! I can see my comment here 3 years ago ... still not change
Please add this function this is the only reason I don't use Chrome.

Comment 391 by Deleted ...@, Feb 14 2013

just stopping back in to ask again.  Agree with all, not sure why Google is so stubborn about implementing this.  It's basically standard in browsers now with tabs.
I didn't have had the courage to read the whole thread, but I personally think that all tabbed GUIs should be MRU enabled by default like Alt+Tab & Alt+Shift+Tab are on all operating systems.
I'd really like to have at least an explanation for the WontFix status.

Comment 393 by, Feb 16 2013

I think it's ridiculous this still hasn't been implemented.

This is the only reason that holds me back from switching to Chrome.

Comment 394 by, Feb 19 2013

Same here! 
For the last 3 years I can't switch to Chrome only because of absence of MRU support!!! 
How hard it is to implement this really minor (technically) feature?!!!
This really is absurd. Every browser except Chrome has MRU tabs. Even with all the activity on this thread, still nothing is being done. This is the only thing keeping me from using Chrome.
Would very much appreciate action on this issue--either a change in the browser default behavior, or an option in the preferences, or an extension.  Thanks.
Can we have this fixed please?
Is it really so hard to implement ? Maybe make it a special hidden feature for the thousands of people wanting this commonly accepted MRU behaviour for years... ...

Comment 399 by, Feb 27 2013

This feature alone is why Chrome is not my browser of choice.
Please implement this with at least an hidden option for developers or provide an valid plugin.

Comment 401 by Deleted ...@, Mar 1 2013

i am waiting for this feature too

Comment 402 by Deleted ...@, Mar 4 2013

MRU tab switching, like in the Opera browser, is the only sane way to navigate tabs if you have more than two tabs open. It's just like the Alt-Tab window switching behavior in say, Windows. If Microsoft can do it, why can't you Google? Why Chrome doesn't support this by default is beyond me. Not switching desktop browser before this option is built in.
I would change instantly to Chrome as my default browser... but never will, if ctrl+tab behaviour stays like that.
Pretty please can we have MRU tab cycling? 
Google has no idea how many users would make the jump to Chrome, if this minute but extremely essential functionality was added.
Several more waiting for it here - quite a few of my colleagues refuse to use Chrome because of this! I persevere, using Ctrl+Tab / Ctrl+Shift+Tab, but it IS anoying!
 - Ctrl+Pg Up / Ctrl+Pg Dn do exactly the same thing as the current Ctrl+Tab, so Google can't say that "it's just to let users the possibility to do it",
 - Ctrl+Shift+Tab does what we want, so Google can't say it's "technically difficult".
=> It's just a matter of point of view... So PLEASE make it (at least) an option !

Comment 407 by Deleted ...@, Mar 8 2013

Why is this still not fixed? Google can be amazing sometimes - MS takes a lot of crap for being rigid but nothing like Google Chrome with this silly insistence on keeping it like this

Comment 408 by Deleted ...@, Mar 9 2013

+1 for a fix, i'm returning to Opera.
Project Member

Comment 409 by, Mar 10 2013

Labels: -Mstone-3 M-3

Comment 410 by Deleted ...@, Mar 11 2013

Opera has been annoying me lately so I tried to give Chrome a chance. Without MRU it just isn't happening. Anybody can see this is a serious issue. 4 years of discussion and still no action. That's a little sad. Hopefully once Opera goes Webkit all the issues I have with it will be fixed. 

Comment 411 by, Mar 12 2013

I would very much appreciate integrating this feature in Chrome. For many years I am using Firefox with an extension for switching between tabs with ctrl+tab. Now I decided to give Chrome a chance, but it failed miserably. To mark such a request as "WontFix" is embarrassing! Well then I have no other choice but to say "I Wont use Chrome"!
adding myself to the list of people waiting for this feature

Comment 413 by, Mar 13 2013

I also want this feature. It is essential for convient switching.

Comment 414 by, Mar 14 2013

I can't switch to Chrome only because of MRU support lack. Is it so hard to implement? 
Unbelieveable this is not implemented. I can't believe I;m the only one with 20+ tabs in multiple windows now hitting the wall of not being able to switch between MRU tabs. Unbelieveable... Firefox did it right, so did Opera and Internet Explorer. A real shame.
This is why I still prefer using Opera and FF. Chrome is the third browser, mostly used for Google apps and anonymous browsing. It should have been implemented years ago.

