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Status: Fixed
Closed: Dec 2015
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issue 43394

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Move DOM attributes to prototype chains.
Project Member Reported by, Apr 13 2015 Back to list
Change description:
Blink has placed DOM attributes on instances instead of prototypes. However, the Web IDL spec requires that DOM attributes must be placed on prototype chains (except for a few exceptions such as static attributes and [Unforgeable].) We move DOM attributes on instances to prototype chains following the spec.

Changes to API surface:
Typical issues that web developers would face to are as follows, but not limited to.
- JSON.stringify(domObject)
  returns {}, which was {domAttr1: value1, domAttr2, value2, ...}
- "use strict"; domObject.readonlyAttr = anyValue
  throws an exception.  Before, just ignored.
- domObject.hasOwnProperty("feature1")
  returns false even if feature1 is supported.
  ("feature1" in domObject) is the correct way.

Public standards discussion:

Support in other browsers:
Internet Explorer: supported
Firefox: supported
Safari: not supported

Detailed work is tracked here:

Comment 2 by, Apr 13 2015
Blockedon: chromium:43394
(Using "blocked-on" to track the two-way relationship)
Status: Fixed
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