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Closed: Apr 2010
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URL bar no longer shows http://

Reported by, Apr 14 2010

Issue description

Chrome Version       : 5.0.375.3 (Official Build 44229) dev
URLs (if applicable) :
Other browsers tested:
Add OK or FAIL after other browsers where you have tested this issue:
Safari 4:
Firefox 3.x:
IE 7:
IE 8:

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. Go to

What is the expected result?
URL bar used to show

What happens instead?
URL bar shows

Please provide any additional information below. Attach a screenshot if

I want to see the whole URL, because when I copy and paste the URL from the 
bar, I need it to have http:// in it. There should at least be a 
configuration option to make it behave how it used to.
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Comment 191 Deleted

Comment 192 by, Oct 21 2012

My work involves knowing and using every part of the URL. Our platform behaves differently and offers different features depending on whether you start with "http://" or "https://" for the exact same URL. It was developed that way because that's how URLs work. When I also give links to clients, it matters whether it's http or https. I shouldn't have to edit it after it's left my browser.

I also have to connect to a Microsoft exchange server from time to time which literally breaks if accessed via http. Since Google automatically parses it as http and then doesn't show it, I have to type in every single symbol of the entire URL to get it to connect. That is not a feature. That is a bug.

The protocol is neither optional, nor cosmetic. Nothing in the URL is superfluous, even if you don't like how it looks and nothing can be left out. It's not your decision whether or not to strip parts of the URL. You do not make web standards and you do not get to overrule them even in your address bar.

IE is a plague and yet when I develop, I develop for it as well, because it has to work for everyone using the page. Give us the option to get our whole, uncut URL back, it's not your decision to make.

Comment 193 by Deleted ...@, Oct 24 2012

this is very disappointing.  I want to see the scheme as part of the URL.  You don't hide "chrome://", so why pick and choose to hide "http://".
Also, not having it there breaks several services that I use from OmniGroup.

Comment 194 by Deleted ...@, Nov 15 2012

The only thing left to comment is that this issue is unbelievably ridiculous (commenting for the purpose of keeping this bug alive).

Comment 195 by Deleted ...@, Nov 16 2012

removing scheme from copied URL is wrong way! Look here and don't speak for all people "Nobody types http:// anymore."

Comment 196 by, Nov 17 2012

My issue:  I use chrome at work.  I work at a web hosting provider.  I often have to ping/dig/whois a domain name.  I can no longer copy and paste it from Chrome to such lookups because the http:// auto-copies, and I have to go and remove it from each lookup I do...

Instead, I went back to Firefox, which did the same change a while back.  Their's you can undo though, 

About:cofig -> browser.urlbar.trimURLs = false

Why can't Chrome make it so you can undo this too???

Comment 197 by, Nov 29 2012

@196 Not only that but Waterfox runs just as smooth as Chrome does (at expense of memory) so here I am looking at switching back to Waterfox because they respect the users enough to give us the option to disable 'Noob Mode'. 

Chrome is starting to make the same 'We made it stupider because there are stupider people' arguments as Windows, and FF is looking more like Linux with options/controls to keep your user experience positive.
Firefox has in about:cofig setting browser.urlbar.trimURLs

Why can't Chrome make it so you can undo this too?

I do not argue with UI design of Chromium, because it is NOT my call as I'm just user. But as user I argue to have user setting to set UI of Chromium to my needs (or liking, for that matter).

I'll probably continue to use Chromium weather it be solved or not, but I'll never use browser without this setting as my primary browser. Or rephrased in other words, it's your (design) right to mold Chromium to have smart & secure UI. But denying it's users to have preferences is not just ignoring your user base, it's actually considering Chromium users too stupid to give us choice. That's not only annoying UI decision, it is also a management decision, and a bad one.

Having in mind number of complaints here, work needed to implement this (should be trivial) and positive feedback from your user base if you do it, maybe changing status of this bug from WontFix to LowImportance or even Medium :) would not be such bad idea.

My 2 cents etc...

Comment 199 by Deleted ...@, Dec 5 2012

The feature is a valid and useful feature for most users.  

However, many devs now use Chrome for HTML5 development.  For them, it's critical to know if it's https or http.  Developers also want to be able to alter the URL after the initial hit.  This is usually to add URL Parameters (tokens etc).

