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Support navigating to .local (mDNS) URLs in Android

Project Member Reported by, Aug 21 2014

Issue description

This feature is very useful for trying out under-development sites on real hardware.

This has been asked for. Unfortunately, the discussion happened on StackOverflow, instead of here.

This is supported on iOS, on both Chrome and Safari. We should really support it on Android, if the overhead is reasonable.

Android seems to have an (unnecessarily cumbersome) API for mDNS.

Comment 1 by, Aug 21 2014

Labels: Cr-Internals-Network-DNS
In our product, the user must find the correct IP in order to establish communication between the Android phone and our local embedded system - not very user friendly.

Comment 3 by, Jul 31 2015

Is this a partial dup of issue 13573?

Comment 4 by, Aug 5 2015

This seems like a much less ambitious subset of  issue 13575 , which seems to ask for a UI that lists all servers that have mDNS announcements.

As a developer, all I want is to be able to get something like "pwnage.local" resolved. Asides from slightly slowing down development, not having .local can lead to embarrassing demo failures.

For example, in some hackathons, the demo area has a different WiFi configuration from the general hacking area. If I use an Android, I have to either find time to connect my laptop and phone/tablet to the demo network and change any hardcoded IPs, or I have to use a hack, such as setting up WiFi tethering on my phone and connecting my laptop to its AP. The saddest part is, I figure most developers learn this the hard way.

I'd be glad to help with the implementation, if this is a desirable feature, and can be done entirely on the Chromium side.
I hit this the other day and was fairly disappointed it wasn't supported - use case was accessing a local Raspberry Pi running a web server.

Regarding jpsugar's comments, I think this bug blocks #13573. This bug is regarding  supporting navigation to .local URLs, where the user knows the URL. Bug #13573 is regarding a UI to list the URL's, meaning the user doesn't need to know the URL at all.

NOTE: This is supported on Chrome for Desktop.

Comment 6 by, Nov 24 2015

I would like to surf to raspberry.local and don't want to look up its ip in the dhcp server.

iPhone and Desktop is working. Just Android doesn't :(

Comment 7 by, Dec 10 2015

Aside from the entire world of web developers who would appreciate this feature, this would be very helpful in the developing world where we bring servers from the cloud to the ground (ground servers) because Internet usage is prohibitively expensive. Android is the go to device these days to lower the barrier to access ground servers. Literally millions of people in the developing world would benefit from this feature. It's a damn shame it isn't built into Android in the first place ( If anyone needs financial assistance to help work on this, I know of some sources we might be able to tap.
Ran in to a brick wall here. Please support. I move my raspberrypi.local around on different networks and do not have the ability to set static ips or reserve DHCP addresses. 
As of IPv4 slowly fading away and IPv6 becoming a standard even for local networks, this is kind of feature which must be implemented ASAP.
To present a more common use: in networked homes (and with IoT gaining more publicity) the web interface of services and devices that support mDNS could be easy to access without knowing their IP address, just using their name.

Comment 13 by, Jul 6 2017

Please add this compatibly it is a shame, deploy things on IoT that works on every browser but not on android :( 

I wish I could Star the last Comment 13.

I fully agree! 
It's a shame.

:( :(

Comment 15 by, Jul 12 2017

Shame chrome for Android!
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As IoT developer this functionality will be very useful, please consider develop it on a next update, thanks.
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Comment 17 by, Nov 25 2017

I got to this 'the long way round' in that I have a flimsy grasp of networking and assumed that there must be a configuration error in my LAN. I now find myself with Chrome on Windows and OSX being super convenient and Android and ChromeOS being the place where I need to memorise/keep and eye out for changes on my LAN. Shaaaaame.

Comment 18 by, Dec 3 2017

It is a shame !! 

Comment 19 Deleted

Just setting up my .local network and figured out that it is not my setup which causes the trouble. Please provide the resolving of the .local addresses asap. 
This would help people using IoT devices. The only alternative, for an IoT device acting as a Wifi station, is for people to address the device by its IP address. 

Even for IPv4 you lose a lot of people when asking them to do that, even those who know how to find the IP address - it's an unproductive frustration and barrier. For IPv6 it becomes an even bigger burden. There is also the problem of IP addresses changing, whereas a .local name can remain the same.

This seems to channel devices into having to upload their data to the 'cloud', and people then having to access that data via another website. However this makes the design brittle and dependent on a continuous internet connection. Or to channel developers into having to make apps to access the device.

Even when the IoT device acts as an access point, and can use DNS to capture the browser request, it is a smoother experience if it can redirect to a .local name rather than an IP address so that that same name and bookmark continues to work when the device is in station mode.

There are usable mDNS responder implementations now for many low end and low cost IoT devices. These are widely used by 'makers' and may well be used for education. Please support mDNS in Chrome on Android, it will make the experience of the IoT community easier and help make Chrome a compelling recommendation from this community.
As much as this issue is filed under the Chromium project, the solution really ought to be implemented in Android so that all networking applications get the solution, not just Chrome.
ChromeOS ;)
This irritates me so much that I loaded armbian onto my android box and removed android.  Try to stop me now, Google.
Owner: ----
Status: Available (was: Unconfirmed)
Shame on you Android!
And shame on the Android developers which never fix a bug when we tell them...
I'm getting tired of reporting bugs to Google, they are anyway not gonna fix it.
 + 1 
We have it working on windows, apple and linux, why not on android?
using this feature helps consumers for accessing much simpler their IoT devices: just typing ALWAYS THE SAME URL.local at the browser instead of finding out the IP address & typing it into the Android browser. Just causing troubles to find out the IP adress in case you are a simple user (no Admin rights) of a WiFi system.

Simplification for the user is a huge PLUS for the users!

So please implement it as soon as possible!

It's embarrassing that this is still an issue. Do I actually have to get an overpriced phone to have this simple quality of life improvement that Actual Chrome (and everything else) already has?

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