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Status: WontFix
Closed: Mar 2015
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Meta: Extend TouchEvent API to have the power of PointerEvents and MotionEvents
Project Member Reported by, Aug 15 2014 Back to list
Rather than implement Pointer Events (see  issue 196799 ), we feel that the web will be better served by incrementally extending an API that's already in wide use.

We see no credible path to replacing TouchEvents completely on the web, and so rather than introduce a new largely-redundant model to blink, we'd like to work within the web standards community to improve the APIs we have in a compatible way.

Both Microsoft's PointerEvents and Android's MotionEvents provide abstraction across different input types and additional powers beyond what standard web MouseEvent and TouchEvent APIs provide.  If we imagine a world 5-10 years from now where most internet usage is from phones and tablets, we think extending "touch" events to optionally enable a generic pointer input API will make sense.  But of course this is highly debatable and something we need to continue to discuss within the web standards community and with other browser vendors.

As always (, we will only add new APIs to blink that have support from other browser vendors and are properly standardized.

This bug just groups a number of related issues tracking our goals for blink.  Here is a very rough sketch outlining the sorts of extensions we may want to add:
Comment 2 by, Aug 15 2014
Blockedon: chromium:246536
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Comment 4 by, Aug 16 2014
Let's keep this bug focused on the technical issues around extending touch events.  I'm happy to discuss the pointer events decision (and even listen to the name calling and "evil" claims) on our mailing list:
Comment 5 by, Aug 19 2014
Blockedon: chromium:370155
Comment 6 by, Jan 16 2015
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Comment 7 by, Mar 19 2015
Blocking: chromium:468806
Comment 8 by, Mar 30 2015
Status: WontFix
WontFix in favor of our plan to invest in pointer events -  issue 471824 .  We may still drive specific improvements to touch events where there are solutions with support from other vendors.
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