Unfortunately, updating the URL is a big issue, as Chrome "forgets" you ever typed in https.  What's worse, because Google can't resolve the url (because it might not be publicly accessible), it redirects you to google search.  This is very frustrating.

I think there should be an optional feature for developers which will stop google messing with your address.  I've spent hours fighting this "feature".  Of course it's not a problem for your average user, but highly irritating for devs.

Comment 200 by Deleted ...@, Dec 5 2012

Sorry, just to add to this, I've also had Google Chrome "steal" temp tokens as it visits the URL before i hit enter.  I'd like to turn this feature off too.  I keep getting session expired, because it steals the one-time token for itself.
The broken copy-paste behavior is the part of this bug I run into most frequently. Often when I copy a partial URL out of the omnibar, I *don't* want the protocol. But with Chrome, I get it whether I want it or not.
I stopped using Chrome/Chromium a long while ago, PRECISELY because of this "feature".

How much does it cost for Google to keep this stupid position, against all odds? How much energy, engineers time and money is spent to defend this?

Why not give us a damn hidden switch to turn off this "feature"? This would appease all, I guess. And I would happily go back to Chrome/Chromium.


Comment 204 by Deleted ...@, Dec 8 2012

Yep. Definitely Google being stupid again.
You would think that any reasonable company that was still dealing with user complaints a year after implementing a stupid idea would have the brains to change their decision, or at least allow a user option so we could have the behavior we need.  Given the issues with the Flash player not working in Chrome, I guess its time to say adios to what could have been a great product and go back to Fire Fox.
Comment 205 above: "I guess its time to say adios to what could have been a great product and go back to Fire Fox."

I never left Firefox, but changed Opera with Chrome/Chromium as second browser. When level of irritation becomes too high, I'll look for better choice for second browser.

Anybody at Google caring enough to take a hint from it's users in time?

Comment 207 by, Feb 2 2013

Same problem. Some time I want to add "s" to "http". Chrome never be my primal browser.

Comment 208 by Deleted ...@, Feb 15 2013

I'm a developer who said adios to Chrome about a year ago, after having had been a fan for a while. I came back to see if things have improved. They haven't. This particular issue is a pain, a small pain, but enough to make me once again uninstall it and feel both disappointed and annoyed at Google... once again! I think this may well be the last time I'm going to bother. I'm even going to stop testing web-sites in it and on all my sites I am going to suggest that the user upgrade to a more 'user-compliant' browser, like FF or (dare I say it) IE9+ or even the much overlooked and quite lovely Opera. Goodbye Google Chrome, you had a nice childhood, but you're a know-it-all adult who doesn't care about anybody else's opinion. You and your remaining users are going to end up very lonely!

Comment 209 by Deleted ...@, Feb 15 2013

p.s. what about gopher:// and archie:// etc. Have you decided that people don't need to know about those bits of the internet?? Making way too many bad choices for me Google!!

Comment 210 by Deleted ...@, Feb 15 2013

p.s. what about gopher:// and archie:// etc. Have you decided that people don't need to know about those bits of the internet?? Making way too many bad choices for me Google!!
Project Member

Comment 211 by, Mar 11 2013

Labels: -Area-UI Cr-UI

Comment 212 by Deleted ...@, Apr 4 2013

Adding an option would resolve this.
Not doing it is just stupid.

Comment 213 by Deleted ...@, Apr 5 2013

If this will never change, please add show 'http://' as an option for more tech savvy users like Firefox allows for.  This would allow users like me to choose if I want to include the 'http://' in my copy and paste.

As a web dev I use FTP frequently for many different websites.   9 times out of 10 the host is the same as the URL.  Having to remove the http:// from my copy and paste of the url each time is unnecessary nuisance.
I don't know why the developers thought this was a good idea. The standard URL structure is prefixed with a protocol regardless of the website you visit. Why fix something that isn't broken? Isn't this the reason why IE6 became so notorious? 

This reeks of Google's influence on the developer team to do things their way, and I don't like it. I don't know much C/C++, but I'm sure it's just a matter of changing a few formatted strings to include "protocol://" by default.. C'mon people. This is a no-brainer.
Since Apr 14, 2010 a lot of people have requested an option this "feature" to be turned off. Firefox has a great clean solution for this - both sides are happy:
1. by default http:// is hidden and normal users will use it that way.
2. The users that do not like it this way can turn off this feature from about:config page, option "browser.urlbar.trimURLs"
Note that this do not add any complexity to the options menu. It's invisible for the normal user.
It would be great to add it on chrome://flags/ page
Yeah, having a flag for this would be great. I'd like to see the protocol all the time, too.
Is it really so hard to make an OPTION for it ??

