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Status: WontFix
Closed: Mar 2018
EstimatedDays: ----
NextAction: ----
OS: Android
Pri: 3
Type: Bug

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Issue 453259: On screen keyboard breaks scrolling while in WebApp mode

Reported by, Jan 29 2015

Issue description

Steps to reproduce the problem:
 - make an html file with input html forms, for instance :

 - add the page to the android home (shortcut) in order to open it in fullscreen
 - open the webapp
 - fill the input form

What is the expected behavior?
 - the viewport must be resized when virtual keyboard appears, so input forms must be visible :

What went wrong?
 - on some devices (Samsung Galaxy S4, S5, LG G3, Ascend P7 ...), the viewport does not fit so input forms are behind the virtual keyboard :

Did this work before? No 

Chrome version: 40  Channel: stable
OS Version: 4.4
Flash Version: 

 - it works fine on some devices like Nexus 5
 - sometimes, (1 time on 50), there is no issue !
 - it works fine if html page is not in full screen (not added to android home)
  the issue is only on fullscreen mode, it works when nav bar is visible :

Comment 1 by, Jan 29 2015

Status: Assigned

Comment 2 by, Jan 30 2015

Owner: ----
Status: Available

Comment 3 by, Jan 30 2015

Status: Assigned
Something to look at as part of virtual keyboard improvements.

Comment 4 by, Mar 6 2015

I have been working on a web app and experiencing this issue as well. It occurs for me on my Moto X (2013) running 4.4.4 and a friend's Samsung GS4 running what I believe is 4.4.4.

I have found that opening the web app and browsing around works as expected, but when you go into a text entry form, the form is sometimes hidden behind the keyboard. I tested this first on my phone and my friend's phone before realizing we both use Swiftkey keyboard. I tried switching to Google keyboard to see if that was the problem, but had the same issue.

I found that if I experience the keyboard overlapping the page, pressing home to leave the web app and then re-entering via either the Recent Apps list or just tapping the web app icon from my home screen brings me back in and the issue is fixed.


Comment 5 by, Apr 27 2015

Labels: Hotlist-Input-Dev

Comment 6 by Deleted ...@, May 4 2015

I suffered same problem.

1. Add home icon from chrome.
2. Launch web app from homescreen.
3. touch input field, keypad appears, webview is not resized.
4. Press home button
5. Launch web app again
6. Previous displayed page appears. webview resized.

Comment 7 by, May 12 2015

I am facing the same problem. I am using samsung galaxy tab 4. However as Rob said, when you relaunch the web application from the home screen it works fine. Its just the first time you launch the application from the home screen in full screen mode, the viewport does not resize.


Comment 9 Deleted

Comment 10 by, May 4 2016

Summary: Android OSK breaks (was: Android Chrome webapp : view port does not fit when virtual keyboard is visible)
I'm still able to repro this as of 52.0.2723.0

1. Load
2. Using devtools console, enter fullscreen: document.documentElement.webkitRequestFullscreen();
3. Scroll to the bottom and tap on a textbox

I see two problems:

1 The keyboard "scrollIntoView" functionality is broken in fullscreen. Even on input fields not near the bottom of the screen it fails.
2 While the OSK is up and we're in Fullscreen, we can't scroll all the way to the bottom of the page.

And this also reproduces with the --enable-osk-overscroll flag.

Comment 11 by, May 4 2016

Components: -UI Blink>Input
Summary: On screen keyboard breaks scrolling while in fullscreen (was: Android OSK breaks )
Possibly related to  issue 499721 

Comment 12 by, Mar 16 2017

Still an issue in Chrome for Android 56.0.2924.87

Open the attached html files in Chrome for Android.

First example displays an input field aligned to the bottom of the page. If you tap it, onscreen keyboard will be displayed and the view will be resized so the input field will be shown above the onscreen keyboard. However, if you switch into fullscreen mode using the HTML5 fullscreen API and tap the input field, then it will be hidden behind the onscreen keyboard.

The second example displays many input fields. If you tap any of them near the bottom of the screen then it will be scrolled into view and shown above the onscreen keyboard. However, after switching into fullscreen mode when you tap the  input field it will be hidden behind the onscreen keyboard. Moreover, the view cannot be scrolled (dragged) to make the focused input field visible.

So there are two issues in fullscreen mode when onscreen keyboard is visible: the view's size is not updated and it cannot be scrolled.

Please note, that  Issue 487332  mentioned in comment #8 does not relate to this issue directly.  Issue 487332  is related to webapps (pages added to the homescreen). Currently, webapps start in standalone mode (status bar and soft buttons visible). However, if you use the HTML5 fullscreen API in a webapp to switch to real fullscreen mode then these onscreen keyboard issues will be reproducible.
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Comment 13 by, Mar 16 2017

Reading the repro steps in #0, this bug is also about webapp mode, not fullscreen API.  So please file a separate bug and mention it here.

Note I'm not sure we want to make on-screen-keyboard work particularly well or even at all with fullscreen API, since that's primarily intended for video and fullscreen <canvas> games.  It's a low priority to support "regular websites" that for some reason use fullscreen API.

Comment 14 by, Mar 22 2017

I've just filed a separate bug report: issue 704070
I've also given examples why I think onscreen keyboard should work well with the fullscreen API.

Comment 15 by, Mar 22 2017

Labels: -Pri-2 Pri-3
Summary: On screen keyboard breaks scrolling while in WebApp mode (was: On screen keyboard breaks scrolling while in fullscreen)
Renaming this issue to distinguish from the fullscreen-only case

Comment 16 by, Mar 28 2018

Status: WontFix (was: Assigned)
I'm unable to repro the webapp version any more...scroll into view works correctly when added to homescreen.

I'll close this bug in favor of the fullscreen bug in issue 704070 which I can still repro. Let me know if you still see the webapp issue.

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