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Status: Fixed
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Closed: Nov 2008
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Type: Bug

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The flash player plugin does not install when launched using Chrome

Project Member Reported by, Nov 12 2008

Issue description

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Install Chrome on a machine without Flash Player.
2. Navigate to a website which needs Flash like
3. Attempt to install the plugin via the Install Plugin Infobar.

What is the expected output? 
Expect to see Flash player install.

What do you see instead?
Nothing. If you look at TaskManager, we can see the 
install_flash_player.exe running, but not doing anything.


Comment 1 by, Nov 12 2008

I have experienced the exact same behavior. Windows XP, official chrome beta, but the 
user was not administrator.

install_flash_player.exe was just there, running on the background but doing nothing.

Comment 2 by, Nov 12 2008

Status: Fixed
New Revision: 5306

Pass in SW_SHOW to ShellExecuteEx as the plugin installers can rely on this flag for 
displaying UI. The latest flash player installer needs this. Launching this exe 
without this flag causes the exe to just wait around doing nothing.

As part of this CB we also pass in the current directory in SHELLEXECUTEINFO. This is 
set to the directory where the plugin installer is downloaded.

This fixes

Bug= 4346 

Review URL:

Comment 3 by Deleted ...@, Nov 19 2008

A week later - I just today installed Chrome and am having the same problem with 
plugins failing to install; most notably Flash

Comment 4 by Deleted ...@, Nov 23 2008

hello ananta:
 could you explain it clearer? (i'm not a programmer

Comment 5 by, Nov 23 2008

The plugin installer is launched by Chrome. However it expects to be passed some 
information indicating that it is ok to display UI for the install. Chrome was not 
passing that information while launching the installer. This used to work fine for 
the Flash 9 installer. However the latest Flash installer which installs Flash 10 
relies on this information being passed in. 

This fix should be available in the next Chrome Beta update. 
I have installed Chrome on Vista for the first time today (23Dec2008)... the 
behaviour I've observed when trying to download the Flash plug-in is as described in 
the original description of this problem... The status of "Fixed" appears to be 
When EnableLUA=1(UAC on), Flash10 can be installed through Admin and NonAdmin(using 
admin privileges) accounts
When EnableLUA=0(UAC off), Flash10 can be installed through Admin account but not 
through NonAdmin(no privilege) account
When EnableLUA=2(UAC on), Flash10 can be installed through Admin and NonAdmin(using 
admin privileges) accounts

j.peter.boudreau: Can you please record a video of what exactly happens and attach it 
Please see screen shot attachments in numbered order.
30.7 KB View Download
137 KB View Download
43.4 KB View Download
Can you please tell us which version of Vista and the service pack you have along 
with the UAC setting information?
Sure, I'm running Windows Vista Home Premium... I've not installed SP1 yet.

UAC has always been turned on, and it did prompt me before attempting to install 
Adobe Flash, and I gave it permission to proceed, after which, as I describe above, 
nothing more seemed to happen.

I've now gotten the Adobe Flash plugin to install in Chrome... If you look at 
attachment "screenShot01" in "Comment 8" above, you'll see it is also possible to 
request the plugin to be installed by clicking a button in the upper right-hand 
corner (while this should be equivalent to clicking the original link I clicked, it 
is not)... I tried with that upper right-hand corner button and, following UAC 
permission granting, the installation completed... It seems there's a bug here, but 
at least it has a simple work-around for now!

Project Member

Comment 12 by, Oct 12 2012

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