Thats exactly what options are for. Some people want it that way, some the other way.
If only one opinion counts, you could simply remove all options.

Comment 218 by, Jun 22 2013

I'm yet another user who dislikes this change and requests an option to revert it. I'm seriously considering going back to Firefox as my primary browser.
Another plea from the community to provide a flag to disable protocol clipping. I have no problem with this feature being shipped by default. However, the fact that there is an immense outcry from the community to provide an option to the user to disable this feature and is being ignored by Google development team sends a bad message and leaves a faul taste.

Please, provide us with an option to disable protocol clipping.

Comment 220 by, Jun 28 2013

Provide options to show URL scheme/protocol and port, or the complete actual URL.
Please provide an option for this, or at least allow an extension to do so.

Comment 222 Deleted

Comment 223 by Deleted ...@, Jul 23 2013

+1 Please provide an option for this, or at least allow an extension to do so.
Please provide an option for this.

Just one of the reasons do not use chrome.
Google thinks they can dictate what we like and what not, what we need and what not
To proof this : look at all the comments and still the status is WontFix

Google ??

Comment 225 by Deleted ...@, Jul 25 2013

force me to use firefox.
Google think they are right,but they do evil.
just like what other people said:
"Firefox greets me with a page explaining my rights as a user of open source software. Chrome greets me with… sigh… Chrome greets me with a fucking advertisement for a Chromebook."

Comment 226 by Deleted ...@, Aug 7 2013

I had problems with this issue. My site had broken ssl. The broke was hidden with this feature and i am wasting my time to read that if that is http you see nothing, but if you have https, it will be shown. So it is insecure. I need option to see complete url in any case.
Hi, could you explain what the team's rationale was for this feature? I've tried searching with Google and I've been unable to locate any sort of blog post or news reports containing word on the issue. I read all of your comments and they all focus mostly on addressing other people's reasoning without really exposing your own for criticism.

I will try to list what I understand about the issue.
- Displayed URL takes up less screen space. (not really a pro on any modern desktop, not to mention it could autohide based on space)
- Displayed URL contains less distractions without containing less information.
- Makes an effort to combat the common belief that a prefix is necessary, which you might consider obsolete or undesirable.
- Provides more contrast to https urls, which don't hide the scheme. (This has no actual merit because you already have a large intuitive graphic next to the url for indicating this.)
- This is undeniably a "gotcha", an intentional feature that is counter-intuitive and invites mistakes.
- Makes it harder to edit urls in the address bar. (changing the scheme to https, adding a slash before typing or pasting a directory name)
- Makes it impossible to copy the entire domain without copying http:// as well. (Please don't try to claim that there is no good use for this. This is a matter of generic interaction with other software which Chrome developers CANNOT predict.)
- Inconsistent, because https schemes are still shown.
- Becoming less relevant as usage of https on the web increases.
Potential improvements:
- Show the hidden components whenever the address bar has focus.
- Show the hidden components whenever the insertion cursor is on that edge and the user presses an arrow key to move out of bounds.
- Don't copy the hidden components if the user carefully selected the edge characters without moving the mouse out of bounds. (I have done this in vain out of frustration many times)
- Add a command line parameter, advanced option, or addon API to reveal the hidden components all the time or to apply the above fixes.

I have personally been using Chrome as my main browser for the entire lifetime of this feature and it has failed to grow on me in any way. I still experience the negative consequences of it regularly and have no use for any of the benefits of it. I was pleasantly surprised that you added a command line to opt out of the gigantic context menus that were recently added (and even fixed bugs with that setting). I searched up this issue again expecting for some sort of option to be available after all this time and this is rather disheartening.

Your team has clearly decided that the pros outweigh the cons but I don't understand why you're against any form of compromise with those that disagree. A lot of the people that don't fall into your "95%+" demographic are probably developers. Any developer that came here and read that statement probably does and should feel like a second-class citizen.
I need the http in all urls. Please provide that option somehow. In the meaintime I'm sticking with Firefox and others which make it possible.

Comment 229 by Deleted ...@, Aug 11 2013

I find it hilarious and annoying at Google saying, "We don't give a shit what you think, you're wrong and we're right and it's our browser, not yours anyway."

