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Closed: Nov 22
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OS: Windows
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Type: Bug

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dbghelp getSectionLength crashing sometimes on Windows 8.1

Project Member Reported by, Sep 3 2015

Issue description

Chromium builds use a checked in copy of dbghelp.dll which dates from February 2010, for XP compatibility (see ). It is not surprising that this ancient copy of dbghelp.dll is a bit flaky and occasionally crashes, usually in dbghelp!AddressMap::getSectionLength. Crash dump attached. I've seen what appears to be an identical crash two to three times.

It would be nice to use a newer version of dbghelp.dll on machines that are newer than XP in order to perhaps avoid this problem.

149 KB Download

- I think we have to put it in PRODUCT_DIR per  issue 460506  so that XP bots work.
- I don't think .isolate has a conditional so that it'll only get copied for XP machines.

But it sucks that it crashes.

I'm not sure what the best resolution is. I guess the best way is to LoadLibrary/GetProcAddress a specific dbghelp.dll, the old one when running on XP (and maybe Vista or whatever) and then otherwise a newer one.
The crashing may be caused by VS 2015 generated PDBs hitting some edge cases which would explain why I am seeing this more frequently. The crash is not 100% with VS 2015 PDBs, but it is a non-trivial percentage. We'll have to watch for this if VS 2015 is going to cause XP tests to crash sometimes when failing.
Status: Archived (was: Untriaged)
XP support long gone so is this DLL

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