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Status: WontFix
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Closed: Jun 2009
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Type: Feature

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Modify Ctrl+Tab to change to most-recently-used tab and/or show tab title/thumbnail previews

Reported by, Dec 16 2008

Issue description

Chrome Version       :

Other browsers tested:
Add OK or FAIL after other browsers where you have tested this issue:
Safari 3:
    Firefox 3: OK (with an extension - stack-styled tabs)
         IE 7: FAIL

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Open 3 tabs
2. Ctrl-tab some times

This is a feature request, not quite a bug report.
I just thought it would be quite handy for users to be able to change the 
behaviour of Ctrl-Tab to act like Alt-Tab (but for tabs, obviously). This 
behaviour isn't default in any other browser, but there is a Firefox 
extension which activates it (with some bugs, though). Since I got so used 
to it, I would like to see it on Chrome.
Comment welcome!
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WontFix without reason? That's ridiculous!
some adamant google IT VP must have decided that MRU is not important. This IS the ONLY reason I've not been using chrome for so many years now.
This is not productive, i am getting lost on Crome tabs without this feature.

Comment 450 by Deleted ...@, Jul 18 2013

Please add this feature to Google Chrome Browser!!

Comment 451 by Deleted ...@, Jul 23 2013

I assume, Google-developers are simply not good enough to implement MRU. ;)
Users: we want a MRU Functionality
Google team: no, we don't like the idea
Users: why? its hard to implement this?
Google team: no, we just don't like. Its a matter of personal taste. We made a survey with our staff and no one will use this, so we arbitrarily decide that no one will ever use this. Also, our survey indicates that all our staff prefer country music. So the next version of Chrome will play country music automatically. Also Chrome will block any music in your computer that aren't country music.
Users: but I like rock. I don't like country music.
Google team: but all our staff like and we don't give a sh*t for your personal taste, so, case closed.

Comment 453 by Deleted ...@, Jul 29 2013

pretty please?
Why won't fix......?!
Please implement this.....

Comment 455 by Deleted ...@, Aug 7 2013

4+ years of user's requests... And nothig done. They dont care about us.

Comment 456 by Deleted ...@, Aug 12 2013

I want this feature, too!

Comment 457 by, Aug 16 2013

I can't believe that there's still no option for MRU tab switching in Chrome. 
Opera has is by default. And there's an option in IE (can't remember if FF has it built-in or if that's part of the excellent TabMix add-on). 
And I love that in the other browsers Ctrl+T opens a new browser adjacent to the current tab, not all the way at the far right! argggHHHH!!!  
Lot's of nice things about Chrome, but these two issues mean less Chrome users, and some who continue to use it but just grit their teeth and try to forget their frustration. 
If anyone knows anyone who has any influence on the developers of Chrome, PLEASE discuss this issue with them and enlighten us why these invaluable features aren't available in Chrome.  THANKS THANKS THANKS :-)  

Comment 458 by, Aug 16 2013

Okay, it's been nearly two years since I added a comment about some workaround, but I'll post it again here in hopes that it will help some of you: 
I commented about this over a year ago. Sigh... But I've found two extensions that make Chrome tab management acceptable (though not as good as Opera's built-in tab management!). Maybe this isn't the right place, but I hope that you'll find these extensions super helpful like I do: 

Recent Tabs (MRU)  <-- Ctrl-Q to cycle through your tabs in MRU

Tab Menu   <-- Click on the icon for a drop-down menu of all your tabs; you can scroll or page down if you have more than one page, and you can rearrange tabs in the list)

(Note: there are several different extensions MRU, and another similar to Tab List, but after doing some reading, I chose Recent Tabs and Tab List, and they work well for me.  If one doesn't work for you, uninstall and try another! Quick Tabs also looks promising, as does Vertical Tabs, and there are others). 

