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Status: Fixed
Closed: Aug 2014
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issue 362794

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Issue 404334: Change topsites warning to a less generic string

Reported by, Aug 16 2014 Project Member

Issue description


We should change topSites warning from "Read your browsing history" to something like "Read a list of 20 sites you visit most frequently" (grammar?)

Comment 1 by, Aug 16 2014

Status: Available

Comment 2 by, Aug 16 2014

Blocking: chromium:362794

Comment 3 by, Aug 16 2014

+1 for this change and that wording +- grammar. Maybe "Read a list of the 20 sites you most frequently visit". It's wordy but clear.

Comment 4 by, Aug 18 2014


(but we should continue to suppress this warning if the history and/or tabs permissions are requested.)

<grammar bikeshed>

I'm not sure if "20" is overly specific, and whether you could just stop at "most frequent". "Read a list of your most frequently visited websites". The word "list" puts me off a bit. Perhaps "Locate your most frequently visited websites"? "Find your most frequently visited websites"? "Track your most frequently visited websites"?

(I'm staying away from "access" and similar words because that sounds too much like content scripts).

</grammar bikeshed>

Jeffrey, any advice on wording?

Comment 5 by, Aug 18 2014

I'd be SGTM too if it wasn't for the end users who ask the question this aims to resolve :)

I'll raise a problem with those that I think trumps any grammar justification: they're not clear. None of the examples you gave are actually going to make the user realize what access this has. They're all going to make a user think it has way more access than it does.

A description like "Locate your most frequently visited websites" or "Track your most frequently visited websites" isn't much better than what's there now, because a user is going to incorrectly assume that an extension has some access to at least visit count, if not history. (I'd actually argue they sort of say that, and the user's not assuming much, but that's a question of interpretation.)

Imagine that you know nothing about an extension and you've never seen or heard of a manifest. "Track your most frequently visited websites" makes it seem like the extension is tracking your site visits. I think omitting the 20 leaves so much to the imagination that there's no other short factual description.

Without the 20, the only other clear, short description I can come up with is explaining it in terms people already know: the new tab page. "Obtain the addresses of most frequently visited sites (as shown on new Chrome tabs)."

Comment 6 by, Aug 18 2014

Feel free to bikeshed on the CL :) (I used "Read a list of your most frequently visited websites" tentatively)

Comment 7 by, Aug 18 2014

Status: Started

Comment 8 by, Aug 18 2014

#5 I see your points. I think that including "a list" in the wording does mitigate the problem of sounding like it tracks site visits. I can't think of a solid reason why it shouldn't be "20" besides brevity. Like I said... just seems oddly specific.

Comment 9 by, Aug 18 2014

#8 I agree. I think the oddness is worthwhile here though, because this permission is sort of odd.

To combine what I like about everything so far, how about: "Obtain a list of your 20 most frequently visited websites"

It doesn't feel as awkward as the others which had a number, but is also really direct. I used "Obtain" instead of "Read" because I think it's clearer about what's happening - and that no HTML or cookie data can be read - but I could see either word working.

#6 I continued this here since it felt weird to just up and move it. Feel free to tell me otherwise :)

Comment 10 by, Aug 18 2014

I actually thought about "obtain", but was wondering whether it matters that it sounds like that's a once-off type thing. I like it other than that.

Comment 12 by, Aug 29 2014

Status: Fixed

Comment 13 by, Aug 30 2014

Project Member

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