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Status: WontFix
Closed: May 2015
EstimatedDays: ----
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OS: Android
Pri: 2
Type: Bug

issue 409607

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DevTools + ServiceWorker + Mobile = Fail

Project Member Reported by, Dec 3 2014

Issue description

Version: M41
OS: Android

At the moment if you test a Service Worker on Android, Chrome://inspect shows the ServiceWorkers under the specific device instead of under the Service workers tabs in chrome inspect.

Better solution would be to have a set of tabs for each device with the current machine as one of the devices.

Status: WontFix
I'd argue that present layout makes sense for chrome://inspect

Comment 2 Deleted

Fair, in which case, all service workers should be available in the service worker tabs.
Nope, everything in that panel is about local. The only remote is under Devices.
As a user of this UI - it makes zero sense as to what to expect and where to expect it.

The current implementation of ServiceWorker support is pretty hard to navigate, then attempting to navigate it on a device, which has an entirely different set of rules is REALLY unhelpful and unclear.

But alas WontFix - Will drop my concerns.
I can see where Matt's coming from here. Devices is the odd one out in the list as it isn't local, but devices also have pages shared workers and service workers.

Feels like the inspectable types are: page, shared worker, service worker, web view, other

And the sources are: local, device, extension, app
Status: Available
I see. I WontFixed Matt's original one because placing device's service workers to under global Service Workers was even worse.

Open to the new designs / layout of the page, mocks and patches accepted!
Labels: Cr-Design
This is largely what I had in mind.
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Status: Assigned
I like this one. Note that we are considering to move the chrome://inspect parts into the devtools itself. But that will only touch the interactive parts directly related to authoring while switching the devices. This view would work better for the initial discovery use cases.
This is good stuff. I do feel like it'd be powerful to see all of these in a single view somehow. For people with 40 tabs open, truncate at 5 with a "show 35 more".  
(At the very least though we should grey out categories with 0 entries and mark the number of entries per category in the nav ("Service Workers (1),  Shared Workers (4)")

But there is two more outstanding issues:
* Initial discovery via Device Mode. We have mocks for this and its starting to shape up. Maybe this page becomes a "More inspection targets" choice from that simplified UI?
* Grouping by application. Pages and their service worker should be grouped. 

Nice one on the mock, matt. Agree it's a better view than how things stand now.
Blocking: chromium:409607
Labels: Cr-Platform-DevTools
Status: WontFix
This is not relevant anymore due to pfeldman's in-place support and horo's SW view.

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