Here's a review I just wrote for Recent Tabs: 
Hao Ren 郝仁14 minutes agoDelete comment
Hi Fryn, 
I LOVE this extension. Before I found Tab Menu,  I'd pretty much stopped using Chrome because it was such a headache finding my tabs. 
But Tab Menu is great. Just click the icon at the top to the right (by the wrench), and get a drop down scroll-able menu of all open tabs, and click on the one you want.  You can drag tabs around to change the order as well.  :-)  
And I just installed another awesome extension to solve my biggest pet-peeve with Chrome, MRU: 
Recent Tabs
It allows you to hit Ctrl-Q and cycle tabs in MRU (most recent used order) - YAY!!!  Just remember that it won't work on certain webpages due to Google security restrictions (like on this page as I'm editing this review of Tab Menu). When that happens you need to make another tab active (Ctrl-Tab or click on another tab with your mouse), and then Ctrl-Tab should work again. 
Cheers, Harry
Hi, I just wrote a review about how I LOVE Tab Menu -- I can't use Chrome any more without it. But I can't find that review now (reviews in Chrome Webstore seem to sorted randomly!)... So I just wanted to add that it works super fast for me, and I have about 68 tabs open.  
When I click on the Tab Menu icon, the drop down list of tabs appears immediately, showing 24 tabs. If I click beneath the scroll bar to page down, it displays a 2nd list of 24 tabs (with the bottom 3 from the 1st list at the top, so 21 new tabs), and so on.  Of course you can also drag the scroll bar up and down. 
 I'm using at Dell Vostro 3350 laptop with Win7 Pro 64-bit w/6GB RAM, i5 (2410).  
Thanks again fryn!  Harry

Comment 459 by Deleted ...@, Aug 23 2013

Will be perfect if Ctrl+tab switch to last visited Tab. Now it's deadly unless.
Well here we are - 5 years later and still no MRU tabs, therefore still no reason to use chrome. In the time since this was first posted, some people have been born, some died. George Dub'ya was president when this was posted. Since this bug was opened, America elected it's first black president. Conan O'Brien hosted the Tonight Show for the last time. Bin Laden was killed. We've had three popes. How many generations of browser users will google ignore?

Comment 461 by Deleted ...@, Sep 3 2013

I think the guys from FF, Opera, IE... are very glad you won't fix this issue... 
If it was not so sad, one could laugh about. 

Back to FF, bye :/

Comment 462 by, Sep 15 2013

FYI: The 'New Opera' (the Chromium-based version... for now actually 'Chropera') is implementing MRU. Version 16 (and above) has a new flags setting (opera://flags): 'Tab cycling in activation order'. This flag setting is currently only available on Windows, but you can also enable it on Mac OS: start the application with the CLI option "--with-feature:activation-order-tab-cycling".

I guess the tab-cycling implementation is not ready yet, I'm not seeing a tab-cycle pop-up yet, but at least it's there!!! There you go, Chrome-like speeds & browsing experience + MRU. Let's prey Opera get's those other awesome 'old functions' back to Opera quickly.

Bye-bye Chrome, hello Opera again!

Comment 463 by, Sep 20 2013

In Chrome, it's so hard to manage many tabs with no MRU tab-switching.

Comment 464 by Deleted ...@, Sep 21 2013

Chrome Version (type about:version into your omnibox):29.0.1547.76 (Official Build 223446) m
Operating System (Windows 7/8/Vista/XP, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS):Windows 8

This is not an issue but suggestion!
Now a days Chrome is looking more than browser. Its more of like a OS for normal user and developers.
We store sensitive information in it. What I want is to have Master Login password to open Synchronized instance of Chrome on any computer.  For example: I've my office PC Chrome Synchronized with home. 
It may possible that my office PC is accessed by some other peoples. I want to have feature to logoff my profile, without disconnecting Synchronizing. I should be able to loggin to my profile on trusted PC.

Comment 465 Deleted

I can't switch to Chrome only because of MRU support lack.

