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When using system DNS resolver, local hostnames can't resolve to different loopback addresses from hosts file

Project Member Reported by, Jul 14 2015

Issue description

Because we call ResolveHelper() which calls ServeLocalhost() before sending a DNS query to the system resolver, users can't use local hostnames in their hosts file if they are on a platform that uses the system resolver. For example, it would be nice if we respected this hosts file instead of bypassing it with ServeLocalhost(): foo1.localhost foo2.localhost

Comment 1 by, Jul 14 2015

I'm not sure if there's much we can do here if we want to continue to avoid trusting the system resolver with local hostname queries.

rsleevi: you had previously advocated for ServeLocalhost() before ServeFromHosts() on the grounds of platform consistency; at the time I didn't understand what you meant because I thought ServeFromHosts() worked on all platforms. Now that I see that ServeFromHosts() is a noop when we're using the system resolver, I see what you mean. If we're going to break hosts files that contain non- loopback addresses, we should probably do it consistently on all platforms.
estark: I suppose an alternative would be that we could do filtering after handing off to the system resolver, and only allowing loopback addresses. That would have the effect of breaking something like foo.localhost
but would allow foo.localhost

Of course, we'd also have to figure out what filtering for IPv6 (since unlike IPv4, which has 127/8, IPv6 only has ::1)
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Comment 4 by, Apr 3 2017

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Comment 6 by, Apr 17 2017

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