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Closed: Jan 2016
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issue 477424

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Make extension sidebar API accessible

Reported by, Jul 9 2015

Issue description

At the time of writing, the sidebar API doesn't exist ( bug 477424 ), but I want to get the accessibility story in place before we get too far.

Basically: the goal of this API is to move the sidebars that extensions render in-page with an official sidebar API, part of Chrome's UI. One of the benefits for this is accessibility, because the sidebar is irrelevant to the page content, but screen readers may be confused into thinking that it is.

On the other hand we do still want it so that you can descend into the sidebar (i.e. that the sidebar gets some kind of sensible accessibility tree generated for it).

Hopefully my terminology is correct here, but, is there anything we should be doing to make sure that this is sensible? By default I suppose the sidebar widget would be part of Chrome's UI and visibility to accessibility would come for free, I just want to make sure that it does so correctly, and that descending into the sidebar content (which will be extension DOM) is correct.
Blocking: chromium:477424

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Status: WontFix
Closing this as part of  issue 477424 .

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