Comment 467 by Deleted ...@, Sep 27 2013

Same for me, I cannot beleave that this is not possible in Chrome! This is a must have for a browser. 
I know this is set to WontFix, but honestly.. Do the developers behind Chrome not actually surf the web? Have they no insight into browser usage patterns? I thought Google was the master of data-mining. Guess that assumption was wrong..

MRU lets the user stay within a given "work context". (This is particularly important to me as a web developer.) There are always a lot more tabs open than you'd want to cycle through, and there are _always_ 2-4 tabs that you do actually actively use.

Honestly guys, why was this ever left out of the application? It is the ONLY sensible way to use tabbed browsing and as much as I love Chrome, this is a regal pain in the shitter every single day of my life both at work and at home.
won't fix???
too bad!..
everyone need this

Comment 470 by Deleted ...@, Oct 3 2013

The lack of this feature is a deal-breaker for me. The first thing I do when setting up FF and IE on a new computer is to enable MRU tab behaviour. Hopefully Google implements this feature in Chrome so that I can consider using it as my default browser.

Comment 471 by, Oct 12 2013

Wow... 470 Messages and no dev cares...
There are a few plugins for this, but without the ability to get them running on ctrl+tab it seems kind of pointless :-/
Can't the just an option in the chrome://flags to enable/disable this?

Comment 472 by, Oct 13 2013

As Chrome is open source, isn't there someone out there who could integrate this change and compile an 'MRU edition' for us?

This bug is definitely sad because Chrome would be my absolute favorite browser...

Sent from my Firefox

Comment 473 by, Oct 15 2013

After doing a bit more of research I found a possibility to overcome this problem at least on Windows. Please have a look on my newly created extension:
4 years - feature still not implemented.
A lot of ppl need it. Please give them possibility to choose use MRU or not.
This is the last feature that keeps me using Internet Explorer. It seems like such a simple feature request...
come on Google, don't be evil
The current CTRL+TAB is 100% useless. I've never needed or used it and never will. MRU style tabbing is however very useful and I've needed for ages! Can't get any of the extensions to work either, they either don't work at all or break after a bit of usage.

Comment 478 Deleted

Comment 479 by Deleted ...@, Nov 22 2013

For me, who usually has dozen of tabs open (in Firefox),  ctrl tab is not much use  unless it cycles in most recently used order, which "even" IE lets you choose, and which the TabMixPlus extension enables in FF.  

And which also enables multiple tab rows, and to reduce the tab width, but which Chrome does not enable, but along with the FF NOIA 4 theme, this enables me to get over 25 identifiable tabs on each row. I do research etc. and i want to have many pages visible to quickly access them.  

Chrome is my alternative to IE when FF is not running. Thank God for variety. 
518 KB View Download
please see how it is implemented in IE 11 and give us the same option! CTRL+TAB should be able to switch to Most Recent Tab.
FF support this natively. Just type about:config in the address bar. Then modify the "browser.ctrlTab.mostRecentlyUsed" to "true" ;)

Comment 482 Deleted

Come on Google, how difficult can this be?
The level of ignorance on this issue, and the lack of feedback from Google just brings them down to apple levels. 

Comment 485 by Deleted ...@, Dec 9 2013

Holy Christ Google, get with the program.  Internet Explorer will take over if you keep being complacent and neglecting the wishes of hundreds of people who clearly have wanted this issue FIVE YEARS AGO.

Comment 486 by Deleted ...@, Dec 9 2013

I've waited for this feature for a long time!

Comment 487 Deleted

Comment 488 Deleted

I also want this.  I was forced to switch the Chrome against my will since my company stopped supporting Firefox (which had it)... sigh.  The customizability in Firefox was so much better.  Chrome is a bit faster, but I would rather have a slower, customizable browser because I am faster at using it and more efficient (even if I lose a second or two here or there waiting for a page to load).
Yes, I would like to see this added. I will even implement it myself for you for free if you give me access to source code. I have 40 years programming experience (I can do it no matter what the implementation language) and I am retired so I have the time. I would gladly sign an NDA.