Opera for me it is.  Just because of this.

Comment 230 by Deleted ...@, Aug 13 2013

I used Firefox for many years to develop my web applications, and just recently switched to Chrome to see if the experience was better.


Back to Firefox...
We support a DOD facility and need the http:// or https:// protocol to display when adding sites to the GPO under 'URLs to open on startup' because we have an internal Intranet site.  This does not alloow us to force our users to start on our Intranet (security requirement).

Comment 232 Deleted

Comment 233 by Deleted ...@, Aug 25 2013

Wow, After reading this I feel extremely naive...thinking a corporate entity gave a shit about its users.

Another +1 Me Too! to fall on deaf ears...
found this because AngularJS (another Google product) has an issue with this missing.

var SERVER_MATCH = /^([^:]+):\/\/(\w+:{0,1}\w*@)?(\{?[\w\.-]*\}?)(:([0-9]+))?(\/[^\?#]*)?(\?([^#]*))?(#(.*))?$/;

SERVER_MATCH.exec('localhost:9080/app') === null 

SERVER_MATCH.exec('http://localhost:9080/app') === array of matches

Comment 235 by Deleted ...@, Sep 11 2013

Typical Google: "We know what's good for you better than you do. And we know what you should want, because we are the wise and mighty Google." As other have posted, Mozilla Firefox made the same change a while back, but made it easy to change Firefox's behavior so that http, https, etc. can be seen in the address bar. I wonder if Google's technopimps remember AltaVista, AOL, Netscape, ad nauseam? You ARE replaceable.

Comment 236 by, Sep 26 2013

 Issue 295343  has been merged into this issue.
Google like to dictate the user experience (and not only that). So do yourself a favor and use firefox with option in about:config -> browser.urlbar.trimURLs: false;

Comment 238 Deleted

 Issue 299401  has been merged into this issue.

Comment 240 by Deleted ...@, Oct 17 2013

With this change I now cannot see if I am on https or not! Not great when entering credit card details!! arghhh!!!
Fuck oiff and give me http:// back or at least the option to turn it on
 Issue 310613  has been merged into this issue.
user experience is awful!

CAN NOT tell user to make sure he is on https

CAN NOT be sure of what I am copying into clipboard.

CAN NOT copy only the hostname. http/s will be added to the copied string.
This is KILLING me.  I can no longer copy/paste URLs in a way that they are treated as URLs.  On a personal level this kills my ability to share links on Facebook.  Whatever, that's just BS.  On a professional level this kills my ability to include hyperlinks with ease - I now need to jump through a bunch of f**king hoops to include Jira ticket links in my emails.    AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARGH bring the protocol back!  At least give us an option that will allow us to copy URLs with protocols!

Comment 245 by Deleted ...@, Nov 22 2013

Please, add option show http:// 
Status: 	WontFix is bull!  This should be an option to enable or disable hiding http
You know what's the worst part about it? Even if you specifically and manually select the whole URL (even the slow, laborious way), it will STILL insert the scheme at the front (and a trailing slash if the URL is a directory). In other words, it FORCES you to manually remove the scheme and slash no matter what; there is no way to copy the whole URL without getting the extra junk.

This is obviously very frustrating for countless scenarios and is reflected in the (literally) hundreds of duplicate bugs filed and thousands of angry comments.

Unfortunately the Google devs are tyrannical, fascists, egotists and don't allow anything that they did not think of themselves. The UI/UX team is clearly run by a bunch of people who have absolutely NO UI/UX skills or knowledge, and (as usual) Peter Kasting has already offensively put his foot down about not succumbing to user demand and listening to what user want, and instead telling user what they will get, like it or not.

Anyway, that this thread has not already been locked is an oversight (every single other discussion about this has been closed), and I'm sure that they will close it soon enough.

Also, the "WontFix" label is really offensive; it says "we're not going to bother with this bug report because it's not worth our time and you users are all idiot". I don't know what they don't change it to "Closed" or something less insulting.

Just thought I would ask when this bug will be fixed? It has been over three years and it is still just as annoying as when it was first brought up.

The only other time I have found that copying text results in something else being placed on the clipboard is those stupid sites that replace the second half of what you copied with "you can read more about this on", and we all know how bloody irritating that is.

This is yet another case of Chromium's "the user is wrong" attitude that makes me want to switch back to Firefox. Get it sorted out or expose an API so that an extension can fix this.