Comment 417 by, Mar 22 2013

damn! chrome still has that child issue! *shock.jpg*
May be will review his comment? Child issue, which even in IE made right (throw advanced settings), all other browser has it too...
Screenshot of IE9 advanced settings with option to change Crtl+Tab functional
Fullscreen capture 3242013 111638 AM.bmp
2.9 MB Download
How hard can it be to enable this? Unfortunately I can't switch from FF because of this.
Please implement this! It would be so handy, a great user experience improvement. Thanks.
They just don't care...

Comment 423 Deleted

This is the only reason why I haven't switched to Chrome so far. I use Ctrl-Tab and Al-Tab all day to switch between documents. I feel so 'lost' in Chrome when it just cycles through the tabs from left to right.
Please implement this, it is a deal breaker.
This is one of many perfect examples of how Google is spending too much time looking forward and not enough energy caring about their users and creating a truly solid product.  Wake up google!  Your people are talking to you!  (YES I DID STAR THIS!)

Comment 427 by Deleted ...@, Apr 5 2013

I WANT to use Chrome.  But I won't until we get this implemented.  Please fix!

Comment 428 by Deleted ...@, Apr 19 2013

Please implement this!!!
dealbreaker, switching back to opera.
I need it
This little thing makes me a "blue panda" when using Chrome, so now I'm write this in FF...
Almost 650 stars!
Looks like Chromium developers not giving a fuck about users. No one of them cares that their product have mislead usability (compared with OS (Windows, Linux), developer tools, text editors, other browsers).

Comment 433 by, May 15 2013

I'd like to know what browser do these Chromium devs use, because if they've used Chromium they would know that this Alt-Tab behaviour is really bad!
C'mon guys. Listen to your community and implement this most basic of features. How many people have to comment here to get your attention? There are plenty of real-world reference examples for MRU functionality. I can't see why any dev can't spend a little time to code this?
I have been pining for this feature in Chrome since the day I installed it. If we can't get it natively then can we at least remove the "Reserved" status from the Ctrl+Tab and Ctl+Shift+Tab key combinations so that plugins will be able to implement it. The key combo is so instinctive that trying to use an alternative is almost as annoying as using Ctrl+PgUp Ctrl+PgDn
One more unsatidfied and bewildered user here. This is the ONE feature lacking that prevents me from definitely switching to Chrome. Has been for several years too.

As Google pushes to make the browser the new OS, why won't they allow this little change that makes switching for example between you email (Gmail) and your text editor (Google Docs) without going through 20 other open tabs or reverting to the mouse, I really don't understand. I can do this in Windows with native apps, I can do this in Firefox with webapps, why can't I do it Chrome ???
Either make this an option in the browser, or remove the restriction blocking plugin providers from making this possible.
Have we heard back from the devs as to why this won't/can't be implemented or at least allowed for extensions to add this feature?
Another puzzled user wondering why this either isn't setup to be MRU be default or at least allowing the option..
This is ridiculous. Please do the right thing and add this feature.

Comment 441 by Deleted ...@, Jun 24 2013

Please implement this in Chrome. Thanks.
Come on! This has been a request for five years! Remove the restriction for extension makers to use Ctrl+Tab and someone will make the extension then you can stop hearing us all whine…

Comment 443 by Deleted ...@, Jun 27 2013

Please add this feature to Chrome. Every things else works (well) un this way (using a MRU list with CTRL-Tab). WHy Chrome cannot? It is very annoing.
Do developers pay attention to what users want? Do we have a chance to get this feature?
omg this pisses me off so much!  I thought I would give chrome a try after using Opera for half a decade but I can't stand not having a MRU-style tab system.
WontFix without reason? That's ridiculous!
some adamant google IT VP must have decided that MRU is not important. This IS the ONLY reason I've not been using chrome for so many years now.
This is not productive, i am getting lost on Crome tabs without this feature.

Comment 450 by Deleted ...@, Jul 18 2013

Please add this feature to Google Chrome Browser!!