Comment 491 by, Dec 14 2013

Shocking! Since Opera for Linux has been abandoned, I'm looking to migrate to a different browser. Chrome's ctrl-tab behavior was annoying as a default, but I'm shocked to find that it's not even configurable! Complete deal-breaker. I guess I'll have to choose Firefox, then. 
Given the current ctrl-tab behavior, the lack of text-only zooming, and the unreliable session recovery, I only use Chrome for when I don't need to keep lots of tabs open across sessions.  FF remains my primary browser, where I currently have 261 tabs open, mostly unloaded, thanks to Bar Tab Lite, and appearing on the Right, thanks to the Tree Style Tab extension.

Comment 493 by, Dec 30 2013

This issue is preventing me from using Chrome as my primary browser too.  It strains belief that this has been ignored for 5 years now.
What a waste of a great browser!
This too is the main (and probably the only) reason i am not using Chrome. It simply makes switching between tabs too slow and cumbersome. 

Why this non-standard behavior? And it's a pretty much useless behavior too... There are already keys to go to the next and previous tab, namely CTRL+PgUp/PgDn, so why duplicate that functionality for CTRL+Tab too? It makes no sense. A "user friendly" argument does not hold, because if people know enough about keyboard shortcuts to know CTRL+TAB and ALT+TAB, they expect it to behave in the MRU fashion... Imagine if all windows programs behaved like this... and if windows itself (with ALT+TAB) behaved like this..! (Immediate drop in productivity if you needed to switch between programs and had more than 2 programs open)

As it is now, you have to think each time you switch between even 2 tabs..! You have to look up at the tab-section of the screen, remember the name of the website, determine and select the right key combination (ctrl+tab or ctrl+shift+tab), press the keys the same number of times (+1) as there are tabs between the tab you started at and the tab you want to go to. This is insane. With the standard MRU behavior you just press CTRL+TAB once and you're back at the previous tab. 

It is not too late to change - as mentioned, i am sure that anyone who knows about CTRL+TAB expects it to behave in the MRU fashion.

(Ctrl+PgUp/PgDn still exists for people who always want to go to the next/prev tab (and that keycombination makes more sense for this behavior - and is probably what these people prefer), so no one would loose any functionality for this fix)

(yes i know Firefox's default behavior is equally insane - but it can at least be fixed by a setting. Mozilla should however also fix their default..!)
Looks like the recent API extensions make Ctrl+Tab a reality (Windows only, for the time being)

Read the extension notes well before installing: just installing is not enough, you also have to edit the keyboard settings and assign Ctrl+Tab and Ctrl+Shift+Tab to the extension.

Now, if they just baked this behavior into the browser, maybe switched on via a goddamned command line parameter or an experimental entry in the chrome://flags page... every developer and/or any moderately intelligent person on the planet would benefit.

Comment 497 by, Feb 19 2014

They'll implement that once, because it can't be ignorable
Wish it's implemented this year
Without this feature Chrome is imperfection...

Comment 499 by Deleted ...@, Feb 28 2014

It is really needed to have ctrl-alt acting just like windows' alt-tab.

Comment 500 by Deleted ...@, Mar 3 2014

Please. why it's so hard?

Comment 501 by Deleted ...@, Mar 4 2014

Please make an option or allow to override ctrl+tab shortcut ourselves. Is there a problem with that?
We need MRU CTRL+TAB, please give us such feature!!!

Comment 503 by, Mar 24 2014

Really, Google? As a developer (and a shopper), the ability to quickly Ctrl-Tab between two tabs is indispensable. The lack of MRU tab switching is the only thing keeping me from moving from Firefox to Chrome. It makes we wonder how employees at Google (where I'm sure Chrome usage is near 100%) have dealt with this limitation for so long without staging a revolt.
+1 for MRU, pondering firefox just for this

Comment 505 by Deleted ...@, Apr 15 2014

Why dont you add such a feature?
Only this bug stops me from switching to Chrome. Is there no solution?
This is just about the *only* thing keeping me from using Chrome as my main browser.
5 years later and it's still not implemented at least as an option. 
Chrome is the perfect browser in ever other way. This is the most pointless omission. 
If there was a reason given then maybe we could all understand why, but as it stands, it's just someone's opinion that leaves the rest of us without such a useful feature. 