Comment 250 by Deleted ...@, Dec 12 2013

Please please bring the protocol BACK!!!!!!
I work in middleware, this drives me nuts!

And then if you only copy the DNS entry, tara, http gets carried along as well, hate it hate it hate it!!


Comment 251 by, Dec 29 2013

Why is this marked WontFix? It's really hard to tell if a URL is http or https.

Comment 252 by Deleted ...@, Dec 29 2013

I would really like to have an option to choose a protocool visibility...

Comment 253 by Deleted ...@, Dec 31 2013

it's really really bad user experience for developer who wants to copy the link and paste to the command line, trying with ping/host etc commands. I need to get rid of the scheme first every time.
And I don't think it would benefit for common users, what's the difference showing/hide the protocol scheme. I can't understand.

Comment 254 by Deleted ...@, Jan 2 2014

If there is no option to show http:// prefix, I will absolutely not use this browser. It is disabled by default in Firefox but they give users the ability to display it.  The choice needs to be up to the user, not the developer.  If google chooses to disable the feature without recourse to the user, the user has the recourse to use another browser.  Sorry to put it in these terms but the Google team is being myopic on this.

Comment 255 by Deleted ...@, Jan 21 2014

Please add option to show/hide protocol.
Please add option to not trim url.
http:// clearly separates an url from a search-string, and since chrome combines these two usecases in one field, removing http:// effectively makes chrome interpret urls as search-strings, which in turn makes chrome show a useless search-result rather than the desired web-page.
I, too, would like the protocol to be displayed.  There are more than http: and https:.  There are, for example, rmtp: and ftp:, both of which need to be there when I copy a url.

I really can't understand the rationalle of hiding this from the user, any more than I understand why some browsers now hide the page part of the url either.  Show us the whole address, please, and let us cut-n-paste it properly!

I find this intensely irritating.

Comment 258 by Deleted ...@, Feb 13 2014

I really dislike this feature.  Often I want to switch between http and https, or switch between the same http url on two different servers.  Can we have a configurable option for this?  It's very annoying.

If you leave the feature in place, lack of a protocol should be treated as an implied http://.  For example if I visit http://server1/mypage, it becomes server1/mypage.  When I want to change it from server1/mypage to server2/mypage, I need to re-add the http:// as well as changing server name.

Comment 259 by Deleted ...@, Feb 21 2014

I'm stopping use of Chrome due to the "http://" scheme masking.   Intranet URLs get gobbled up too frequently by Chrome's interpretation of the URL as a search term.    

In the case of "", "srvr1/application" seems like a one-time case to solve (after the first time, it will be populated at the top of your history in the omnibox drop down).  Unfortunately, in the modern world of IaaS (with dynamically provisioned domain names), using Chrome will quickly become nightmarish.

"srvrUAT1" .. "srvrUAT205" * [UAT|INT|QA|STG|..]

Perhaps an option to preempt the search with a quick intranet DNS host match pass/fail would suffice?

Comment 260 by Deleted ...@, Mar 7 2014

I think this is about to make me move to firefox. Add an option to allow us to choose.

Comment 261 by Deleted ...@, Mar 14 2014

I don't mind the non visibility of the scheme, but I hate that I cannot chose to see it if I prefer, and when copy/paste prepends the scheme and appends a trailing / at the end. I know for the vast majority of users this may not be an issue, but as a developer, is very annoying. 
It should be an option to display the entire URL with SCHEME included and if that is enabled, when you are copying the address, you should get JUST what you are copying.

Comment 262 by, Apr 15 2014

The copying of HTTP:// regardless of weather you select it or not is poor (and unexpected) behaviour and should be reverted or at least an option created to disable it.

Comment 263 by, Apr 22 2014

"Me too". Very annoying that http is included when you want to copy just the domain and use in e.g., ping/ssh/traceroute or, as in my most common case, I subaddress using the domain name (

Comment 264 by Deleted ...@, Apr 24 2014

This is just an annoying top-down-decsision - I *like* seeing what protocol my browser is currently using. Please bring back an option to have this switched back on.
It's even worse in current beta, the only thing the url bar shows is the domain. If you click the address bar, it presents an empty box. took me a while to figure out that you have to click on the domain to get the url. Also worth noting that keyboard nav only presents an empty box, this has now become an accessibility issue.