Comment 451 by Deleted ...@, Jul 23 2013

I assume, Google-developers are simply not good enough to implement MRU. ;)
Users: we want a MRU Functionality
Google team: no, we don't like the idea
Users: why? its hard to implement this?
Google team: no, we just don't like. Its a matter of personal taste. We made a survey with our staff and no one will use this, so we arbitrarily decide that no one will ever use this. Also, our survey indicates that all our staff prefer country music. So the next version of Chrome will play country music automatically. Also Chrome will block any music in your computer that aren't country music.
Users: but I like rock. I don't like country music.
Google team: but all our staff like and we don't give a sh*t for your personal taste, so, case closed.

Comment 453 by Deleted ...@, Jul 29 2013

pretty please?
Why won't fix......?!
Please implement this.....

Comment 455 by Deleted ...@, Aug 7 2013

4+ years of user's requests... And nothig done. They dont care about us.

Comment 456 by Deleted ...@, Aug 12 2013

I want this feature, too!

Comment 457 by, Aug 16 2013

I can't believe that there's still no option for MRU tab switching in Chrome. 
Opera has is by default. And there's an option in IE (can't remember if FF has it built-in or if that's part of the excellent TabMix add-on). 
And I love that in the other browsers Ctrl+T opens a new browser adjacent to the current tab, not all the way at the far right! argggHHHH!!!  
Lot's of nice things about Chrome, but these two issues mean less Chrome users, and some who continue to use it but just grit their teeth and try to forget their frustration. 
If anyone knows anyone who has any influence on the developers of Chrome, PLEASE discuss this issue with them and enlighten us why these invaluable features aren't available in Chrome.  THANKS THANKS THANKS :-)  

Comment 458 by, Aug 16 2013

Okay, it's been nearly two years since I added a comment about some workaround, but I'll post it again here in hopes that it will help some of you: 
I commented about this over a year ago. Sigh... But I've found two extensions that make Chrome tab management acceptable (though not as good as Opera's built-in tab management!). Maybe this isn't the right place, but I hope that you'll find these extensions super helpful like I do: 

Recent Tabs (MRU)  <-- Ctrl-Q to cycle through your tabs in MRU

Tab Menu   <-- Click on the icon for a drop-down menu of all your tabs; you can scroll or page down if you have more than one page, and you can rearrange tabs in the list)

(Note: there are several different extensions MRU, and another similar to Tab List, but after doing some reading, I chose Recent Tabs and Tab List, and they work well for me.  If one doesn't work for you, uninstall and try another! Quick Tabs also looks promising, as does Vertical Tabs, and there are others). 

Here's a review I just wrote for Recent Tabs: 
Hao Ren 郝仁14 minutes agoDelete comment
Hi Fryn, 
I LOVE this extension. Before I found Tab Menu,  I'd pretty much stopped using Chrome because it was such a headache finding my tabs. 
But Tab Menu is great. Just click the icon at the top to the right (by the wrench), and get a drop down scroll-able menu of all open tabs, and click on the one you want.  You can drag tabs around to change the order as well.  :-)  
And I just installed another awesome extension to solve my biggest pet-peeve with Chrome, MRU: 
Recent Tabs
It allows you to hit Ctrl-Q and cycle tabs in MRU (most recent used order) - YAY!!!  Just remember that it won't work on certain webpages due to Google security restrictions (like on this page as I'm editing this review of Tab Menu). When that happens you need to make another tab active (Ctrl-Tab or click on another tab with your mouse), and then Ctrl-Tab should work again. 
Cheers, Harry
Hi, I just wrote a review about how I LOVE Tab Menu -- I can't use Chrome any more without it. But I can't find that review now (reviews in Chrome Webstore seem to sorted randomly!)... So I just wanted to add that it works super fast for me, and I have about 68 tabs open.  
When I click on the Tab Menu icon, the drop down list of tabs appears immediately, showing 24 tabs. If I click beneath the scroll bar to page down, it displays a 2nd list of 24 tabs (with the bottom 3 from the 1st list at the top, so 21 new tabs), and so on.  Of course you can also drag the scroll bar up and down. 
 I'm using at Dell Vostro 3350 laptop with Win7 Pro 64-bit w/6GB RAM, i5 (2410).  
Thanks again fryn!  Harry

Comment 459 by Deleted ...@, Aug 23 2013

Will be perfect if Ctrl+tab switch to last visited Tab. Now it's deadly unless.
Well here we are - 5 years later and still no MRU tabs, therefore still no reason to use chrome. In the time since this was first posted, some people have been born, some died. George Dub'ya was president when this was posted. Since this bug was opened, America elected it's first black president. Conan O'Brien hosted the Tonight Show for the last time. Bin Laden was killed. We've had three popes. How many generations of browser users will google ignore?