Comment 509 by Deleted ...@, May 1 2014

Why not ? I can't believe it :/ Viva firefox !

Comment 510 Deleted

I still using Opera 12 only because of this. Is it so hard to add this feature as option?

Comment 512 by, May 28 2014

Latest Opera 21 (& a few releases earlier) already has MRU tab switching. Ctrl-` for most recent two, or a flag to use ctrl-tab. I prefer to keep ctrl-tab & ctrl-shift-tab for forward & backward, ctrl-` for flipping between 2 tabs quickly (*ESSENTIAL FEATURE* of any multi-window environment). Opera uses the same engine as Chrome now anyway, and polishes the user experience.

With all the comments here & the other one #161960, a lack of action from Google just demonstrates how some engineers are out of touch with users, and live in their own self-righteous bubble, I work in the industry and see this kind of behavior everyday.

Poor-poor-poor bug, it's the one, I use Chrome for years and still cannot get used to switching back. Any IT person screams about this, plugin with ctrl+Q does not help as it is buggy due to JS functionality (chrome extensions don't allow reassign these buttons). I swear some day happens, when chrome team stops scoffing on users and implements this feature (at least radiobuttons in options). Millions of people are looking forward to it!!
Is there an official explanation why this is not being made possible (either through configuration or extension)?

Comment 515 by Deleted ...@, Jun 13 2014

is there any solution? 
Deal-breaker for me - and I haven't seen a good explanation why an extension can't fix this, except on Windows?

Comment 517 by Deleted ...@, Aug 4 2014

FF crashes finally drove me over to Chrome as primary.  Stable, fast...many virtues.  But it just happens that MRU switching has long been the one feature that I cannot live without.  (Is the rest of the world that doesn't get this just stupid, or what?)  Goody-bye, Chrome...I hardly knew'ye.
2.9 MB Download
This issue has status "Won't Fix".  The "All Issues" view on this site excludes such issues, so Google is effectively censoring this.  Which points even more to a completely obstinate, pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face.  Whatever personality-cult of the individual blocking this, I encourage someone beneath him to speak up, blow the whistle and be counted.

Comment 520 Deleted

Comment 521 by, Sep 16 2014

As a supporter of Chrome since the VERY beginning, and an avid Google user who supports/trusts Google despite the often nagging thought to the contrary, the response to this MUCH requested feature perplexes me. Put simply, any fractionally computer-savvy person that knows how to use the MRU alt-tab/cmd-tab functionality in their OS, will be the only people using the cntrl-tab functionality within Chrome. Therefore, it just astounds me that Google would take it upon themselves to alter the standard behavior for the only users that will be utilizing it anyways. My mother, my grandma, and virtually any other computer-ignorant person I know, moves their mouse and clicks on the tab they want to view... so WHY would you change this functionality for the only people who are already utilizing it within their OS? The reasons given for not implementing this functionality make absolutely no sense. I am a long-time programmer and reverse engineer and it is clear to me that Google chooses not to implement this because they choose not to. Only when it is their priority to do so, will they. It was the same story, different verse with Bluetooth Low-Energy functionality on Android. It didn't matter that 10's of thousands of users were PLEADING for them to make it a priority, they only got around to it 2 years later, when they realized they were loosing market share because of it. This isn't always the attitude of Google employees/programmers, because I have had very pleasant experiences with employees inside their company at other times. However, it appears that there are some people within the organization that subscribe to the general attitude of corporate America and shut down some of these important issues before another employee who has some connection to the customer-base can get a hold of the issue to fix it. "Status: WontFix". That just about sums it up... That's the general attitude I get at every other corporate business in this country that is concerned with nothing except their own self-interest... Really Google? I expect better from you... Let your employees who care about YOUR customer's interests fix this problem.... because I know that there are many people programming for you internally that HAVE to think this is just retarded as many of us computer-savvy users/programmers/hackers/reverse engineers on the outside. Simple ignorant obstinance.
The lack of MRU tab order in Chrome is absolutely PATHETIC!!

