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Status: Duplicate
Closed: Dec 2015
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Type: Feature

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DevTools: [timeline,network] should surface and highlight User Timing marks

Project Member Reported by, Nov 6 2014 Back to list

Issue description

User Timing [1] allows developers to define own "marks" in the page load / interaction cycle and measure duration of critical parts of the page/app - e.g. initial load sequence, post-load interactions, arbitrary code execution, etc.

We should surface these marks in the Network + Timeline panels to provide better visibility into app-specific metrics - see [2]. Currently, we show DCL/onload in network panel, we should also surface user defined marks.

Example implementation in WPT: - I'm not convinced that the vertical bar is the best UI, especially if developer specifies many marks, but I'll defer that to the UX folks on the team... Some combination of bars/events + summary table would be ideal.


P.S. Additional context:
Status: Assigned

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Labels: Cr-Platform-DevTools-Performance

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Summary: DevTools: [timeline,network] should surface and highlight User Timing marks (was: DevTools should surface and highlight User Timing marks)

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Status: Duplicate

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