Comment 461 by Deleted ...@, Sep 3 2013

I think the guys from FF, Opera, IE... are very glad you won't fix this issue... 
If it was not so sad, one could laugh about. 

Back to FF, bye :/

Comment 462 by, Sep 15 2013

FYI: The 'New Opera' (the Chromium-based version... for now actually 'Chropera') is implementing MRU. Version 16 (and above) has a new flags setting (opera://flags): 'Tab cycling in activation order'. This flag setting is currently only available on Windows, but you can also enable it on Mac OS: start the application with the CLI option "--with-feature:activation-order-tab-cycling".

I guess the tab-cycling implementation is not ready yet, I'm not seeing a tab-cycle pop-up yet, but at least it's there!!! There you go, Chrome-like speeds & browsing experience + MRU. Let's prey Opera get's those other awesome 'old functions' back to Opera quickly.

Bye-bye Chrome, hello Opera again!

Comment 463 by, Sep 20 2013

In Chrome, it's so hard to manage many tabs with no MRU tab-switching.

Comment 464 by Deleted ...@, Sep 21 2013

Chrome Version (type about:version into your omnibox):29.0.1547.76 (Official Build 223446) m
Operating System (Windows 7/8/Vista/XP, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS):Windows 8

This is not an issue but suggestion!
Now a days Chrome is looking more than browser. Its more of like a OS for normal user and developers.
We store sensitive information in it. What I want is to have Master Login password to open Synchronized instance of Chrome on any computer.  For example: I've my office PC Chrome Synchronized with home. 
It may possible that my office PC is accessed by some other peoples. I want to have feature to logoff my profile, without disconnecting Synchronizing. I should be able to loggin to my profile on trusted PC.

Comment 465 Deleted

I can't switch to Chrome only because of MRU support lack.

Comment 467 by Deleted ...@, Sep 27 2013

Same for me, I cannot beleave that this is not possible in Chrome! This is a must have for a browser. 
I know this is set to WontFix, but honestly.. Do the developers behind Chrome not actually surf the web? Have they no insight into browser usage patterns? I thought Google was the master of data-mining. Guess that assumption was wrong..

MRU lets the user stay within a given "work context". (This is particularly important to me as a web developer.) There are always a lot more tabs open than you'd want to cycle through, and there are _always_ 2-4 tabs that you do actually actively use.

Honestly guys, why was this ever left out of the application? It is the ONLY sensible way to use tabbed browsing and as much as I love Chrome, this is a regal pain in the shitter every single day of my life both at work and at home.
won't fix???
too bad!..
everyone need this

Comment 470 by Deleted ...@, Oct 3 2013

The lack of this feature is a deal-breaker for me. The first thing I do when setting up FF and IE on a new computer is to enable MRU tab behaviour. Hopefully Google implements this feature in Chrome so that I can consider using it as my default browser.

Comment 471 by, Oct 12 2013

Wow... 470 Messages and no dev cares...
There are a few plugins for this, but without the ability to get them running on ctrl+tab it seems kind of pointless :-/
Can't the just an option in the chrome://flags to enable/disable this?

Comment 472 by, Oct 13 2013

As Chrome is open source, isn't there someone out there who could integrate this change and compile an 'MRU edition' for us?

This bug is definitely sad because Chrome would be my absolute favorite browser...

Sent from my Firefox

Comment 473 by, Oct 15 2013

After doing a bit more of research I found a possibility to overcome this problem at least on Windows. Please have a look on my newly created extension:
4 years - feature still not implemented.
A lot of ppl need it. Please give them possibility to choose use MRU or not.
This is the last feature that keeps me using Internet Explorer. It seems like such a simple feature request...
come on Google, don't be evil
The current CTRL+TAB is 100% useless. I've never needed or used it and never will. MRU style tabbing is however very useful and I've needed for ages! Can't get any of the extensions to work either, they either don't work at all or break after a bit of usage.

Comment 478 Deleted

Comment 479 by Deleted ...@, Nov 22 2013

For me, who usually has dozen of tabs open (in Firefox),  ctrl tab is not much use  unless it cycles in most recently used order, which "even" IE lets you choose, and which the TabMixPlus extension enables in FF.  

