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Closed: Apr 2016
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Issue 45939: XSLT pages wont render if the XSL doesn't have an xmnls attribute.

Reported by, Jun 5 2010 Project Member

Issue description

The examples online and within the XSLT spec, it doesn't state that it must 
require an "xmnls" attribute

From looking at the simple example
xmlfile=cdcatalog&xsltfile=cdcatalog, they use JavaScript to render the 
XSLT on the web page, which works perfectly. But it shouldn't be like that, 
as a user, we just visit the XML file and it should render.

According the the spec, the xsl:stylesheet can be:
<xsl:stylesheet version="1.0" 

But that will result in a blank page, if we add xmlns="" attribute there, 
it works just fine.
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Comment 1 by, Jun 5 2010

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Comment 6 by, Apr 13 2016

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Status: WontFix (was: Available)
This is working; it looks like it has been fixed in the interim. If I edit cdcatalog.xsl to remove the xmlns="" I get the same rendering, a nice table.
Screenshot from 2016-04-13 14:22:27.png
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