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Closed: Feb 2016
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Type: Bug

issue 477424

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User should be able to choose where to render the sidebar (left or right)

Reported by, Jul 6 2015

Issue description

Top/bottom is tricker because the dimensions aren't predictable (left/right the dimensions will be the same, top/bottom they can't be).

If we want a top/bottom bar, call it the toolbar API, but that's a whole other topic.
Blocking: chromium:477424
Of course, this is the *extension* sidebar I'm talking about, and the sidebar at this point hasn't been implemented, so the discussion is premature.

Comment 3 by, Jul 7 2015

I just wanted to add the voice:

If users are not able to select which side the sidebar appears on, the side selected should vary based on locale.

In the parent issue  bug 477424  it is suggested that they "always render on the right."

A more locale focused approach should be "always render on the right for LTR languages, and on the left for RTL languages"

An Android equivalent is that we are not setting the gravity to the "right" but to the "end."

Comment 4 by, Jul 16 2015

> have global and/or per-window sidebars restricted to the left and per-tab sidebars restricted to the right

That is a good idea, though for V1 we will only have a single type of sidebar, likely per-window.

I would also like to see per-tab but unclear what the UI of this should be. I was imagining something that actually doesn't re-flow the content but is rendered on top of it. Part of the complexity of per-tab is unpredictable content sizing. Per-window is nice because it's conceptually very similar to just resizing the window, but there is no concept of resizing a single tab within a window.
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Status: WontFix
Closing this as part of  issue 477424 .

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