And which also enables multiple tab rows, and to reduce the tab width, but which Chrome does not enable, but along with the FF NOIA 4 theme, this enables me to get over 25 identifiable tabs on each row. I do research etc. and i want to have many pages visible to quickly access them.  

Chrome is my alternative to IE when FF is not running. Thank God for variety. 
518 KB View Download
please see how it is implemented in IE 11 and give us the same option! CTRL+TAB should be able to switch to Most Recent Tab.
FF support this natively. Just type about:config in the address bar. Then modify the "browser.ctrlTab.mostRecentlyUsed" to "true" ;)

Comment 482 Deleted

Come on Google, how difficult can this be?
The level of ignorance on this issue, and the lack of feedback from Google just brings them down to apple levels. 

Comment 485 by Deleted ...@, Dec 9 2013

Holy Christ Google, get with the program.  Internet Explorer will take over if you keep being complacent and neglecting the wishes of hundreds of people who clearly have wanted this issue FIVE YEARS AGO.

Comment 486 by Deleted ...@, Dec 9 2013

I've waited for this feature for a long time!

Comment 487 Deleted

Comment 488 Deleted

I also want this.  I was forced to switch the Chrome against my will since my company stopped supporting Firefox (which had it)... sigh.  The customizability in Firefox was so much better.  Chrome is a bit faster, but I would rather have a slower, customizable browser because I am faster at using it and more efficient (even if I lose a second or two here or there waiting for a page to load).
Yes, I would like to see this added. I will even implement it myself for you for free if you give me access to source code. I have 40 years programming experience (I can do it no matter what the implementation language) and I am retired so I have the time. I would gladly sign an NDA.

Comment 491 by, Dec 14 2013

Shocking! Since Opera for Linux has been abandoned, I'm looking to migrate to a different browser. Chrome's ctrl-tab behavior was annoying as a default, but I'm shocked to find that it's not even configurable! Complete deal-breaker. I guess I'll have to choose Firefox, then. 
Given the current ctrl-tab behavior, the lack of text-only zooming, and the unreliable session recovery, I only use Chrome for when I don't need to keep lots of tabs open across sessions.  FF remains my primary browser, where I currently have 261 tabs open, mostly unloaded, thanks to Bar Tab Lite, and appearing on the Right, thanks to the Tree Style Tab extension.

Comment 493 by, Dec 30 2013

This issue is preventing me from using Chrome as my primary browser too.  It strains belief that this has been ignored for 5 years now.
What a waste of a great browser!
This too is the main (and probably the only) reason i am not using Chrome. It simply makes switching between tabs too slow and cumbersome. 

Why this non-standard behavior? And it's a pretty much useless behavior too... There are already keys to go to the next and previous tab, namely CTRL+PgUp/PgDn, so why duplicate that functionality for CTRL+Tab too? It makes no sense. A "user friendly" argument does not hold, because if people know enough about keyboard shortcuts to know CTRL+TAB and ALT+TAB, they expect it to behave in the MRU fashion... Imagine if all windows programs behaved like this... and if windows itself (with ALT+TAB) behaved like this..! (Immediate drop in productivity if you needed to switch between programs and had more than 2 programs open)

As it is now, you have to think each time you switch between even 2 tabs..! You have to look up at the tab-section of the screen, remember the name of the website, determine and select the right key combination (ctrl+tab or ctrl+shift+tab), press the keys the same number of times (+1) as there are tabs between the tab you started at and the tab you want to go to. This is insane. With the standard MRU behavior you just press CTRL+TAB once and you're back at the previous tab. 

It is not too late to change - as mentioned, i am sure that anyone who knows about CTRL+TAB expects it to behave in the MRU fashion.

(Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn still exists for people who always want to go to the next/prev tab (and that keycombination makes more sense for this behavior - and is probably what these people prefer), so no one would loose any functionality for this fix)

(yes i know Firefox's default behavior is equally insane - but it can at least be fixed by a setting. Mozilla should however also fix their default..!)
Looks like the recent API extensions make Ctrl+Tab a reality (Windows only, for the time being)

Read the extension notes well before installing: just installing is not enough, you also have to edit the keyboard settings and assign Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to the extension.