I use Chrome for all my development work because it's the most efficient, the most compliant, and the developer tools are fantastic! But guess what, I never use it for casual browsing because of the RETARDED tab ordering.

How many times must the users beg for this feature and still be ignored?
It can't be that difficult to implement, since pretty much every other application with a tabbed user interface has a MRU tab order as default (or at the very least, a configurable option to use MRU tab order over left-to-right order)

This is a source of daily annoyance and frustration.
Just give us the choice in the settings to decide how we want to use CTL-Tab and Ctl-Shift-tab
It's a shame and pity that Google cannot fix such an important issue!

Comment 526 Deleted

Comment 527 by, Nov 29 2014

I don't normally add "plus one" comments on support forums, but Google's intransigence on this one warrants an exception. I'm sticking with Firefox until MRU tabs are implemented in Chrome.

Comment 528 by Deleted ...@, Jan 5 2015

OMG! I landed here in search of a way to activate MRU behavior in Chrome but after reading random comments posted from 2008 till 2014 (that is, 7 years!), I am sure Chrome developers are not serious in addressing user requirements. What a shame!
I am again loving Opera!
Hey, anyone in google team, please give us the choice! Add this feature, let the default behaviour stay the same but add the settings that could override the tab switching!!

Comment 530 by, Jan 19 2015

Guys, what's up? So many users want this feature? As said before - just gave us such a settings! It's fucking inconvenient!
Opera has it by default, in Firefox you can manage over extension and flags. What is wrong with Chromium?

Comment 532 Deleted

Comment 533 by Deleted ...@, Feb 20 2015

This is bullshit!!!
6 years AND NOTHING????

Comment 534 by Deleted ...@, Mar 2 2015

Wonder what happens first: universe collapse or MRU in chrome? :)
I'd bet on Universe :) 
The only reasonable explanation is people who develop Chrome don't use it. No option to switch to MRU or to implement extension to do this on Ctrl-tab.

It may have sense to reopen the issue or to create another one in the hope that people who developed Chrome changed already.
This must be some conspiracy between all browsers developers not to implement this...

On OSX Chrome nor Opera nor Firefox nor Safari support this... :'(

I would pick any of this for as my browser if it had MRU support :'(
 Issue 161960  has been merged into this issue.
Labels: Restrict-AddIssueComment-EditIssue
Closing to additional comments.  We believe the best way to implement this feature is as an extension.  If our current extension APIs are not sufficient for authors to implement this, that should be filed as a separate feature request against those extension APIs.

With a quick search in the webstore, I found three extensions seeming to implement MRU tab switching in some form:

I have not tested these to ensure they work.  One review complaint I see on them is that you may be unable to bind ctrl-tab to the extension's MRU-switch functionality and have to use a different keyboard shortcut.  Again, that seems like something that may be a legitimate report that should be filed separately in this database.
 Issue 18148  has been merged into this issue.
Note: Bug 482926 is now on file covering the issue that extensions can't bind ctrl-tab.

Until that's fixed, hopefully at least one of the above extensions allows you to get MRU tab-switching functionality, albeit with a different keybinding.

Comment 542 Deleted

Comment 543 by, Jul 7 2016

Components: UI>Browser>TabStrip

Comment 544 by, Jul 7 2016

Issue 616896 has been merged into this issue.
 Issue 797990  has been merged into this issue.
 Issue 902105  has been merged into this issue.
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