Comment 266 by, Apr 30 2014

Using Version 35.0.1916.86 beta-m
URL is now gone for me. I have to click the domain to see it.
How can i toggle this back on?
Surely someone didn't decide to hide it and not allow users to toggle it back on.
Figured out the option to at least get the url back. Still no http:// but better than nothing. go to chrome://flags and make sure "Enable origin chip in Omnibox" is disabled.

Comment 268 by, May 7 2014

#267 not possible on Linux and now (35.x) copying URL doesn't even copy/add protocol, so I end up with broken URL in clipboard. Have to add protocol manually.

Ugly bug :(

Comment 269 by Deleted ...@, May 24 2014

But there are people that doesn't use CTRL-C/V at all - and I'm one of them, I have more convenient methods. Now URLs are copied without http:// and this is irritating.

Comment 270 by Deleted ...@, May 30 2014

Agreed, please do not hide the protocol (or at least provide some means of disabling this "feature").

Comment 271 by, Jun 7 2014

"Enable origin chip" flag is not available on linux and this feature completely breaks copy&pasting URLs. Horrible.

Comment 272 by Deleted ...@, Jun 8 2014

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Comment 273 by Deleted ...@, Jun 10 2014

Hello. I don't usually use Chromium or Google Chrome, primarily because of the removal of the "http://" scheme from the URI in the "omnibox". I happened upon this discussion because I was using Chromium for testing (since it is not my preferred web browser). It's been four years since the URI scheme was dropped, and it still looks ugly as sin. I agree that it encourages bad user behavior, which no one needs more of. It would be nice to have an option to revert the change (e.g. "browser.urlbar.trimURLs" in Firefox). I read through the first half of the discussion here, which is most disappointing. If you make UI, you must consider the user. If the user tells you it's bad, then why vehemently refuse to even offer an option to revert it? That's a bad way to interface with users. And, really, it's such a simple request, isn't it? And others have even asked nicely by typing "please". I'll ask in kind: Chromium developers, please revert the hidden URI scheme (http://) or provide an option to show it. Thanks! =)
In some occasions I need to switch between http and https, and it is really painful to have to type the whole https:// all the time when I could just type an 's' if http:// where shown all the time.

Please, put an option on the configuration menu to let the user decide whether the http:// will be shown or not!

C'mon, we're not asking you to launch a Rocket to Mars, it just a flag on the menu.

Comment 275 by, Jul 21 2014

This is an urgent issue, most annoying to developers. Please fix asap. Add an option or something. Don't make it compulsory....

Comment 276 Deleted

I know what I want and I don't want to copy what I don't see, it messes with my head!
I'm really disappointed I'm not able to find a flag to switch this option off.
I'll make my own fork of Chromium, with a flag to turn that off, and with blackjack and hookers!
They obviously have a hard time listening to users, and keep merging other issues into this WONTFIX one. Try creating a new feature request to add an option, and see if it gets their attention.
Guys this "feature" of trimming the URL sucks .... I am getting seriously seriously fed up of cutting and pasting urls into terminal to ping them and finding an http:// stuck in when I didn't copy it from the address bar.

If no-one provides a feature to allow us to disable this annoying behaviour then I think it might be about time someone forked Chrome and starts paying attention to the requests.

I can't believe 4 years have gone by and this f***g feature still hasn't been fixed properly :(
This is a serious problem. I need to know the full URL to verify security. This is not optional. This is not a feature. This is a security problem.
I really don't want to have to use another browser. This modification of URL's and the associated problem of trying to search instead of going to a URL is a deal killer on me using Chrome, but I HATE the alternatives.

Comment 282 by Deleted ...@, Sep 5 2014

Wontfix? Oke then NOCHROME on my devices!

Comment 283 by Deleted ...@, Sep 23 2014

+1 to give an option to turn this 'feature' on/off. It is really starting to annoy me having to go back and delete the "http://" from stuff I am copying out of the address bar.
"Show protocol in address" in prefs would solve for all. Day to day, doing traceroute, ping, whois is really frustrating with this "feature" of Chrome, sneaking http:// into my clipboard.

Comment 285 by Deleted ...@, Nov 11 2014

+1 this http:// issue is getting annoying.

Comment 286 by Deleted ...@, Dec 7 2014

I have the same issue as most folks here, a domain is not an URI and I've been dealing with this for years manually removing http after pasting, not cool
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