Now, if they just baked this behavior into the browser, maybe switched on via a goddamned command line parameter or an experimental entry in the chrome://flags page... every developer and/or any moderately intelligent person on the planet would benefit.

Comment 497 by, Feb 19 2014

They'll implement that once, because it can't be ignorable
Wish it's implemented this year
Without this feature Chrome is imperfection...

Comment 499 by Deleted ...@, Feb 28 2014

It is really needed to have ctrl-alt acting just like windows' alt-tab.

Comment 500 by Deleted ...@, Mar 3 2014

Please. why it's so hard?

Comment 501 by Deleted ...@, Mar 4 2014

Please make an option or allow to override ctrl+tab shortcut ourselves. Is there a problem with that?
We need MRU CTRL+TAB, please give us such feature!!!

Comment 503 by, Mar 24 2014

Really, Google? As a developer (and a shopper), the ability to quickly Ctrl-Tab between two tabs is indispensable. The lack of MRU tab switching is the only thing keeping me from moving from Firefox to Chrome. It makes we wonder how employees at Google (where I'm sure Chrome usage is near 100%) have dealt with this limitation for so long without staging a revolt.
+1 for MRU, pondering firefox just for this

Comment 505 by Deleted ...@, Apr 15 2014

Why dont you add such a feature?
Only this bug stops me from switching to Chrome. Is there no solution?
This is just about the *only* thing keeping me from using Chrome as my main browser.
5 years later and it's still not implemented at least as an option. 
Chrome is the perfect browser in ever other way. This is the most pointless omission. 
If there was a reason given then maybe we could all understand why, but as it stands, it's just someone's opinion that leaves the rest of us without such a useful feature. 

Comment 509 by Deleted ...@, May 1 2014

Why not ? I can't believe it :/ Viva firefox !

Comment 510 Deleted

I still using Opera 12 only because of this. Is it so hard to add this feature as option?

Comment 512 by, May 28 2014

Latest Opera 21 (& a few releases earlier) already has MRU tab switching. Ctrl-` for most recent two, or a flag to use ctrl-tab. I prefer to keep ctrl-tab & ctrl-shift-tab for forward & backward, ctrl-` for flipping between 2 tabs quickly (*ESSENTIAL FEATURE* of any multi-window environment). Opera uses the same engine as Chrome now anyway, and polishes the user experience.

With all the comments here & the other one #161960, a lack of action from Google just demonstrates how some engineers are out of touch with users, and live in their own self-righteous bubble, I work in the industry and see this kind of behavior everyday.

Poor-poor-poor bug, it's the one, I use Chrome for years and still cannot get used to switching back. Any IT person screams about this, plugin with ctrl+Q does not help as it is buggy due to JS functionality (chrome extensions don't allow reassign these buttons). I swear some day happens, when chrome team stops scoffing on users and implements this feature (at least radiobuttons in options). Millions of people are looking forward to it!!
Is there an official explanation why this is not being made possible (either through configuration or extension)?

Comment 515 by Deleted ...@, Jun 13 2014

is there any solution? 
Deal-breaker for me - and I haven't seen a good explanation why an extension can't fix this, except on Windows?

Comment 517 by Deleted ...@, Aug 4 2014

FF crashes finally drove me over to Chrome as primary.  Stable, fast...many virtues.  But it just happens that MRU switching has long been the one feature that I cannot live without.  (Is the rest of the world that doesn't get this just stupid, or what?)  Goody-bye, Chrome...I hardly knew'ye.
2.9 MB Download
This issue has status "Won't Fix".  The "All Issues" view on this site excludes such issues, so Google is effectively censoring this.  Which points even more to a completely obstinate, pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face.  Whatever personality-cult of the individual blocking this, I encourage someone beneath him to speak up, blow the whistle and be counted.

