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Implement the <device> element
Reported by, Sep 13 2010 Back to list
We should implement this:  (And, of course, help nail down all the unresolved details in the spec, while we're at it. :-)
Comment 1 by, Sep 13 2010
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Ericsson seems to be experimenting with the Device Element in WebKit. While no source-code has been released so far, it would be useful to check with them whether they have the intention to land their implementation in WebKit.

More information, sample code, and videos can be found within these two articles:
Comment 3 Deleted
What are the issues in finalizing the device element in the html5 spec? Someone can list them, so that we can deal with them...

Comment 5 by, Oct 13 2010
At this point, I think implementation experience is what's most important here.

If you're interested in discussing the spec, you should join WhatWG (google it).
Comment 6 by *, Jan 6 2011
Comment 7 by, Apr 28 2011
Comment 8 by, Apr 28 2011
Comment 9 by, Apr 28 2011
Should the device element integrate with Navigator.getUserMedia(), or be stand-alone (for support of a much broader range of devices such as Serial, generic USB devices, etc.)?

Is there a particular page that devs are using as the core reference to implement it (beyond WhatWG)? 

Comment 10 by, Apr 28 2011
The device element has gone the way of the dodo,  and we are implementing the current whatwg spec (getUserMedia).
Cc: -*
Is there any update on this so far? Or any forecast for when it's going to be integrated?
getUserMedia seems to be landing in Opera 12 alpha within the next days and the stable version is supposed to be released later this year. So how is the support in Chrome comming? - Thanks
Comment 14 Deleted
Yes, What is the Chrome team's current status on  implementing navigator.getUserMedia?
opera navigator.getUseMedia details:

getUserMedia whatwg spec :

Currently the getUserMedia is available only on Android through Opera, or by using it on experimental (like the Ericsson one). I just tested it on latest Opera release (12 alpha - 1105) and it is still not available to Desktop. Hope to get this soon on Chrome, even if we have to got through security permissions. I'm having to implement a whole bunch of code through GStreamer to use something that has its own spec already defined.
Please let us know who is responsible for getUserMedia implementation in Chrome. We can help on the implementation.
Opera Labs have released Opera 12 alpha with a working version of getUserMedia with HTML5 webcam support.


And the demo:

Time for Chrome to support this, no?
Chrome's webrtc project:
@Tommy (tommyw) : please throw some light on the status.
Opera 12 alpha streams webcam nicely. Here is my test:
Comment 21 by, Oct 19 2011
I have just made a successful webcam test with the above Opera 12 demo (GNU/Linux - Kubuntu 11.10) And I am looking foreword for Chrome to catch up ;-)
Comment 22 by, Oct 20 2011
We are making progress as fast as we can, a lot depend on the WebKit work
which happily is close to completion.
on the ericsson blog there is a comment "The device element has recently been removed from the HTML specification". Does this mean chrome will implement the webcam access via getUserMedia javascript function wrapper?
Comment 24 by, Oct 20 2011
We (the webrtc team and Ericsson) are fully committed in following the W3C
webrtc specification.

The device tag is long gone...
@Tommy: Thanks for commitment. 
If you guys need help, please let me know, we can help you on this.
Comment 26 Deleted
Comment 27 by Deleted ...@, Nov 18 2011
Okay everybody, we've had some time to work on this, and I'm not a compiled type code programmer so all I can really do is ask if it's actually been added to Chrome/Gecko yet, and bump the post maybe.
I need the implementation getUserMedia for my web. Maybe I can help with something but this not have to be too diferent from the speech input.
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Status: WontFix
Closing bug per comment 24 - the device tag has been deprecated.
Project Member Comment 30 by, Oct 13 2012
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This issue has been closed for some time. No one will pay attention to new comments.
If you are seeing this bug or have new data, please click New Issue to start a new bug.
Project Member Comment 31 by, Mar 11 2013
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Project Member Comment 32 by, Apr 6 2013
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