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Status: WontFix
Closed: Jun 2016
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OS: Linux
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Type: Launch-OWP
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issue 423975
issue 520519

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Provide a mechanism to allow authors to open HTMLSelect elements
Project Member Reported by, Aug 13 2015 Back to list
Currently we find that some authors are using dispatching mousedown events at select elements to cause them to open.


I've specifically proposed this as a feature:

Blocking: chromium:520519
Specifically once default actions for untrusted events don't work authors won't be able to do this. We should provide an alternate mechanism.
Comment 3 by, Aug 13 2015
Labels: -Type-Bug Type-Launch-OWP OWP-Standards-MailingList Hotlist-Input-Dev
Marking this as an OWP launch bug.  We'll need to do an intent-to-ship for this once you feel it's ready.
Comment 4 by, Aug 13 2015
Labels: OWP-Design-No OWP-Type-NewAPI
Comment 5 by, Aug 28 2015
Blocking: chromium:423975
We'll make every effort to reply soon as we have the chance to sync internally. cc
Comment 7 by, Mar 30 2016
Labels: Hotlist-Interop
Marking this Hotlist-Interop since it's the last known thing blocking  issue 520519  which is an interop issue.

Dave, what's the current status here?  IIRC there was a potentially compelling argument that the API should be using an HTML attribute.

I need to talk to you about the async behaviour of the API. Just need like 15-20 minutes to walk through and make a decision, but I think modeling it after dialog as requested is just fine. 
Comment 9 by, Mar 30 2016
Components: Blink>Forms>Select
Sounds good, let's chat.

Adding Blink>Forms>Select.  I think this feature could make sense on either input-dev or html/dom team.
Status: WontFix
Based on UMA data it was decided to abandon this.

We have gone ahead and enabled preventing untrusted events from executing the default action like other vendors do.

If this becomes an issue for developers we can re-open this issue.
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