Comment 520 Deleted

Comment 521 by, Sep 16 2014

As a supporter of Chrome since the VERY beginning, and an avid Google user who supports/trusts Google despite the often nagging thought to the contrary, the response to this MUCH requested feature perplexes me. Put simply, any fractionally computer-savvy person that knows how to use the MRU alt-tab/cmd-tab functionality in their OS, will be the only people using the cntrl-tab functionality within Chrome. Therefore, it just astounds me that Google would take it upon themselves to alter the standard behavior for the only users that will be utilizing it anyways. My mother, my grandma, and virtually any other computer-ignorant person I know, moves their mouse and clicks on the tab they want to view... so WHY would you change this functionality for the only people who are already utilizing it within their OS? The reasons given for not implementing this functionality make absolutely no sense. I am a long-time programmer and reverse engineer and it is clear to me that Google chooses not to implement this because they choose not to. Only when it is their priority to do so, will they. It was the same story, different verse with Bluetooth Low-Energy functionality on Android. It didn't matter that 10's of thousands of users were PLEADING for them to make it a priority, they only got around to it 2 years later, when they realized they were loosing market share because of it. This isn't always the attitude of Google employees/programmers, because I have had very pleasant experiences with employees inside their company at other times. However, it appears that there are some people within the organization that subscribe to the general attitude of corporate America and shut down some of these important issues before another employee who has some connection to the customer-base can get a hold of the issue to fix it. "Status: WontFix". That just about sums it up... That's the general attitude I get at every other corporate business in this country that is concerned with nothing except their own self-interest... Really Google? I expect better from you... Let your employees who care about YOUR customer's interests fix this problem.... because I know that there are many people programming for you internally that HAVE to think this is just retarded as many of us computer-savvy users/programmers/hackers/reverse engineers on the outside. Simple ignorant obstinance.
The lack of MRU tab order in Chrome is absolutely PATHETIC!!

I use Chrome for all my development work because it's the most efficient, the most compliant, and the developer tools are fantastic! But guess what, I never use it for casual browsing because of the RETARDED tab ordering.

How many times must the users beg for this feature and still be ignored?
It can't be that difficult to implement, since pretty much every other application with a tabbed user interface has a MRU tab order as default (or at the very least, a configurable option to use MRU tab order over left-to-right order)

This is a source of daily annoyance and frustration.
Just give us the choice in the settings to decide how we want to use CTL-Tab and Ctl-Shift-tab
It's a shame and pity that Google cannot fix such an important issue!

Comment 526 by Deleted ...@, Nov 13 2014

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Comment 527 by, Nov 29 2014

I don't normally add "plus one" comments on support forums, but Google's intransigence on this one warrants an exception. I'm sticking with Firefox until MRU tabs are implemented in Chrome.

Comment 528 by Deleted ...@, Jan 5 2015

OMG! I landed here in search of a way to activate MRU behavior in Chrome but after reading random comments posted from 2008 till 2014 (that is, 7 years!), I am sure Chrome developers are not serious in addressing user requirements. What a shame!
I am again loving Opera!
Hey, anyone in google team, please give us the choice! Add this feature, let the default behaviour stay the same but add the settings that could override the tab switching!!

Comment 530 by, Jan 19 2015

Guys, what's up? So many users want this feature? As said before - just gave us such a settings! It's fucking inconvenient!
Opera has it by default, in Firefox you can manage over extension and flags. What is wrong with Chromium?

Comment 532 Deleted

Comment 533 by Deleted ...@, Feb 20 2015

This is bullshit!!!
6 years AND NOTHING????

Comment 534 by Deleted ...@, Mar 2 2015

Wonder what happens first: universe collapse or MRU in chrome? :)
I'd bet on Universe :) 
The only reasonable explanation is people who develop Chrome don't use it. No option to switch to MRU or to implement extension to do this on Ctrl-tab.

It may have sense to reopen the issue or to create another one in the hope that people who developed Chrome changed already.
This must be some conspiracy between all browsers developers not to implement this...

On OSX Chrome nor Opera nor Firefox nor Safari support this... :'(

I would pick any of this for as my browser if it had MRU support :'(
 Issue 161960  has been merged into this issue.
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Closing to additional comments.  We believe the best way to implement this feature is as an extension.  If our current extension APIs are not sufficient for authors to implement this, that should be filed as a separate feature request against those extension APIs.

With a quick search in the webstore, I found three extensions seeming to implement MRU tab switching in some form:

I have not tested these to ensure they work.  One review complaint I see on them is that you may be unable to bind ctrl-tab to the extension's MRU-switch functionality and have to use a different keyboard shortcut.  Again, that seems like something that may be a legitimate report that should be filed separately in this database.
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Note: Bug 482926 is now on file covering the issue that extensions can't bind ctrl-tab.

Until that's fixed, hopefully at least one of the above extensions allows you to get MRU tab-switching functionality, albeit with a different keybinding.

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